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Subject: [pcraddressbook] URGENT: Palestinian farmers protest Israeli confiscation of land and water
For Immediate Release:

What: Palestinian farmers and international supporters hold prayer service and march protesting confiscation of farmland and water sources by the Israeli military.

When: Friday, 13 September 2002, Prayer Service at 12:30pm, March at 1:30pm

Where: Prayer Service in Beit Amin and March to Izbet Salman, West Bank, Palestine

Contact Information: Omar Sabhar, General Director, Ministry of Local Government, Palestinian National Authority, 059/837-606 from Israel/Palestinian Territories, (972-59)837-606 international

Osama Qashoo (Qalqilya, ISM) 052/225-703 from Israel/Palestinian Territories, (972-52)225-703 international

Garrick Ruiz (Los Angeles, ISM) 067/371-507 from Israel/Palestinian Territories, (972-67)371-507 international

Lisa Nessan (San Francisco Bay Area, ISM) 052/272-524 from Israel/Palestinian Territories, (972-52) 272-524 international

Kristin Razowsky (Flo) (Minneapolis Midwest Region, ISM) 067/361-708 from Israel/Palestinian Territories, (972-67) 361-708 international

Palestinian farmers from villages in the Tulkarem and Qalqilya regions of the Israeli occupied West Bank will gather Friday between Beit Amin and Izbet Salman to pray on their land. The Israeli Military plans to seize over 80,000 dunams of fertile farmland (one dunam is approximately a quarter acre) and nearly all of the region's 37 water wells. After the prayer the farmers will march to the neighboring community of Izbet Salman. Volunteers from the International Solidarity Movement, a Palestinian-led organization which supports Palestinian nonviolent resistance to Israeli Occupation, will participate in the march.

These seizures of Palestinian land will result in the redrawing of the border between Israel and 1967 Occupied Palestine. Areas affected extend along the Israeli-Palestinian border, from Jenin to Hebron. The Israeli military claims the confiscations are necessary due to nonspecific security concerns.

Last week, the Israeli military notified farmers of the immediate seizure of their lands when Israeli soldiers placed handwritten documents signed by General Keflinsky in Palestinian olive orchards and croplands. Within days, bulldozers accompanied by military personnel began the destruction of acres of cultivated farmland and the cutting down of ancient olive trees laden with fruit ready for harvest in the coming month of October. According to the handwritten notices, the farmers had one week to appeal the decision; however, they have been unable to make an appeal due to military travel restrictions and Isreali administrative office closures for the celebration of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

Israeli seizure will turn the area's subsistence level farmers into refugees, robbed of ancestral land and economic means of supporting their families. The area around Tulkarem and Qalqilya is one of the most fertile agricultural area in the West Bank and includes the Western Aquifer Area which supplies the primary irrigation and drinking water for the surrounding population. The region's economy is dependent on these wells and family farms, which have been under cultivation for generations.

This week, Israeli surveyors with armed Israeli soldiers continue to mark the areas slated for seizure. Painted and red ribbon markers have been placed meters away from villagers' homes, on agricultural greenhouses and trunks of fruit trees. Palestinian farmers state their only hope for holding onto their land is through international condemnation of the Israeli seizures.

Redress Information & Analysis

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Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 8:21 AM
Subject: Infodienst Nahost: Zum 11.September: Eine jüdische Stimme aus den
USA und eine Erklärung von Muslimen aus aller Welt

EMS-Informationsdienst zur Lage im Nahen Osten
Von: Andreas Maurer at MISSIONSWERK am 10.09.2002 08:21
An: ems_nahost at hotmail.com
Thema: Infodienst Nahost: Zum 11.September: Eine jüdische Stimme aus den USA und eine Erklärung von Muslimen aus aller Welt

"Undimmed by Human Tears":
The Verse for 9/11/02
By Arthur Waskow

This September 11, we can once more pour out our tears upon the blood of our dead and yet learn nothing, grow nowhere.

Or we can reflect upon what happened, assess our own responsibility for creating the conditions in which terrorism festered, and learn how to prevent the deaths of others. We can grow to new dignity and wisdom as a society.

Sixty years ago, in the midst of World War II, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel -- not yet honored for his theology of "God in Search of Man," not yet famous for marching alongside Martin Luther King and saying that "I felt my legs were praying" -- wrote an essay called "The Meaning of This War."

He knew that his family in Poland had been murdered, that at least a million other Jews had already been murdered with them, that millions of Poles, Russians, French, Dutch, Italians, Germans, Britons had already died as victims of the war unleashed by Nazism, and that millions more would. He mourned the dead, he cried out against their killers.

Yet he did not merely mourn, or merely denounce. He reflected. He asked, "Who is responsible that the war has soaked the earth in blood?"

And he answered : " Let Fascism not serve as an alibi for our conscience.... Where were we when men learned to hate in the days of starvation? When raving madmen were sowing wrath in the hearts of the unemployed? We failed to offer sacrifices on the altar of peace; now we must offer sacrifices on the altar of war."

And he added, "Tanks and planes cannot redeem humanity. ... The killing of snakes will save us for the moment but not forever."

If Heschel could write in this way in 1942, what would it mean for an American to think this way in 2002?

As we live through September, let us gather in our churches, mosques, and synagogues, in our PTA's and union halls and Rotaries, and in town meetings, to ask ourselves:

a) In the wake of 9/11, why did we constrict our outpouring of compassion to the boundaries "from sea to shining sea?" As we gather to mourn, should we recite not only the names of those who died on 9/ 11 but the names of those dying of AIDS in Africa because American drug companies refused to dilute their profits; those dying in Latin America because American companies have won control of their water and are pricing it so high as to force the poor to drink polluted poison; those dying of floods in Europe and China because American oil companies are scorching the air with CO2? As we gather, can we share the stories of sorrow and of courage that come from those victims on the other shores of shining seas?

b) Knowing that our CIA helped arm and train Al Qaeda, precisely because its fanaticism promised greater intensity in the struggle to rid Afghanistan of Soviet forces, how do we view the Bush Doctrine, "Whoever harbors a terrorist is a terrorist?" What has been our responsibility in flooding the world with weapons? In opposing efforts to weave threads like the International Criminal Court of an international fabric that could punish terrorists without warring against helpless civilians?

c)In each of the great traditions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, some elements sprout a tribal triumphalism that calls forth violence, and others teach how the particular community can call forth universalist compassion. Can the faith-filled American public embody religious nonviolence instead of "crusades" -- religious murder?

d) Can we uplift the role of reflection in society, of pausing not just as individuals but as a community, in a rhythm of life that includes but is not solely about rushing ahead to Do and to Make? Must we obey leaders who are rushing headlong into another war, or can we pause to pray and meditate and talk together, to learn more deeply about Iraq and Islam and oil and water and the law of nations, and perhaps through reflection find responses to danger that do not breed even greater danger?

"America the Beautiful," which we sang with such deep-heartedness a year ago, ends with a verse we rarely read: "O beautiful for patriots' dream/ that sees beyond the years/ Thine alabaster cities gleam/ undimmed by human tears." Our cities do not yet gleam, nor the cities of Colombia or Iraq, Afghanistan or Zambia, Palestine or Israel. Can we become the patriots who dream and see beyond this year, to build such cities everywhere?

The song ends, "Confirm thy soul in self-control, thy liberty in law." One year later, that is the verse we need.

Copyright (c) 2002 by Arthur Waskow. Rabbi Arthur Waskow is director of The Shalom Center , author of Godwrestling Round

Below is a statement rejecting violence and terrorism. It will be issued on Sept. 11, 2002, and has been signed by many prominent American Muslims, and scholars of Islam from all over the world.
September 11, 2002

As American Muslims and scholars of Islam, we wish to restate our conviction that peace and justice constitute the basic principles of the Muslim faith. We wish again to state unequivocally that neither the al-Qaeda oganization nor Usama bin Laden represents Islam or reflects Muslim beliefs and practice. Rather, groups like al-Qaeda have misused and abused Islam in order to fit their own radical and indeed anti-Islamic agenda. Usama bin Laden and al-Qaeda's actions are criminal, misguided and counter to the true teachings of Islam. We call on people of all faiths not to judge Islam by the actions of a few. We believe in justice and peace for both Israelis and Palestinians. We are convinced that security for Israel can only be achieved by justice for Palestinians. Today, a modicum of justice requires the establishment of an independent Palestinian state through the exercise of Palestinian self-determination. We believe that the continued occupation of Palestinian territories, and Israel's repeated disregard of international law, have made life in the occupied territories unbearable. We say most clearly, however, that the killing of innocent civilians, whether Christian, Muslim, or Jewish, is always wrong and is forbidden in Islamic law and ethics. Illegitimate means can never be justified by a desirable or noble goal. On this first anniversary of the tragedy of September 11, we call on all people of conscience to denounce violence and to work peacefully for the creation of a better world. We also urge our government leaders to work for peace, justice, liberty, and democracy around the globe.

Name Affiliation/Institution* - Radwan Masmoudi Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy - Abdulwahab Alkebsi Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy - Louay Safi Center for Balanced Development - Muqtedar Khan Adrian College - Jamal Barzinji International Institute for Islamic Thought - Abdulaziz Sachedina University of Virginia - Najah Kadhim International Forum for Islamic Dialogue, London - Aziz al-Taee Iraqi American Council - Sheila Musaji The American Muslim - Shahed Amanullah United Muslims of America, Fremont, CA - Omar Bouderdaben North Austin Muslim Community Center - Nor Azurah Zakaria Sisters-in-Islam Forum Malaysia - Shaikh Kabir Helminski The Mevlevi Order, The Threshold Society - Kamran A. Bokhari The University of Texas at Austin, - Robert D. Crane Center for Understanding Islam - Gray Henry Fons Vitae/Islamic Texts Society - Ahmed Abdalla Islam-on-line - Avis Asiye Allman Independent Scholar, New York City - Mahin Khatami Medical Scientist - Asma Afsaruddin University of Notre Dame - Mahir Haroun Reliable Financial Services, LLC - Hajj Muhammad Legenhausen Qom, Iran - Mohammed Sharif University of Rhode Island - Mahmoud Sadri Texas Woman's University - M. Mobin Shorish Prof. Emeritus, Urbana, Il - Abdelhamid Lotfi Mohammed V University, Rabat - MOROCCO - Mokhtar Benabdallaoui University of Hassan II - Morocco - Lily Yazdi (Individual)- Zaineb Istrabadi Indiana University - S. Abdallah Schleifer Adham Center, American University in Cairo - A. Nooruddeen Durkee Green Mountain School - Noora I. Durkee Green Mountain School - Syed Nasar University of Kentucky - Louis Cantori University of Maryland - Baltimore College - Charles Butterworth University of Maryland - John Esposito Georgetown University - Tamara Sonn College of Williams and Mary - Tony Sullivan Fund for American Studies - John Duke Anthony National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations - Loucia Isaac Seropian Haigazian University - Beirut - Nancy Roberts Amman, Jordan - John O. Voll Georgetown University - David Osgood Cairo, Egypt - Mary Ann Fadae Christian Theological Seminary - Fred Dallmayr University of Notre Dame. - Jillian Schwedler University of Maryland - David Burrell University of Notre Dame - Robert Olson University of Kentucky - Moina Noor AMILA, Bay area, California - A.S. Hashim, MD Islamic Education Center, Potomac, MD - Daniel Micallef Univ. of Texas in Austin - Svend A. White Doha, Qatar - Amina Rasul Magbassa Kita Foundation, Philippines - Hassan Shi Aga Khan University - Mirza Moin Baig Houston Mosque, TX - Mohammed el-Sheikh US Air Force - Kama L. Abdul-Khalik Muslim Students Association - Arshad Khan National Press Club - Lobna Ismail Connecting Cultures - Muhammad Sannah Islamic Society of W. Maryland - Ikbal Akhtar Tulane University - Hasan Mohamed Islamic Center of Irving - H. Anjim Khan al-Huda School/Islamicbookstore.com - Ismail Abdul Alim al-Fajr Masjid - Sulayman Abdul-Mussawer Masjid an-Nur, Boston, MA - Ali A. Aatz Islamic Association of Greater Hartford - Rashid Makhdoom American Muslim Council - Tooba Mayel Alexandria, VA - Khursheed Mallick IMANA - M. Salim Chowdhrey, MD Livingston, NJ - Mehar N Chowdhrey MD Livingston, NJ - Mohamed Osman Charlotte, NC - Mohamed Jarbu Charlotte, NC - Manzoor Husain Durham, NC - Muhammad Sayeed ICNA, New York - Ashraf Khan New York - Muhammad Feroz Orlando, FL - M. Husam Arkansas - Masood A. Sheikh N. Andover, MA - Katam Falou Maple Grove, MN - Karim Pathan Raleigh, NC - Shoukat Ali ISCJ, New Jersey - Aishe Syed Richmond, BC - Michael Wolfe Santa Cruz, CA - Ridwanur Rahman Olney, MD - Areeb Quasem Silver Spring, MD - Rana Khandekar Atlanta, GA - Mariam Kazemi Islamic Relief, Los Angeles, CA - Rahmatullah Syed Montpellier, VT - Shan Haq Pakistan - Tabasum Saeed Edison, NJ - Bibi A. Khan Farmingdale, NY - A. L. Poonawalla No. Brunswick, NJ - David Haula Fairfax, VA - Quarashia al-Shehab Dar-ul-Islah, NJ - Akber Mohammed Masjid al-Madina, OH - Najib Abdul-Haq Atlanta, GA - Shamiul Islam Nashville, TN - Hamid Saeed Pakistan - Inayat I. Lalani AMC - Dallas Fort Worth Chapter - Maliha Mohiuddin Manlius, New York - Jawaid Ahsah Nashville, TN - Abeda Haque Muslim Community Center of MD - S. Arif Rizvi IMA - Ahsan Siddiq ISNA - Syed Ahmed ISNA - Mariyam Imran ISNA - Khalid Chatta MCCGP/ISNA - Abdul Rahman Rasheed Masjid al-Islam, CT - Kareem Irfan Chicago, IL - Hamza Kashif Alexandria Comm. Co. - Samira Hussein Muslims of Montgomery County - Ismail Obeidallah Bowie, MD - Aftab Mack AMAL press (UK) - Ramzieh Azmeh ISNA - Shali al-Khatib NIH - Ayesha Mohamed NYC, NY - Haytham Mouzahem Al-Mustaqbal Newspaper- Beirut-Lebanon

* Organizations for identification only (partial list as of Sept. 5)
Der "EMS-Informationsdienst zur Lage im Nahen Osten" dient der Verbreitung von Nachrichten und Informationen aus dem Nahen Osten. Er hat nicht den Anspruch objektiv oder ausgewogen zu sein. Die Zusammenstellung der Nachrichten ist nicht umfassend sondern bedingt durch die jeweilige Informationslage im Nahostreferat des EMS. Die einzelnen Beiträge geben nicht die Meinung des EMS wieder.

Pfarrer Andreas Maurer, Nahostreferent Evang.Missionswerk in Südwestdeutschland e.V. Association of Churches and Missions

Geschäftsführung des Evangelischen Vereins für die Schneller-Schulen Vogelsangstr. 62, D 70197 Stuttgart Tel. ++49/711/63678-37, Fax ++49/711/63678-45 mailto:Maurer at ems-online.org http://www.ems-online.org

Gush Shalom ad published in Ha'aretz, July 12, 2002.

The occupation does not stop at the Green Line. It flows into Israel proper. It corrupts the state and causes its institutions to rot.

This week, the government has given its blessing to a draft-law, according to which 20 percent of the citizens of Israel - the Arabs - have no right to live where they want to live and have no share of state-owned lands and new townships. All these are reserved for Jews only.

Most ministers voted for this law. The Labor party ministers absented themselves with pitiful pretexts.

This law will turn Israel officially into an apartheid state. Israel-haters all over the world will rejoice. Decent Israelis will be ashamed.

Gush Shalom,
Help us with donations to
P.O.Box 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033,
Phone 972-3-5221732.
Requests for information about current actions:
info at gush-shalom.org

Anmerkung von Pia Köppel zum Essay "Gegenwart und Vergangenheit", Thema Karsli:
Karsli als Repräsentant von Arabern und Muslimen. Nee du, ich hab' nachgesehen, was er als Grünen-Abgeordneter so eingebracht hat. Er hat sich in Sachen Integration und Ausländerpolitik tatsächlich ins Zeug gelegt, aber in Sachen Muslime war sein Engagement bestenfalls ein theoretisches. Er hat zwar mal was in Sachen Zulassung von Gebetsruf per Lautsprecher gesagt, aber das ist nun wirklich die kleinste Sorge, die Muslime haben, und er hat in einer Rede moniert, dass mit den muslimischen Organisationen nicht gesprochen wird und dass im Landesverfassungsschutzbericht von NRW alle islamischen Organisationen als verfassungsfeindlich eingestuft werden, aber er selbst hat keinerlei Initiative ergriffen, mit muslimischen Organisationen zu sprechen, oder die Kriterien des VS zu prüfen (sie lassen sich nachlesen, speziell der VS-NRW hat dicke Papiere zum Thema "Islamisten" veröffentlicht, und was der VS darin schreibt, ist verfassungsrechtlich nun wirklich bedenklich - wer schützt unsere Verfassung vor solchen Verfassungsschützern?), oder sonst irgend etwas getan, was Muslime auf die Idee bringen könnte, sich von Karsli repräsentiert zu fühlen. Und als diesen Winter eine der größten türkisch-muslimischen Organisationen akut verbotsbedroht war, da hat sich Karsli nicht gerippt und gerührt. Im Unterschied z.B. zu Henning Scherf in Bremen, aber im Unterschied zu Karsli redet der ja auch mal mit Muslimen.

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From: "Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc)"
To: "tentative list - to get an impression"
Sent: Saturday, June 22, 2002 11:07 PM
Subject: (Fwd) UPMRC - Urgent Appeal From Nablus

GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 - http://www.gush-shalom.org/
Here follows a message from Palestine Monitor which we know as a serious source of
information and coming out of Nablus where the international media have now no
access. Several other Palestinian cities on the West Bank - such as Bethlehem,
Tulkarm, Kalkiliya and Jenin - are undergoing the same treatment.

------- Forwarded message follows -------
From: "Palestine Monitor"
Subject: UPMRC - Urgent Appeal From Nablus
Date sent: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 20:21:58 +0200

Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees (UPMRC)
Urgent Appeal From Nablus
June 22, 2002

The Israeli army has launched a massive military operation against Nablus
City, including its four refugee camps. For the fourth time in three
months Israeli troops have reinvaded the city and suburbs under the pretext of
fighting terrorism. However according to the Israelis, this time the invasion will
be for a longer period of time. The one hundred and fifty thousand residents of
Nablus are forced to remain inside their homes as a strict 24-hour military
curfew has been imposed over the city.

Already Israeli tanks and armoured vehicles have vandalized the streets of
the city causing enormous physical damage to the infrastructure.
Additionally they have taken permanent positions on top of high buildings,
forcing the residents to remain in one apartment of the building.

Mass arrests are taking place in most of the neighbourhoods of the city –
thus far dozens of Palestinians have been seized and sent to detention
centers. The whole social, educational and medical systems have come to a
standstill; the end of year high school exam (tawjeehi) has been cancelled
due to the fact that students are unable leave their homes to attend school.

Medical teams are prevented from moving freely, ambulances are frequently
stopped and medical personnel are harassed. One doctor and the driver of
Medical from medical relief were detained for two hours while attempting to
transport an ill two-year-old baby.

Yet again the Israeli army is creating a situation of fear and terror among the
civilian population, as well as endangering their lives. There is no
justification for the attacks on civilians, and collective punishment
Palestinians are subjected to.

This latest Israeli aggression against Palestinians is another facet of the
continuing aggression of the Israeli occupation. The international community
should realize that the main cause of the current dangerous situation in the
region is this occupation, and security and regional stability will not assured
until this occupation is ended.

We appeal to the international community to intervene immediately and force the
Israeli government to comply with international law and to withdraw its forces
immediately from the Palestinian areas.

For more information contact Dr Mustafa Barghouthi – +972 (0)50 254 218, and Dr.
Allam Jarar in Nablus, +972 (0)59 649133

------- End of forwarded message -------

Uri Avnery

Reform Now!

To: the President.
From: the National Security Advisor.
Top Secret.

I hereby submit to you, Mr. President, the report of the secret task force for reforming Israel, parallel to the task force working on the reform of the Palestinian Authority. The faults of the Israeli system are known to all: an autocratic one-man rule by a leader surrounded by cronies and yes-men, a leader who is a chronic liar whose every word is untrustworthy, corruption that penetrates every echelon of government, democratic institutions which serve only as window-dressing, the lack of a constitution, the absence of a real opposition, a multi-party system that is just a pretense, media that are fully mobilized in the service of the government. This system is unable to move towards peace. Since you, Mr. President, have determined that peace is in the basic national interest of the United States, we must use our power in order to bring about a thorough reform. Following are some of the findings of the task force:

0 One-man rule: In theory, Israel is governed by a democratic leadership with decentralized authorities and a system of checks and balances. In fact, the situation is quite different. By a sophisticated labyrinth of make-belief institutions - government, cabinet, inner cabinet, "kitchen" "kitchenette" - a situation has been created that allows Mr. Sharon to decide and execute anything he wants. In practice, Mr. Sharon acts through a small group of family members and cronies who have been devoted to him for decades, but who have never been elected. (Conspicuous among them is his son Omri and Messrs. Weisglas and Genger.) Members of the official cabinet have no influence whatsoever. Messrs. Peres and Ben-Eliezer, for example, serve only as rubber-stamps.

0 Corruption: The existing Israeli system is based on general, systematic and institutionalized corruption. Large chunks of the national budget are transferred - both openly and secretly - as bribes to religious and other parties who keep him in power, and parts of these go into the pockets of their functionaries. These huge sums are stolen from the general public at a time of growing unemployment and lack of funds for the infrastructure, when there is even no money to assure a decent living to invalids, the elderly, the unemployed and to handicapped children, decent hospitalization for the sick, not to mention decent living conditions for prisoners, who are kept in barbarous conditions. Election campaigns are tainted by general corruption. Leading candidates receive secretly and illegally huge amounts of money from local and foreign interest groups, which expect, of course, to be repaid many times over once their candidate comes to power. Every campaign is followed by a long train of criminal indictments, which are but the tip of the iceberg. The Prime Minister himself, who is the owner of the biggest private farm in Israel, is involved in directing agricultural policy, including the price of water and the regulation of agricultural imports, Much as in the Palestinian Authority, almost all the leading positions in the government and private services and corporations are handed out to cronies of the Prime Minister and members of the central committee (numbering thousands) of the governing party, most of them without elementary qualifications and talent. All the previous governments did the same. Every ministry is, of course, staffed and stuffed with cronies of the minister, and so are local authorities etc. In this way, a huge parasitical apparatus has been created at the expense of ordinary taxpayers. In addition, taxpayers have to carry the burden of a large sector of people called "Haredim" (God-fearing) who do not work or pay taxes (nor do they serve in the army, thereby increasing the compulsory service and reserve duties of all the others.) Many settlers are also flourishing at the expense of the general public. The gap between rich and poor in Israel is bigger than in any Western country, a fact that turns Israel into a Third World country.

0 Mendacity: Mr. Sharon is a certified liar. Already at the beginning of Mr. Sharon's career, the then Prime Minister, Mr. Ben-Gurion, defined him as a habitual liar. On January 29, 1960, Mr. Ben-Gurion wrote about him in his diary: "If he would wean himself from the habit of not speaking the truth…he would be an exemplary military leader." Two years earlier, when Mr. Sharon was promoted to the rank of Colonel, Mr. Ben-Gurion asked him: "Have you stopped saying the untruth?" The mendacity is not a personal trait of Mr. Sharon only, but a method deeply imbedded in the Israeli leadership. A predecessor of Mr. Sharon, former Prime Minister Shamir, has publicly declared that lying for the state is a virtue. One could cite innumerable instances of this official trait. Mr. Sharon's immediate predecessor, Mr. Barak, for example, has spread a mendacious account of the Camp Davis summit conference (Summer 2000), in order to put the blame for the failure on Mr. Arafat. Since then, all the Israeli media repeat this legend daily, in spite of the fact that most leading commentators know the truth. The same goes for the Oslo agreements. The Israeli leadership, with the help of the media, hides the fact that most of the violations have come from the Israeli side (they did not implement the third troops' deployment, did not open the four agreed "safe passages" between Gaza and the West Bank, they have embezzled the tax and customs money collected for the Palestinian Authority, refused to negotiate in good faith about Jerusalem, settlements and refugees, as stipulated in the agreements, etc.) It will be remembered that even Mr. Rabin announced that "there are no sacred dates", thereby relieving himself of the duty to fulfil any obligation at the agreed time. It should be mentioned that at the time when the Israeli government has pretended to stop settlement activity, this activity is in fact continuing at a frantic pace, as discovered by our satellites.

This, Mr. President, is a summary of the report. The task force proposes suspending our economic and military aid to Israel until a thorough reform has been undertaken, and to appoint a team of monitors to oversee the results. Israel, like the Palestinians, should also be forced to adopt a Constitution.

Yours respectfully,
The Advisor.

An: ems_nahost at hotmail.com
Thema: Infodienst Nahost: Appell palästinensischer Intellektueller, die Selbstmordattentate einzustellen

Veröffentlicht in: Al-Quds, June 20, 2002

Urgent Appeal to Stop Suicide Bombings

We the undersigned feel that it is our national responsibility to issue this appeal in light of the dangerous situation engulfing the Palestinian people. We call upon the parties behind military operations targeting civilians in Israel to reconsider their policies and stop driving our young men to carry out these operations. Suicide bombings deepen the hatred and widen the gap between the Palestinian and Israeli people. Also, they destroy the possibilities of peaceful co-existence between them in two neighboring states.

We see that these bombings do not contribute towards achieving our national project that calls for freedom and independence. On the contrary, they strengthen the enemies of peace on the Israeli side and give Israel's aggressive government under Sharon the excuse to continue its harsh war against our people. This war targets our children, elderly, villages, cities, and our national hopes and achievements.

Military action is viewed are not assessed as positive or negative exclusively out of the general context and situation. They assessed based on whether they fulfill political ends. Therefore, there is a need to re-evaluate these acts considering that pushing the area towards an existential war between the two people living on the holy land will lead to destruction for the whole region. We do not find any logical, humane, or political justification for this end result.

Below are some of the Palestinian intellectuals and public figures who have signed the petition:

Dr. Sari Nuseiba Dr. Hanan Ashrawi Saleh Ra'fat Salah Zuheika Mamdouh Nofal Hanna Sineora Dr. Mohammad Ishtiya Ibrahim Kandalaft Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj Dr. Moussa El-Budeiri Huda El-Imam Dr. Marwan Abu El-Zuluf Saman Khoury Dr. Said Zidani Dr. Omayya Khammash Dr. Jad Is'haq Dr. Manuel Hassasian Salah Abdel Shafi Shaher Sa'ad Dr. Mohammad Dajani Imad Awad Fadel Tahboub Majed Kaswani Taysir El-Zibri Dr. Ahmad Majdalani Dr. Taleb Awad Khader Sh'kirat Zahi Khouri Majed Abu Qubo' Ehab Boulous Dr. Isam Nassar Dr. Salim Tamari Dr. Suad El-Ameri Dr. Adam Abu Sh'rar Dr. Riema Hamami Subhi El-Z'beidi Dr. Munther El-Dajani Osama Daher Simone Cupa Jeana Abu El-Zuluf Yousef Daher Jamal Zaqout Dr. Saleh Abdel Jawwad Dr. Nathmi El-Ju'ba Dr. Jamil Hilal Dr. Arafat El-Hadmi Dr. Leila Faydi Dr. Zakaria El-Qaq Amna Badran Dr. Ali Q'leibo Marwan Tarazi Dr. Raja'I El-Dajani Issa Q'seisiya Hani El-Masri Dr. Jumana Odeh Lucy Nuseiba Abdel Qader El-Husseini Zahra El-Khaldi

Gedicht von Erich Fried
eingesandt von Ernst Herbst, Freunde Palästinas in Sachsen-Anhalt, Juni 02, zum Essay
"Der politische Aberglaube"

Am 6. Mai 2001 wäre Erich Fried, ein jüdischer Deutscher (1921-1988), 80 Jahre alt geworden.
Eure Toten
Die Palästinenser an die Zionisten

Eure Toten
eure toten Eltern und Großeltern
eure toten Brüder und Schwestern
auf die ihr euch immer beruft
eure Toten die euer Trumpf sind
eure Toten für die ihr euch Geld bezahlen lasst
als Wiedergutmachung
sie sind nicht mehr eure Toten

Ihr habt eure Toten verloren
denn eure Toten
das waren die Opfer der Mörder
die Gerechten die Unterdrückten:
Die Machtlosen die Verfolgten
die ermordeten Widerstandskämpfer
und ihre Kinder
das waren eure Toten

Jetzt aber seid ihr Machtanbeter und Mörder geworden
und werft Bomben auf eure Opfer wenn sie sich wehren
Ihr vertreibt die Machtlosen aus ihren niederen Hütten
Ihr kommt rasselnd in rasenden Panzern
Ihr lasst das Sprühgift
aus euren Flugzeugen regnen
nieder auf unsere Felder
und euer Napalm auf unsere Frauen und Kinder

Glaubt ihr denn eure Toten würden euch wiedererkennen
versteckt in eure Panzer und Kampfflugzeuge?
Eure Toten sind übergegangen zu uns
Opfer zu Opfern
Verfolgte zu Verfolgten
denn die Ermordeten sind der Ermordeten Brüder und Schwestern
und nicht die der Mörder
Eure Toten wollen euch nicht mehr kennen

Darum beruft euch lieber nicht mehr auf eure Toten
um die Welt schweigen zu machen jedes Mal wenn ihr tötet
Darum tut lieber nicht mehr
als wären sie das gewesen was ihr seid
als wäret ihr wirklich noch ihre echten Kinder und Enkel
denn ihr habt Verrat begangen an ihrem Leben und Sterben
als ihr eingetreten seid in die Dienste derselben Ordnung
die eure Toten gequält und getötet hat

Eure Toten sind nun zu Gast bei unseren Toten
die versuchen sie zu beruhigen dass ihr vielleicht nur
aus Unwissenheit und aus Dummheit tut was ihr tut
Doch eure Toten sagen ihr seid immer so klug gewesen
die klügsten Kinder der Welt
und sie können euch nicht mehr verstehen
Und unsere Toten wollen sie trösten und sagen
dass nur die Macht der Mächtigen euch so verlockt und verwirrt hat
und dass ihr vielleicht es noch sehen und doch noch umkehren werdet
statt so zu sterben dass eure Toten euch nicht mehr kennen.

Pressemitteilung von Uri Avnery
Berlin, 29. Mai 2002

Der alternative Friedensnobelpreisträger Uri Avnery kritisiert im aktuellen Antisemitismus-Streit den Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland: "Propagandazentrale Scharons“ Schwere Vorwürfe richtet der israelische Publizist und international bekannte Friedensaktivist Uri Avnery im aktuellen Antisemitismus-Streit an die Adresse des Zentralrats der Juden in Deutschland. Dieser scheine "eine Propagandazentrale der Regierung Scharons zu sein“, so der Träger des alternativen Friedensnobelpreises in einem Gespräch mit der am Freitag in Berlin erscheinenden Wochenzeitung junge freiheit. Antisemitismus dürfe man "nicht mit Kritik an Israel gleichsetzen“. Mit Blick auf die heftige Kritik an Jürgen Möllemann und den syrischstämmigen Landtagsabgeordneten Jamal Karsli betonte Avnery: "Man darf Israel nicht nur kritisieren, meiner Ansicht nach muß man es sogar tun.“

Jenen Politikern, die im Streit um die Kritik an der israelischen Politik mit Blick auf die deutsche Vergangenheit Rücksichtnahme gegenüber Israel fordern, wirft Avnery selbst Antisemitismus vor: Jede Art von schonender "Sonderbehandlung“ sei ebenfalls eine "Form von Antisemitismus“, da sie zum Ausdruck bringe, das "wir Juden als etwas anderes angesehen werden als andere Menschen“. Allerdings kritisierte Avnery auch die Aussagen Karslis als "maßlos überzogen“. "Mit Antisemitismus“, so vermute er, "hat das allerdings nichts zu tun.“

Auch gegen Außenminister Fischer erhob er heftige Vorwürfe. Avnery zeigte sich enttäuscht über dessen "amerikahörige Politik“, beklagte, Deutschland unterstützte "eine Entwicklung, die zum Unglück Israels beiträgt“ und urteilte über Fischer, dieser habe "sich nicht als Freund erwiesen“. Den deutschen Parteien, die sich um eine moralische Position im Palästina-Konflikt herumdrückten, bescheinigte der ehemalige Knesset-Abgeordnete: "Alle haben sie Angst davor, als antisemitisch bezeichnet zu werden. Schließlich ist diese Befürchtung allerdings auch begründet, wie die Affäre um die FDP leider zeigt.“ Das geistige Klima in Deutschland bezeichnete Avnery als eine "ungesunde Atmosphäre, die man auslüften muß“. "Wenn ich Deutscher wäre, würde ich die Atmosphäre in meine = Land ablehnen“, so Avnery.

aus folgendem Taz-Forum:
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Subject: Infodienst Nahost: Gush Shalom surft auf der IDF-Homepage
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Thema: Infodienst Nahost: Gush Shalom surft auf der IDF-Homepage

GUSH SHALOM schickte uns einen Bericht von Yosef Grodzinsky mit interessanten Hintergrundinformationen - von der offiziellen IDF (Israeli Defense Force) - Website:

GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 - http://www.gush-shalom.org/
[1] Yosef Grodzinsky: Shavu'ot in Jenin - Whom to believe [included in the following is a translation by Grodzinsky of B.Michael's Excavations in the Spokesman_s Site which appeared in Yediot Aharonot, April 26.]

It is Shavu_ot now _ the Jewish Holiday of Harvest _ and our forces are back in Jenin city and refugee camp. Their harvest includes 30 arrested Palestinians from the General Security Service_s _wanted list_, 2 killed adults _terrorists shot while trying to escape_, and one 15 year old boy.

Israel is constantly attacking the territories, though with less media attention than in April. The script is the same: Armored troop carriers surround a town, while tanks and bulldozers, escorted by foot soldiers, turn up in its center, beginning their home-to-home searches. They are after those on the wanted list. They search, sometimes kill (as they did a 15 year old boy today), sometimes destroy (as they did several structures in Jenin today). News briefs regarding actions in West Bank cities, villages and towns have become a matter of daily routine now. Reporting on them is curt, clear, decisive. 2 killed (while trying to escape arrest, of course), 30 arrested; 1 child killed (the local commander duly apologized to the family), 10 arrested, an ammo _factory_ found. No one, neither here nor in the U.S. questions the validity of these reports, of the wanted list, or the justification of the actions. Israel has the right to be secure, and this is the cost if its security needs. Being awarded with a GSS _wanted_ status (mevukash in Hebrew or matlub in Arabic), is on a par with being handed down a verdict. A mevukash may be arrested or killed at will. Thousands have thus been arrested recently, hundreds killed. I have never seen a query by an American diplomat, or by anyone from the mainstream press, regarding the validity of the wanted list, or the fact that it completely annuls the concept of due process. _Anti-democratic_ is a term reserved to Arafat, whose _intransigence_ back in the news (_he is being vague again about the elections_, announced Israel TV_s anchor merrily tonight); the Israelis, with their celebrated GSS, are the force of democracy and freedom, hence immune to any questioning.

Still, some cracks do surface on occasion, soon to be fixed: Today_s NYT runs a story of a new State Department report, that has found "no conclusive evidence" that Yasir Arafat or other senior Palestinian leaders planned or approved specific terrorist attacks on Israel in the six months that ended in December. This assertion, the reporter notes, is _sharply at odds with recent Israeli claims_. Israel has indeed argued that documents captured in the recent operation prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Arafat gave direct orders, and made direct payments, to terrorist acts. Yet, as veteran commentator B. Michael, who has followed this affair closely, noted almost a month ago, such evidence is not at hand. I have translated his excellent article, Excavations in the Spokesman_s Site (Yedi_ot Aharonot, April 26) as it reached the same conclusions as State. Importantly, he made no use of secret documents, but merely monitored the IDF website.

"It seems that in order to justify the effort to shatter, above all, the PA and its institutions, the need arose to aggrandize its terrorist image, to make one big mishmash or PA-IslamicJihad-Hammas-Tanzim-Fatah, and create a picture of an octopus of terroris m of the PA, and Arafat as its centerpiece. The IDF spokesman was also recruited to this mission, and he harnessed his website for it_If you surf superficially over the full pages, it seems a well-constru cted site, faithfully serving its master_s voice. Excavate deeper, and you will make a fascinating discovery: The whole site is constructed as if the IDF spokesman was convinced that no one would bother to read the documents themselves, and that all would only read its learned interpretation, presumably based on the _captured documents_. Yet, if you surrender to your natural suspiciousness, and insist on reading the full documents, you will find a very different picture. Actually, not just different, but truly opposite. Here is a handful, a tiny bit, of the stunning gap between text and interpretation.

We begin with some negligible pieces of trivia:
1. How much explosive material did the IDF discover in the territories it conquered? If you look at the bombastic declaration, you get the impression that huge quantities are at issue. If you listen to the Minister of Defense you think that hundreds of tons were found. More modest officers and journalists sufficed themselves with tens of tons. Yet if you bother to look at the document in which the spokesman provides updated details, you will discover that throughout the operation, 30 kilos were found. Thirty. Kilos. Like a bag and a half of potatoes. Is somebody talking nonsense here? The spokesman? The Minister? The media?

2. How many fighters of Fatah (and whatever other types) were there in Tul-Karem and Jenin? If you demand no more than learned commentary, you will learn from the lines and from between them that at issue are cities swarming with multitudes of Fatah and Tanzim murderers. If you bother to read the [captured] intelligence reports of the PA you will be astonished to discover that the number of weapon holders of Fatah in Tul-Karem and the refugee camp is 15-20_ If your read further, you will learn that half of them refuse to operate, the rest are not under anyone_s control, and even between those, there are parasites who only sport arms and make trouble. I didn_t say that, it_s the PA_s intelligence. Another document reveals that throughout the Jenin region, there were 63 Al-Aqsa people.

3. Were Tanzim terrorist acts funded by the PA? According to the commentary, yes; by the documents, NO. The funding documents are nothing but a collection of complaints about the stingy PA that provides no resources to Tanzim fighters, expressions of jealousy of the wealthy Jihad and Hammas, stories about poor terrorists forced to purchase weapons by selling their_ wives_ jewelery (no need to burst into tears of pity at this point), and hidden threats that a continued monetary drought would make PA personnel defect to Jihad and Hammas. The documents show that they got nothing from the PA.

4. Did Arafat approve of the transfer of funds to suicide bombers? If you only taste regurgitated texts, you are welcome to conclude that he did. If you read the documents, you will find no sign of it. All the documents in which Arafat approves sad payments to PLO and Tanzim personnel (in themselves as surprising as a discover that a head of a political party approves payments to its members) come from dates that are months earlier than Tanzim_s first suicide bombing. Not one document shows what is claimed, and it is clear that if one was available, the IDF spokesman would have publicized it widely.

5. Was there cooperation between the PA, Jihad and Hammas? If you surf on the site_s waves, you are left with no doubt: cooperation was full; if you dive into the depth of the documents, you discover the absolute opposite. These are clearly reports of PA planted spies, who report to their superiors about the snitches who have infiltrated into their ranks, about collaborators with Hammas and Jihad who disturb the PA intelligence, and on Jihad people who pretend to be PA. If you read all the documents, you are left without the slightest doubt about the nature of the relationship between the PA, Jihad and Hammas: These are bitter rivals, sometimes even real enemies. The use of such documents to prove cooperation between the PA and Hammas is on a par with waving an IDF document that exposes a soldier who sold a weapon for a Hammasnik, and argue that the IDF cooperates with Hammas. The _Tul-Karem_ document, revealed Akiva Eldar in Ha_aretz, contained a translation error which distorted the meaning of a sentence so that it fit the desired message better. Two days after this discovery, a _corrected_ version of the document was loaded up. The error remained, yet the whole document underwent chopping, pruning, cutting and reshaping that wouldn_t embarrass a beginning clerk in a Soviet encyclopedia, and all that without even mentioning that the document is by no means complete, but rather, an edited, refurbished one. I could bring more examples and quotes, yet space is limited and the choices are hard. This is not to mean that Fatah and Tanzim are Zionist charities, just to wonder about the IDF spokesman who let himself take part in such a transparent web of propaganda, whose sole goal is to create a false picture that the grinding of the PA was a security necessity, not just a political whim. The past 18 months have not added much to the credibility of the IDF; this site adds little dignity to it."

I urge you to visit the IDF website (www.idf.il). You will be amazed, I believe (you can find there, for example, a report of today_s activities in Jenin, where the sole listed casualty is a lightly wounded IDF soldier; the 15 year old Palestinian boy who was killed is not mentioned, although his death was noted in all mass media).

The IDF is undergoing an important change. A new Chief of Staff _ Brig. Gen. Moshe (Boogy) Ya_alon _ will take over in July. The pending retirement of the current Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Shaul Mofaz, has led him to exert pressure on Sharon to move into Gaza now. He wants to get credit for it, as a good beginning of a future political career. Judging by the new Hcief_s behavior, Ya_alon is no dove either. He is currently visiting Washington to get himself acquainted to the administration_s higher echelon. Today_s New York Times cites him as a _senior military official_ who clearly articulated that an invasion into Gaza is just a matter of time; that Colin Powel erred by letting Arafat off the hook, and that a visit by George Tenet to the Middle East is pointless. His aggressive tone not only indicates that the Israelis are not worried about American pressure; it leaves little room for optimism regarding the future.

Yosef Grodzinsky
Department of Psychology
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv 69978, ISRAEL
yosef1 at post.tau.ac.il

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Thema: Infodienst Nahost: Avnery traf Arafat

Der israelische Friedensaktivist Uri Avnery traf Palästinenserpräsident Arafat in Ramallah. Hier sein Bericht:

Uri Avnery

A Meeting with Arafat

"They want us to enact a constitution? No problem! I shall ask Israel to send me a copy of theirs and copy it word for word!" Arafat sent me an amused look. Israel, of course, has no constitution. That was on Wednesday evening, after five Gush Shalom activists - Haim Hanegbi, Adam Keller, Oren Medicks, Rachel Avnery and I - had succeeded in reaching Ramallah (forbidden to Israelis) and entering the bombed, fortified compound of the Palestinian leader. There was a danger that Ariel Sharon, who was returning at the same time from Washington, would exploit the murderous suicide bombing in Rishon-Letzion the evening before in order to achieve his old aim: killing Yasser Arafat. That would have been a disaster for Israel and prevented peace for generations. We thought that the presence of Israelis in the compound might help to avert such an attack.

Immediately after Arafat had finished his meeting with the European emissary, Moratinos, during which they concluded the final agreement ending the siege of the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, he received us for a long meeting. "I shall give scholarships to the 13 who are to go abroad," he remarked, as if continuing the previous conversation, and read us the document he had just signed.

Since meeting him in 1982 in besieged Beirut, in rather similar circumstances, I have met him many times. I found him relaxed, smiling, self-confident, a little tired. He laughed when I described the "reforms" that George W. Bush demands to be carried out in the Palestinian Authority: Palestine should become democratic like Saudi Arabia, there should be a separation of power like in Syria, it should be headed by a powerless president like Jordan, there must be a unified security service like in Egypt and an independent court like in Iraq.

The new Bush-Sharon idea of "reforming" the structure of the Authority (meaning: the appointment of American agents), as a pre-condition for peace, does not seem to have made a deep impression on him. Actually, it is hard to decide whether this is a cynical pretext for postponing a solution or just a demonstration of monumental stupidity. "There will be no Palestinian Hamid Karzai," he said, alluding to the puppet-president the Americans have brought to Afghanistan from outside.

Never before has Arafat been so deeply entrenched in the innermost heart of the Palestinian people as now. His prestige has risen sky-high all over the Arab world, where the masses compare their own kings and presidents to the man who has endured six weeks of siege, some of them almost without food, without water and electricity, at a distance of two meters from the Israeli soldiers (we measured the distance ourselves), without flinching. The idea that somebody from the outside could turn him into a figurehead is ludicrous.

"The PLO stands above the Palestinian Authority, and I am the head of the PLO," he reminded us. The PLO represents all the parts of the Palestinian people, while the PA was elected only by the inhabitants of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip.

During the meeting, senior officers entered several times and reported on Israeli troop concentrations around the Gaza Strip and Ramallah. It seemed as if Sharon's attack could start at any moment. He paid attention and issued short orders. Yasser Abed Rabbo was present throughout the meeting, and other senior personalities entered from time to time and listened.

We asked about his reaction to the Rishon-Letzion suicide bombing that had happened 24 hours earlier. "I have published a strongly-worded condemnation (Arafat used, for the first time, the Arab word 'irhab', terrorism) and ordered the arrest of Hamas activists." He replied. "They have timed the attack exactly during the meeting in which Sharon asked Bush for permission to carry out his plans against the Palestinian Authority and myself. The Hamas leaders knew that they are helping Sharon. They want to destroy the Authority and don't mind using Sharon for this purpose."

"Think for yourselves," he continued, "Do I look such an imbecile as to put bombs under my own seat?" It was almost midnight when the meeting broke up. The soldiers invited us to a dinner of pitta, sardines, cheese and humus. During the long night in their company, we became an attraction in the compound, which houses more than a hundred armed soldiers of Force 17, who continued throughout the night to fortify the place with sandbags. Many of them crowded around us, showering us with questions that showed that they were immensely curious about the situation in Israel, as much as we were curious about the situation on their side.

We were sitting in a great circle in a hall, where all the furniture had been moved to the walls, talking and smoking. Haim became friendly with a youngster of 17, who had not seen his family in Jenin for four months, because of the blockade, and was very worried about their fate. Another has not seen his family in Gaza for two years. All his possessions have been burned in the fires that had broken out in the adjacent buildings, leaving him only the clothes on his back. Adam had a debate with a 25-year old who spoke good Hebrew and remembered nostalgically the Iraqi Jew who had employed him in the Beer-Sheva market. There was a man of 37 who had been arrested at 15 for throwing stones and spent 15 years in prison, and who is now serving as an officer. Only one soldier did not join in, his face stiff. He listened, saying only that he does not believe that peace would ever come. And Rachel took pictures. All of them wanted to know what the Israelis think, and first of all why Israel does not want peace. These terrible "armed men" (as they are called in Israeli press-releases), with their various Kalashnikovs, some of them in civilian clothes ("all our uniforms were burned by your missiles") spoke longingly about peace. After some hours of conversation Oren summed up: "We could sign a peace treaty within five minutes." There was something surrealistic about the situation: all of them spoke about the Ra'is with unbounded admiration. Like us, they expected to be attacked any moment by the Israeli tanks, but they had a friendly conversation with the Israelis who had come their way.

When we lay down, at long last, on our mattresses, side by side with some "internationals" from several countries who had also come to serve as "human shields", I was called to give a live interview by phone to al-Jazeera television, which brought the news of our being there into millions of homes all over the Arab world. Another little bridge for peace.

In the morning, after a quick wash (there was a long line for the bathroom) we strolled around the compound, guided by the courageous Netta Golan, who had been there throughout the long siege. A smell of urine and excrements filled all the rooms that had been occupied by our army. Somebody had painted Mezuzot on all the doorways. In one room there was a high pile of destroyed computers; everywhere the furniture was destroyed. On all the walls graffiti: the Israeli national anthem (with crude mistakes), the name of Israel in Arabic (wrong spelling), a slogan in English: "Isreal (sic) rules". In the walls, the gaping holes that have become a trade mark of the IDF, in spite of the fact that all doors had been open. Outside, heaps of crushed cars. On the side, the black, armored Chevrolet that President Clinton had given Arafat as a gift, squashed, with tank marks clearly visible on the roof. Everywhere the dirt, destruction and mindless vandalism of the "most humane army in the world". It did not make us feel very proud.

Der "EMS-Informationsdienst zur Lage im Nahen Osten" dient der Verbreitung von Nachrichten und Informationen aus dem Nahen Osten. Er hat nicht den Anspruch objektiv oder ausgewogen zu sein. Die Zusammenstellung der Nachrichten ist nicht umfassend sondern bedingt durch die jeweilige Informationslage im Nahostreferat des EMS. Die einzelnen Beiträge geben nicht die Meinung des EMS wieder.

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Folgendes ist zusammengestellt von Ruth Luschnat aus Berlin

(Part 3: April 23, 2002)
From: Ruth Luschnat
To: frauennetz at listen.attac-netzwerk.de ; FrauenNetzAttac at attac-netzwerk.de ; attacmod-d at listen.attac-netzwerk.de ; attac-berlin-diskussion at listen.attac-netzwerk.de
Sent: Sunday, April 21, 2002 2:30 PM
Subject: [FrauenNetz] a-Vernetz Englisch: Bat Shalom Declaration

Eine Nachricht der Diskussionsliste des FrauenNetzAttac --

Subject: [FeministPeaceNetwork] Israeli and Palestinian Women Joint Statement
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Here's the joint Israeli-Palestinian women's peace statement, issued by Bat Shalom and the Jerusalem Center for Women. This was on the front page of the weekend newspaper in Israel. -----Original Message-----
From: bat shalom [mailto:batshalo at netvision.net.il]
Sent: Sunday, April 21, 2002 10:40 AM
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Subject: Israeli and Palestinian Women Joint Statement

Bat Shalom & Jerusalem Center for Women Joint Declaration Palestinian and Israeli Women Demand Immediate End to Occupation Israel has launched a war against defenseless Palestinian communities. The terrorization of innocent civilians, the unlawful killings and arrests, the siege imposed upon President Arafat, and the destruction of property, infrastructures and institutions, can only lead to further escalation, prolonging the sufferings of both nations and destroying any prospects for peace. The climate of fear and the obsession with reprisals that grips our two peoples obscure the true cause of this cycle of violence - the continued and unlawful Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people and their land.

It is our role, women on both sides, to speak out loudly against the humanitarian crimes committed in order to permanently subjugate an entire nation. Right now, in the face of uncontrolled military turmoil, we jointly ask the international community of states to accept its duty and mandate by international humanitarian law to prevent abuses of an occupying power, by officially intervening to protect the Palestinian people.

Beyond the immediate crisis, we know that there is one future for us both. The deliberate harming of innocent civilians, Palestinian or Israeli, must not be condoned. By working together we improve our chances for a better future. We believe that women can develop an alternative voice promoting effective peace initiatives and sound approaches. We undertake to work for this goal together.

Women have already begun to give substance to the recognition that a just peace is a peace between equals. When we call for a Palestinian state (on the territories occupied on 4th of June 1967) alongside the state of Israel, we envision true sovereignty for each state, including control over land and natural resources. We envision a settlement based on international law, which would endorse sharing the whole city of Jerusalem, the dismantling of the settlements, and a just solution to the question of refugees according to relevant UN resolutions. In continuing our joint work together, we want not only to achieve an end to the occupation; we want to help create the conditions for a life of security and dignity for both peoples.

We call upon all women and men, young and old, to join us in our sincere quest to preserve life, human dignity and freedom in our region. Dehumanization, hatred, revenge, and oppression contribute nothing to the resolution of a century of conflict. Mutual recognition and respect of each other's individual and collective rights will pave the way for peace making.

April 2002

The Jerusalem Center for Women and Bat Shalom

Part 1:
Subject: Re: [FeministPeaceNetwork] Ran Ha Cohen: Israel-A suicide bomber?
Reply-To: FeministPeaceNetwork at yahoogroups.com

Hallo Nicole,

thank you for your elucidating statements on suicide and israel, aswell as those about the finacing of Hamas. Those are thouhts to think about. I still want to add some other things i have heared from people or read in the last time about those issues. Beforehand i want to tell about an article* i read today about the confused feelings of the majority of people living in Israel. >From that input i have the feeling that the thoughts you bring in can now only be considered by certain small special circles there. Which doesn't mean that they should no be put forward for making people think differently. Maybe even more so! It seems to be a kind of "suicidal" confusion + those who want to live think of leaving.

In the heated discussion on those subjects here in Berlin Aneta Kahane (from the jewish community and an NGO against racism) says, that the leaving of the more reasonable people from Israel would bring disaster, since this would only leave the simpler minded people and the danger of more violent solutions against Palestinians, or else a civil war in Israel about the then "non solvable" questions of settlements and the zionist core myth of this state, now having to be transformed to the roots. The former would easely ignite a big wave of antisemitism worldwide including lots of terrorist attaks everywhere.

The article* in taz from 13/14.04 (Anne Ponger) talks about people starting to think to immigrate from Israel because of the situation. Pols made in Israel showing the comlete confusion: 70% are for Sharon, even when 69% believe that he has no political idea for solving the problem; 70% support the actual millitary operation, but 74% are deeply depressed; 70% would not object to a - small - Palestinian state, but neither under Arafat nor under Hamas; 49% are against the Saudid Peace Plan, but 50-70% would agree to a differing grade of dismantling of the settlements, if this would open the chance to bargain security for land with the Palestinians.

Your arguments show the specific situation, the intertwined and mirroring sucidal question. Such the argument of a friend of mine might be only partly appliable:
She told me: During the fight of the suppressed black majority in South Africa against the Apartheit there came a point where the question of suicidal attaks as strategic means was on the agenda. After discussing intensively, the ANC decided not to take up this strategic means, because: it is wrong to choose ways that make you loose what you are essencialy fighting for! Very true i think, something to be put forward by both sides towards their suicidal compatriotes. Joshua from Kongo sayd to this: there has allways been attaks bombings and also suicidal bombings, but you can see a difference still: there are those attaks aimed only at important and responsable leaders, while more right wing attaks are mostly undifferentiated into the other population seen as "the enemy" as such, creating an atmosphere of fear and hatred usefull and familliar to more right thinking. Both sides then will drift to the right. He, after hearing the South Afrika story, goes on: Well, for people living under Apartheit the situation was much worse than for the Palestinians (i don't know if he has made experience of it, i guess not): In South Afrika men and women were forced to live apart, not able to be together, while men had to work in other parts etc. In the present situation it is not very sensitive to make such statement, but there is obviously no big love from some Afrikans towards the arabic world (history).

There are some people thinking that Sharon, and maybe a good part of the above mentioned people answering the pols, is looking for a solution that would resemble a lot the Homelands inside South Afrika: small islands of the Palestinian State within Israel, not one congruent state. Of course this is the solution to be prevented, since it is a horror and the suicidal atmosphere will not be releived but go on.

The other article is from Diplo (Monde Diplomatique) 4-02 (Olivier Roy) (I fear it doesn't exist in english, but for german or french: www.monde-diplomatique.ch, www.monde-diplomatike.de)

about the background of the spreading of "Salafism", the new globalised and strictly reduced and simplistic version of islam, greatly financed by the Imams of Saudi Arabia (which are independent of the governing Monarchy). This article sheds a light on the different groups and backgrounds in the world, aswell as the existencial and psychic situation of those prone to embrace this kind of fundamentalist offer to manage with their life situation. It shows how the globalisation has brought about this modern and harsh version of islam, which in fact kills all differences of the cultures of islam and gives a "security" for every possible life situation by making their adepts "independent" >from surrounding influences, ordering them to close up conscously and to abide only to the sharia and the fatwas given out about every simple question (e.g. how to brush your teeth). Inside the muslim world there are a lot of differences, but the strategies of those groups seem to me to bring in a general influence towards strenghening and harshening the use of the sharia, which then puts more pressure on women.

Some of those groups and their adepts (like the Taliban are one) will take on the call to a worldwide Djihad and become bombs if needed. Their enemies are Jews, Christians and other Muslims alike, but first of all the western civilisation headed by the US.

When you say, that the scool books of the Taliban are still produced in the US, this is a very special task for people living there to find out about and make this public, since this is unmasking as unreal any claim of the Bush warriors against (muslim) terrorism, since of all dangers for any culture by fundamentalist (muslim) terrorism, including the islamic cultures themselves, this is one of the ideological key sources. I think, considering this it would be a strong point to unite women of all creeds to voice specific protests against the hypocrisy of the Bush administration and thereby getting visible for strenghening a discourse of women standing together for waging peace and meanwhile deffending their rights. Was there a contact mail to the WLUML ?

greetings from Berlin

4) Israel - A Suicide Bomber?

>Ran HaCohen
>AntiWar.com; April 12, 2002
>Palestinian suicide attacks have been singled out, over emphasised and
>isolated from their context in Israel's 35-year occupation of the
>Palestinian territories, the proper infrastructure of Palestinian terrorism.
>Professional demonisers like Thomas Friedman work hard to persuade us of
>suicidal lies like the one claiming suicide bombers are "a whole new form
>of warfare" unique to Palestinians.
>I truly doubt whether the term "Kamikaze" is of Palestinian origin. There
>were no Palestinian suicide bombers around back in 1991, when Rajib Ghandi
>was assassinated by a suicide bomber; in fact, the person accused of
>launching more suicide attacks than anyone else is not Yassir Arafat (his
>direct involvement in such attacks may be an outright Israeli fabrication)
>but Velupillai Prabhakaran, who heads the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
>The Talmud reminds us that people often accuse others of their own faults.
>Is this the case with Israel as well? Can Israel be seen as a suicide
>bomber? Well, the latter part of the term obviously holds true: reports of
>Israeli bulldozers digging mass graves in Jenin have not been confirmed
>yet, but the enormous scale of Israeli bombing in occupied territories
>hardly needs this evidence. During the British Mandate in Palestine
>(1917-1948), the Royal Army considered bombing Jenin from the air, but
>dropped the idea for humanitarian reasons; the Israeli army has now used
>F-16 jets, helicopters and airborne missiles against this city, while
>destroying dozens of houses as well as the entire water, sewage and
>electricity infrastructure by tanks and bulldozers.
>But has Israel itself suicidal elements? We'll have to take a short survey
>of Palestinian suicide bombing to get to that.
>Suicide Bombers Analysed
>Demonisation successfully coats the suicide bombers with a satanic aura of
>ultimate evil, disabling any rational discussion of the subject. Suicide
>bombers are represented as a doomsday weapon, as a threat to world
>security, to civilisation itself (see, again, Thomas Friedman's column).
>It's high time to lift this aura.
>In my previous column I argued that suicide itself is not considered a
>crime by most people. The major ideology of modern times, Nationalism,
>often praises sacrificing one's life for one's nation. Israel loves to
>praise itself for everything positive in Palestinian society ("we brought
>them prosperity" etc.) and to blame some "Arab spirit" for everything
>negative. But Palestinians suicidal tendencies maybe have their roots not
>only in Islamic fundamentalism but also in Zionism. Israeli school children
>are raised on the myth of the Zionist officer Joseph Trumpeldor, whose last
>words were: "It is good to die for our country". Similarly, the first
>association Israeli soldiers had in mind for the Palestinians fighting to
>death in Jenin was the Zionist Masada myth, where besieged ancient Jews
>swore to die rather than surrender to the Romans. [Editor's Note: See Item #18]
>Suicide bombers, as I argued before, are not different from any other
>weapon. They can be used against three kinds of targets: soldiers,
>settlers, and civilians inside Israel. Let's consider each of these cases.
>Bombing Occupation Soldiers is LAWFUL
>When acting against soldiers, the suicide bomber has international law on
>his side. Yes: international legislation acknowledges the right of occupied
>people to use force against their oppressors, both inside the occupied
>territories and outside them. Based upon the principles of the Hague
>International Convention of 1907 and confirmed in the Nuremberg Tribunal
>after World War II, this determination was essential to forestall Nazi
>claims that partisans, Ghetto fighters, and other underground resistance
>forces in the territories occupied by Germany had allegedly been
>"terrorists". In the Nuremberg Tribunal it was unequivocally set down that
>resistance fighters, including those who had struggled within Germany
>itself, acted in accordance with the regulations of international law.
>A fact actually unheard of in the media.
>Bombing Settlers in the Occupied Territories
>Bombing civilians, however, is a crime. If Palestinians do it inside the
>occupied territories, the great question is what those civilians, also
>known as settlers, are doing there. Their presence in the occupied
>territories may not justify killing them, but it raises serious doubts as
>for who is responsible for it. Is it the Palestinians legitimately fighting
>occupation - or is it rather Israel, that moves civilians into occupied
>territory contrary to international law, exposing them to Palestinian
>attacks? Israel now claims to be deporting Palestinian civilians from
>battle zones in order to protect them. Why does it let its own civilians
>live in these territories, which are one big battlefield?
>In fact, extremist settlers like those in Hebron - 500 settlers among
>120.000 Palestinians in the heart of the city - often refuse to be
>protected. When the army offers to install bullet-proof glass in their
>windows, they reject it, claiming the army should ensure their houses are
>not shot at instead of stopping the bullets at their windows. Is this not
>Bombing Civilians Inside Israel
>Okay, this of course is totally illegal and immoral. But have you ever
>wondered how suicide bombers get into Israel? Not in a satanic rain like
>the frogs in Magnolia. In fact, they walk into Israel.
>Walk??? - Yes. They cross the imaginary Green Line between Israel and the
>occupied West Bank simply on foot, and then they take a lift, or a bus, or
>a taxi, to wherever they want to explode.
>This may sound incredible, but it is true. There is no visible border
>between Israel and the West Bank.
>Now the problem of intruders has been bothering humanity for quite a few
>millennia, from China to Berlin; the usual solution is expressed by the
>English term "fence". If Israel had wanted to stop suicide bombers, all it
>had to do is put a fence. This is Israel's weak spot the Palestinians have
>found. It's a very revealing weak spot.
>Why does Israel not put a fence? The construction itself is not a problem.
>There are quite sophisticated hi-tech fences nowadays. The Gaza Strip is
>surrounded by one, reducing intrusions to a zero level. A few weeks after
>the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon, a fence along the border was
>completed there too. So why not in the West Bank?
>There are three reasons why Israel does not put a fence along the Green Line:
>(A) First and foremost, as even Israeli politicians admit, it's "a
>political problem". A fence might be interpreted as a border. Israel is
>unwilling to give up the West Bank. Therefore, it rather lets its citizens
>die in suicide attacks. It's as simple as that.
>(B) More specifically, the numerous Israeli settlements spread throughout
>the entire West Bank are a problem for such a fence. If the settlements are
>taken in, you have to take the surrounding Palestinian population too, and
>then what's the point. If you leave the settlements out, you solve only
>part of the problem.
>The smaller part of the problem, actually. Israel cares much more about its
>200.000 settlers in the West Bank than about its 6 million citizens inside
>the Green Line (indeed, most settlements are surrounded by a fence). Take
>this financial evidence: in the 1990s, the Israeli Government spent on
>every settler an average of 5,428 NIS a year. The national average per
>citizen was just 3,807 NIS. Israeli Arab citizens were worth much less:
>2,402 NIS. The cheaper the citizen, the cheaper his life.
>(C) One cannot ignore the propaganda profits. Israel uses terror attack on
>its citizens, especially on civilians inside the Green Line, to justify its
>ever more violent occupation and to endlessly expand its illegal
>settlements. Why build a simple fence, if you can occasionally sacrifice a
>few civilians in return for a huge propaganda benefit for the occupation
>and the settlements?
>Looking at the Mirror
>So Thomas Friedman is right to argue that by using suicide bombers the
>Palestinians have found Israel's weak spot. This weak spot is the policy of
>occupation and settlements. Had Israel agreed to end occupation and
>dismantle the settlements, as international decisions demand, it could
>simply put a fence along the Green Line and stop suicide bombers. But a
>fence would harm Israel's settlements policy, and this is why Israel does
>not build one. This behaviour, on a national level, is suicidal: the State
>of Israel knowingly sacrifices its own civilians for the Molech called
>settlements. The Palestinian suicide bombers are thus but a mirror image of
>the Israeli policy, a policy which is both "suicidal" (sacrificing one's
>own civilians) and murderously bombing.
>Ran HaCohen is on the faculty of Tel-Aviv University's Department of
>Comparative Literature. He also works as a literary translator and critic
>for the Israeli daily Yedioth Achronoth.

Part 2:

>Subject: [FeministPeaceNetwork] "Let us not take up the wrong fight"
>Reply-To: FeministPeaceNetwork at yahoogroups.com
> The following is an appeal published in Le Monde (April 9, 2002). It
>might help balance out certain very nasty images of anti-Semitism in France
>which tend to present the situation as out of control and pitting "community vs.
>community" and involving entire generations of Arab youths. Yes, there's some
>intercommmunity ill will, but that's not the dominant tone. Most people, even
>those who identify with "communities" of one kind or another, are shocked. Many
>Arabs in France, including the most prominent ones, are quite clear on opposing
>anti-Jewish acts. This appeal was signed by dozens of French and/or Arab
>artists, writers, editors and professors.
>"Let us not take up the wrong
>fight..." (or: "Let us not mix up our battles")
>As Arabs, we assert that the anti-Jewish acts that have taken place in France over
>the past several weeks are intolerable. The anger and rage that the crimes of
>Sharon inspire in us should not and cannot, under any circumstances, justify
>unjust associations and uncontrolled drifts [into hatred, into violence].
> Although the investigations by French authorities on
>these hateful attacks have not yet reached firm conclusions, we say that
>whatever the result might be, we call on the Middle Eastern and North African
>communities in France to be extremely vigilant and we wish to remind people of a
>few obvious facts. The Jewish community cannot be
>identified with the Israeli people. Nor is the Israeli people, by a long shot,
>in the image of Sharon. The many Israelis who support Sharon today out of fear
>and insecurity will become more conscious of their blindness if we know how to
>convince them of our absence of animosity towards them, as a community and as
>human beings. Our most precious partners and partisans
>are those Israelis and Jews who work, by the side of the Palestinians, against
>the occupation, repression, and colonization and for the coexistence of two
>sovereign states, Palestinian and Israeli. Many of them have tragic family
>histories marked by the holocaust. It is up to us to show them respect and join
>them on the high ground that consists of knowing how to leave the tribe when it
>comes to defending universal rights and freedoms.
>Let us not fall into Sharon's trap. Let us not mix up our battles. An insult to a Jew
>or an Arab is the same thing. It only profits, in both cases, fascist extremism
>of the likes of Sharon. Defining attacks against synagogues and Jewish-owned
>businesses as "crimes against the Palestinians", Leïla Shahid [spokesperson in
>France for the Palestinian Authority] couldn't have said it any better. Let us
>heed her appeal
>Ce texte est cosigné par / This text is signed by:
>Adonis (poet), Ahmad Abodehman, Abdel Hamid Akkar, Malek Alloula, Khalil
>Al Nouaymi, Salwa Al Nouaymi, Mohammad Bahjaji, Hoda Barakat, Jamel Eddine
>Bencheikh (writer), Tahar Ben Jelloun (well-known novelist and essayist), Fathi
>Ben Slama, Karima Berger, Mohamed Berrada, Hassan Chami, Mohammed Choukri,
>Dominique Eddé, Wafa El Amrani, Zeynab El Aouaj, Asmahan El Batraoui, Ibrahim El
>Khalib, Kadhim Jihad, Mohammad Kacimi, Elias Khoury, Idriss Khoury, Rachid
>Koreichi, Abdellatif Laâbi (historian), Wassini Laaraj, Issa Makhlouf, Fayez
>Malas, Alia Mamdouh, Farouk Mardam Bey (Palestinian intellectual), Hassan Nejmi,
>Hachem Saleh, Mayssoun Sakr, Elias Sanbar (poet, writer, editor of the French
>edition of the Palestine Studies Review), Mary Seurat, Abdel Jabar Shimi,
>Gilbert Sinoué, Habib Tengour, écrivains/writers, Yto Barrada, Randa Chahal,
>Fouad El Koury, Safa Fathi, Najib Gouiaa, Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil
>Joreige, Dina Kamel, Nadia Kamel, Michel Khleifi (Palestinian film-maker),
>Ibrahim Khill, Mohamad Malass, Yousry Nasrallah, Mohammad Qassimi, Ghassan
>Salhab, Elia Suleiman, cinéastes, photographes, peintres / Film-makers,
>photographers, painters, Sidi Mohammed Barkat, Hamid Barrada, Marwan
>Bechara (Palestinian teacher and writer in France), Elmostafa Ben Boucetta,
>Mohammad Enkheira, Ali Ben Saad, Claude Brahimi, Faouzia Charfi, Mohamed Charfi,
>Khedija Cherif, Iarbi Choulkha, Hicham Djaït (historian), Anne-Marie Eddé,
>Rudolf El Kareh, Burhan Ghalioun (historian), Sabri Hafez, Abdallah Hamoudi,
>Mohammad Harbi (former Algerian political leader, professor, historian), Bachir
>Hilal, Mahmoud Hussein (two Egyptian UNESCO officials), Adil Jazouli
>(sociologist), Rashid Khalidi (Palestinian intellectual), Walid Khalidi, Bassma
>Kodmani (professor), Hala Kodmani, Khadija Mohsen-Finan, Lotfi Madani, Ilham
>Marzouki, Camille Mansour (important Franco-Palestinian philosopher, jurist),
>Ouardia Oussedik, Hamadi Redissi, Moustapha Safouan, Houari Touati, chercheurs,
>professeurs des universités, éditeurs / Researchers, university professors,
>. LE MONDE | 09.04.02 | 11h42
>Ne nous trompons pas de combat
>En tant qu'Arabes, nous affirmons que les actes anti-juifs qui ont
>lieu en France depuis quelque temps sont intolérables. La colère et la rage que
>nous inspirent les crimes de Sharon ne doivent et ne peuvent, en aucun cas,
>justifier les amalgames et les dérives. En attendant l'issue des enquêtes menées
>par les autorités françaises sur les auteurs de ces agressions odieuses, et quel
>qu'en soit le résultat, nous appelons les communautés moyen-orientales et
>maghrébines de France à une extrême vigilance, et souhaitons rappeler, à tous,
>un certain nombre d'évidences :
>La communauté juive n'est pas
>identifiable au peuple israélien.
>Le peuple israélien n'est pas non plus
>- loin de là - à l'image de Sharon. Les nombreux Israéliens que la peur et
>l'insécurité rangent aujourd'hui à ses côtés prendront mieux conscience de leur
>aveuglement et de leur fourvoiement si nous savons les convaincre de notre
>absence d'animosité à leur égard, en tant que communauté et en tant
>Nos partenaires et nos partisans les plus précieux sont les
>Israéliens et les juifs qui ouvrent, aux côtés des Palestiniens, contre
>l'occupation, la répression, la colonisation et pour la coexistence de deux
>Etats souverains, palestinien et israélien.
>Un grand nombre d'entre eux ont une histoire familiale tragique, marquée par
>l'holocauste. A nous de leur rendre hommage et de les rejoindre sur cette ligne
>de crête qui consiste à savoir quitter la tribu quand il s'agit de défendre des
>droits et des libertés universels.
>Ne tombons pas dans le piège de
>Sharon. Ne nous trompons pas de combat. L'insulte contre un juif ou un arabe,
>c'est la même. Elle ne profite, dans les deux cas, qu'à l'extrémisme fasciste
>dont se réclament Sharon et les siens. Qualifiant les attaques contre les
>synagogues et les commerces juifs de "crimes contre les Palestiniens", Leïla
>Shahid ne pouvait mieux dire. Ecoutons son appel.