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Summary of German daily and weekly press in English on Middle East topics

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MEIS Report: The week from Dec. 08 - Dec. 14, 2003:
Overview - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - weekly papers

FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), SZ (Sueddeutsche Zeitung), FR (Frankfurter Rundschau), taz (die tageszeitung), WELT (Die Welt), BILD (Bild-Zeitung), ND (Neues Deutschland), jW (junge Welt), NZZ (Neue Zuercher Zeitung, Switzerland), SPIEGEL (Der Spiegel, weekly), ZEIT (Die Zeit, weekly)

- Overview -

Monday: USA kill children in Afghanistan +++ Palestinian cease-fire offer +++ Long article on German-Israeli Dialogue in WELT +++ Rumsfeld in Baghdad +++ Maghreb 5+5 conference (Review of five newspapers, total of 38 entries)
Tuesday: Middle East conflict comes to trial +++ Hamas announces new assaults +++ Long background article on Ras al-Tira (Palestine) against the wall in FAZ +++ German tourists kidnapped in Iran +++ Islamist nonviolence conference in Kuwait only mentioned in NZZ (Review of five newspapers, total of 45 entries)
Wednesday: Attacks on US forces in Iraq +++ Japan sends troups +++ US attacks in Afghanistan +++ Contradicting newspaper headlines on Israel's policy +++ Day of Human Rights +++ Shirin Ebadi portraits (Extended review of nine newspapers, total of 90 entries)
Thursday: War opponents excluded from rebuilding Iraq +++ Tribunal for crimes under Saddam's rule +++ Shirin Ebadi portraits (Review of five newspapers, total of 50 entries)
Friday: Mzoudi free +++ Police raids against Metin Kaplan +++ German parties condemn Antisemitism +++ Rebuilding Iraq: Washington tries to appease +++ Sharon interview in BILD, Part 1 +++ Nathan Sznaider interview in taz +++ long background article against the Israeli wall in SZ (Review of five newspapers, total of 86 entries)
Saturday: Struggle between USA and Germany about deals for rebuilding Iraq +++ Mzoudi release annoys Washington +++ Constitution for Afghanistan +++ Sharon interview in BILD, Part 2 +++ FAZ publishes article against the wall +++ Four interesting book reviews (Review of five newspapers, total of 55 entries)
Weekly's: Der Spiegel 50/2003, 9 entries +++ Die Zeit 51/2003, 12 entries

- Monday, 08 Dec. 2003 -


- "Attack on Taliban official: Nine children killed in air raid in Afghanistan" sub: "US embassador regrets 'loss of innoscent life' / Assault in Kandahar leaves 15 injured" (SZ p.9, news, by AP/AFP, similarly FAZ p.5, politics, by job) +++ "US bombs kill nine children" sub: "US raid in Afghanistan was meant for a wanted Taliban commander. In Kandahar 18 people die at an assault. Legislative council gathering postponed" (taz p.1, by dpa) +++ "Chaos rules instead of Loya Jirga" sub: "US soldiers kill nine children in Afghanistan in Taliban hunt" (WELT p. 7, foreign affairs, by Sophie Muehlmann)
- COMMENTARY: "War situation" (WELT p. 8, forum, by Alan Posener) regrets such "collateral damages", refers to the "cynical logic of the guerilla war to provoke such massacres" and calls for more troops to control the situation.


- "Palestinians partly offer cease-fire" (FAZ p.1, by dpa) +++ "Offer to Israel" sub: "Palestinians ready to stop assaults against civilians" (SZ p.9, news, by dpa/AFP/Reuters) +++ "Moderate Palestinians allude to renunciation of assaults in Israel" (WELT p.6, foreign affairs, by DW) +++ "Hamas blocks cease-fire" sub: "After mediation by Egypt, radical Palestinians refuse a total cease-fire, yet want to stop attacks on Israel's civilians" (taz p. 2, by rtr/afp)
- "European-Israeli dialogue: Light in the Middle East" sub: "At the 5. European-Israeli dialogue politicians and security experts openly discuss the Islamist danger, a new form of totalitarism" with big photo Joseph Fischer, sub: "Clear words: Foreign minister Joschka Fischer criticized the Palestinian president at the 5. European-Israeli dialogue: a lot is Arafat's fault." (WELT p.3, full-page article by Jaques Schuster and Dietrich Alexander) with excerpts from guest list and five small photos of participants with quotes (e.g. Haim Saban, American-Israeli media entrepreneur: "The real question is: What should Israel do with Arafat?"). Plus two background articles below: "Territorial illusions" sub: "Foreign minister Fischer criticizes the Israeli security fence" and "Snake without orientation" sub: "Israel's minister of justice Lapid promises debate on locking device ('Sperranlage' = Wall)"


- "Rumsfeld wants to accelerate the building of Iraqi forces" sub: "American Secretary of Defense in Baghdad / No time schedule for the transmission of security tasks / Incorporation aspired into Gulf Cooperation Council" + photo Rumsfeld in Kirkuk (FAZ p.5, politics, by W.K.) +++ "Foreign Secretary visits Baghdad: Rumsfeld calls for more policemen" sub: "USA wants to raise number of security forces" (SZ p.9, news, by AP/Reuters) +++ "Rumsfeld does not trust the silence" sub: "At Iraq visit, US Secretary of Defense doubts lasting success over attackers of US forces (taz p.2, by ap)
- "Does Saddam merrily rule under the eyes of the US military?" sub: "Tribe chief claims to have met the ex-dictator in Ramadi - Donald Rumsfeld plans for more responsibility for Iraqi security forces" (WELT p.7, foreign affairs, by Boris Kalnoky) +++ "Saddam is hiding near Baghdad", quote: "He lives, he hides, he controls the terror!" (BILD p.1, short)
- "Military officer: Iraq had weapons of mass destruction" (FAZ p.5, Politics, by AFP, after The Sunday Telegraph)


- "It is still a long way to the unity of the Maghreb" sub: "Euro-Mediterranean dialogue with obstacles": On the "5+5" dialogue in Tunis (FAZ p.6, politics, by Leo Wieland) +++ "Encounter of Mediterrenean countries" sub: "Summit of Maghreb countries and five European states once more indicates the deep political crisis of the region. The North-African Union also does not progress. No resolutions taken on terrorism or immigration" (taz p.9, foreign affairs, by Reiner Wandler)


- "What do banks do without interests?" sub: "World conference on the Islamic bank system: financial products constitute a growing market when they consider the strict religious framework" with statistics on the top ten Arab banks (WELT p.15, economy, by Christiane Buck)
(- "Muslims worried" (FR, background, by Ursula Ruessmann) Nadeem Elyas and Ali Kizilkaya representing the worry about the reproach of antisemitism against Muslims)


- "Caller in the desert" sub: "Sekem founder Ibrahim Abouleish from Egypt receives 'Alternative Nobel Prize' in Stockholm (with photo) (FAZ p.7, by Birgit Svensson)
- "The two shores" (with photo): Portrait of the Algerian thinker Mohammed Arkoun who received the Ibn Rushd Award for free thinking in Berlin this weekend (FAZ p.8, by Wolfgang Guenter Lerch)


Further Articles: "Caliph of Cologne still agitating": On the Turk Metin Kaplan (BILD p.1, short) +++ "India the myth": long comment on India becoming fashion on its way to a superpower (FAZ p.1, by Jochen Buchsteiner) +++ "Violence in South-India" sub: "Hindus against Muslims" (taz p.9, by afp, short) +++ "Warning of assaults in Riad" (FAZ p.5, politics, by W.K.), also "New terror warnings for foreigners in Riad" (WELT p. 7, foreign affairs, by dpa, short) and "Terror in Saudi-Arabia" sub: "Search photos on TV" (taz p.2, by agency, short) +++ "Iran: Khatami orders steps against reform adversaries" (FR, by ap, short) +++ "Sudan: Peace comes closer (taz p.9, by taz, short) +++ "the weather: suliman the stupid (taz p.20, "the truth", by taz, about a stupid man called Suliman) +++ "'al-Qaida financial chief discloses money supporters'" (SZ p.9, news, by dpa, referring to al-Hayat, short) On Muhammad Hamdi al-Ahdal +++ Reader's mails: SZ p.10 on Bassam Tibi's differenciation of Islam as a religious belief and Islamism, saying that Muslims should fight against "Jihadism" +++ SZ p.10 two mails condemning the US policy in Iraq +++ SZ p.10 small mail condemning the Israeli occupation +++ "Necessary line of separation" concerns: "The Blindness of the Europeans" by Eberhard Seidel, taz 12/02/03, three mails comparing Islamism and fascism +++ WELT p.9 on a Norbert Jessen interview with Hamas Sheikh Yasin. Does Yasin want peace, a reader asks, and Jessen replies that there seem to be essential differences between Yasin and Arafat

Articles Total: 38. (FAZ 9 - SZ 7 - taz 11 - WELT 8 - BILD 2) + FR 1

- Tuesday, 09 Dec.2003 -


- "Middle East conflict comes to trial" sub: "With a resolution of the UN general assembly Palestinians want to reach that Den Haag judges upon the Israeli blockade fence" (SZ p.9, by Stefan Ulrich) with photo of criminal court
- "Hamas announces new assaults" (SZ p.9, by dpa) quotes Adnan Asfur, short news also in WELT p.6, foreign affairs, by dpa
- "Heavy failure for Kurei in Cairo" sub: "After the failed cease-fire negotiations in the Egyptian capitol Palestinian politicians fear a political chaos. The oppositional parties demand more rights to participate. Israel rejects a bilateral agreement" (taz p. 10, by Susanne Knaul in Jerusalem)
- "Sharon wants to give Qurei more time" sub: "Palestinians continue to make an effort for a cease-fire" (FAZ p. 6, by joeb) with summary of Palestine/Israel news
- "Farmer Fajek gives up" sub: "Israel speaks of 'encroachments', but residents of Ras el Tira fear for their existance because of the blockade fence" (FAZ p. 3, politics, by Joerg Bremer) Report on a wall village with big colored photo


- "Arrests in Iraq" (FAZ p.2, by dpa, short) about dozens of arrests and other events, refers to al-Jazeera
- "Raids and fights" sub: "76 arrests. One US soldier shot in Mosul" (taz p. 2, by dpa, short)
- "'Saddam is behind assaults in Iraq'" (SZ p.2, by AFP, short)
- "Give happiness to the poor children!" (BILD p.6) on "A heart for children" gala in Berlin on Saturday


- "Three bicycle tourists kidnapped in Iran" sub: "Police: victims identified as two Germans and an Irishman / Foreign Office arranges crisis headquarters" (SZ p.8, by Annette Ramelsberger) with big photo of Sistan landscape and three poor women (similarly FAZ p.4 by Her., WELT p. 32 by AFP) +++ "5 million ransom. German desert tourists kidnapped in Iran" (BILD p.1) with photo Khatami: "Will President Khatami rescue the hostages?" +++ "Three Europeans kidnapped in Iran. An Irishman and two Germans kidnapped on a bicycle tour through Sistan-Belutshistan. Kidnappers said to demand 5 million Euros. Foreign Office arranges crisis headquarters" (taz p.2, by ap/rtr)
- "Religious studies: Center opened" (taz p. 6, by dpa, short)
- "Farewell from the Monkey Rock" sub: "German navy finishes anti-terror-mission at Gibraltar" (SZ p.1, by Reymer Kluever)


- "New conference for Afghanistan" (SZ p.8, by dpa) quotes minister Farhang, short news also in WELT p.6, foreign affairs, by dpa +++ "New Afghanistan round" sub: "Conference in Bonn? Big military offensive of USA" (taz p. 2, by afp/ap)
- "Questions about attack on children" sub: "Taliban leader not killed? Karzai orders examination (FAZ p.6, politics, by job.) refers to BBC and The Independent
- "Recognition of mines is prior to freedom" sub: "Who wants to survive has to learn: impressions from the life of children in Afghanistan" (FAZ p. 35, feuilleton, by Verena Lueken)


- "Digital trench-fightings" sub: "In rich countries the usage of media is normality, in less developed ones it is an exception. The gap between North and South is growing - this shows the UN summit on the information society" (taz p. 12, commentary by Bert Hoffmann)
- "Stagnation of thought does not prevent changes" sub: "On tour from the Gulf of Persia to the Red Sea: 'People in the orient - travels to the coats of Sindbad' (ZDF)" (FAZ p. 39, media, by Michael Jeismann) about a TV program which starts today
- "All big opera" sub: "Longing for pomp and barbarity: On the fascination of orientalism in Europe" (WELT p.28, feuilleton, by Tilman Krause, with big photo) about an exhibition in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam


- "Islamist acknowledgement of nonviolence" sub: "Democracy as a remedy for terrorism" (NZZ p.4, International, by vk. in Kuwait) Contents: "Representatives of Islamist movements have agreed upon an acknowledgement of democratic change and of nonviolence at a conference in Kuwait. Yet many were of the opinion that the quest for reforms will turn into violence, as long as the Arab regimes try to exclude the Islamists from political life" Not mentioned in any of the big German newspapers


Further articles: "Saudi extremists shot" (FAZ p.2, by AP/dpa, also WELT p.6 , all by AP, also taz p. 10, by dpa) +++ "Islamist captured while fleeing" (BILD p.2, short, strike against Ansar al-Islam in Amsterdam +++ "'Fight on terror uneffective'" sub: "American study hardlysees any measurable success" (SZ p.9, by Marc Hujer, similarly taz p. 10, by dpa, short) +++ "Summit dish: Sahara with parsley" sub: "Spain's Premier in Morocco also makes agreement on the defense against migrants" (taz p. 10, by Reiner Wandler) +++ "Hesitating ministers" sub: "EU does not yet want to make a trade agreement with Iran" (SZ p.7, by Christian Wernicke) +++ "Millions found near Baghdad" (SZ p.8, by AP, small) US forces found 1,9 mio Dollars +++ "Emirates Airlines offers major deal" (SZ p.24, Economy, by dpa) +++ "Yemen: children accidentally killed with insect spray" (WELT p.32, by dpa, short) +++ "US embassy threatened: preventive arrests" (taz p. 2, by dpa, short) about arrested illegal Egyptians in Paris +++ "Electro company South Corea: withdrawal from Iraq" (taz p. 10, by ap, short) +++ Readers' Mails: "Profit greed" (FAZ p.8, Letters) A German reader stresses the souvereignty of Iran +++ "Germany should not be involved" (WELT p.9, forum) Criticism on Bush's Iraq policy +++ "Turks came to Anatolia as conquerors" (WELT p.9, forum) about the history of Turks and Europe (EU) with answer of Ulli Kulke +++

Articles Total: 45. (FAZ 9 - SZ 12 - taz 11 - WELT 9 - BILD 3) + NZZ 1

- Wednesday, 10 Dec. 2003 -


- "Attacks on US forces increase" sub: "More than 40 injured at suicide assaults in front of American barracks" (SZ p.7 and 1, by AP/Reuters) vessel explodes near Mosul in Iraq, with photo +++ "Suicide assaults against American barracks" sub: "Dozens of soldiers injured at assaults in northern Iraq. Explosion in mosque kills three people. UN security counsil condemns attacks. Japan sends advance guard" (taz p.3, by dpa/ap/rtr) +++ "The guerrilla war in Iraq: six dead" sub: "Three bombs and the shooting down of a helicopter ends the relative calm - Sunnites accuse Shiites" (WELT p. 7, by Boris Kalnoky, long, with big photo of Iraqi wheel-chair child bearing anti-American poster) +++ "Numerous injured at assault against US barracks in Iraq" sub: "Explosion in Baghdad mosque kills three civilians / Protests against decision of Japanese government to send out troops" (FR p.6, by dpa/AP) +++ "Increasing violence in Mossul" sub: "Two suicide assaults" (FAZ p.6, by Her.) +++ "Bombs against a mosque and a US basis in Iraq" sub: "Prohibition of the Iranian national Mujahedin" (NZZ p.2, by dpa/afp, short) +++ Attacks against US soldiers (jW p.7, by AFP/AP/jW) +++ "58 US soldiers injured" (BILD p.2, short) Mosul
- Japan sends out soldiers into Iraq" sub: "Decree of the Koizumi government" (NZZ p.5, by N.B.) +++ "The cheque-book remains closed" sub: "Japan sends out 1000 soldiers into Iraq" (SZ p.7, by Henrik Bork) +++ "Japan: government sends soldiers to Iraq" sub: "Tokio wants to strengthen military alliance with Washington" (ND p. 6, by dpa/Lars Nicolaysen, Tokio, with photo of Japanese demonstrants)
- "The trace directly leads to the Pentagon" sub: "Neo-conservative circles in the USA obtained 'alarming information' in Iraq" (jW p.7, by Rainer Rupp)
- "'Undoubtedly faked' - but supportive for the war" sub: "ZDF (German TV Channel 2) documents alleged 'uranium lie'" (WELT p. 30, media, by Stefanie Bolzen), also ND p.9, feuilleton, by Rainer Braun, about the film "The big lie - Bush, Blair, and Saddam's Bomb"
- "Refugees from Iraq - home transfer from Iran" (taz p. 10, by dpa, short)
- "Iraqi excavation places look like cheese with wholes" sub: "Icomos report sees 'memorials in danger'" (WELT p. 28, feuilleton, by Uta Baier, with photo Ninive statue)
- "Mass murderer Saddam" (BILD p.1, short)


- "Large-scale attack south-east of Afghanistan" sub: "Americans want to cut opportunities to escape for terrorist/Loya Jirga starts at the weekend" (FAZ p.6, by job) +++ "'Operation avalanche' also rolls over civilians" sub: "USA starts large-scale attack in Afghanistan / Again children die / Loya Jirga to decide upon constitution" (FR p. 1 and 6, by Christiane Moellhoff) with photo and map +++ "New US offensive to embank resistance in Afghanistan" (WELT p.7, by Sophie Muehlmann) +++ also NZZ p.1 by ap, SZ p. 7 by dpa/AP, taz p.2 by dpa, ND p.1 by agency, jW p.7 long by Ruediger Goebel, BILD p.2 short
- "Success at election of Mujahedin" (ND p.6, foreign affairs, by AFP/ND)


- "In Israel the signs for a change of mind increase" sub: "Prominent Likud politician Olmert suggests withdrawal from the occupied territories - and harvests Sharon's promise for a governmental debate" (FR p.7, by Anne Ponger, with photo Olmert and Sharon as well as map, long) +++ "Israel ready for cooperation with Den Haag" sub: "Reactions on UN resolution concerning the blocking device" (NZZ p.5, by gsz)
- "Israel criticizes UN resolution" sub: "Netanyahu: citizens only protected of wild animals" (SZ p.7, by Thorsten Schmitz) +++ "Israel condemns UN resolution" (taz p.10, by taz, short) +++ "Israel condemns resolution on boarder wall" sub: "Nevertheless announcement of cooperation with court of justice" (ND p.6, by dap/AFP/ND) +++ "Israel: fence is protection against wild animals" (FAZ p.2, by joeb) +++ "Government condemns UN resolution on blocking fence" (WELT p.6, by dpa, short) +++ "Sharon wants to create facts" (jW p.7, by AP/AFP/jW)
- "Difficult removing": (FAZ p. 10, commentary by wgl., short) settlements should be removed
- "Books for nonviolence" (ND p.7, by Elke Kuhne) ND project "Three continents", on Nafez Assaily, director of the Palestinian "Library on Wheels for Nonviolence and Peace", supported by the Berlin World Service of Peace (WDF)


- "Human rights are not abstract" sub: "On chances and misuses of the current human rights discourse (FR p.9, documentation, by Thomas Gebauer) +++ also "A little less torture in Turkey does not suffice Amnesty" sub: "Ankara's reforms concerning the human rights do show first success. Yet the EU should not allow to be deceived, demands Amnesty International" (FR p. 1, by Andreas Schwarzkopf)
- "Human rights activists denounce governmental policy" sub: "Berlin's attitude towards Chechenia and China reproved / Concern about the 'primacy of security policy' / EKD troubled because of Middle East" (FR p.4, by kna/dpa) +++ "'Sad negative record'" sub: "Human rights activists criticize government" (SZ p.6, by Bernd Doerries)
- "External view: How America gambles on its reputation" (SZ p.2, by Aryeh Neier, Human Rights Watch, transl. Jan Neumann)
- "'Bush and Blair are puppets on a string'" sub: "Globalisation critic Chossudovsky: USA on the way to a military dictatorship" (ND p.3, by Martin Ling) Interview with human rights award bearer Michel Chossudovsky from Ottawa


- "Germans kidnapped by dealers" sub: "Tourists in the hand of Iranian drug traders" (SZ p.7 by rabe) +++ also WELT p. 30 by Anette von Nayhauss and commentary "Thoughtlessness" WELT p. 8, forum, by Dietrich Alexander, ND p.6 by afp/ND, BILD p.3, short, NZZ p.3 by ap, FAZ p. 9, by Her., taz p. 10 by ap (short), FR p.6 by dpa (short)
- "Bavaria determines on veil prohibition" sub: "Provincial diet still has to agree on cabinet draft" (SZ p. 29 and 1, Bavaria, by SZ, short) +++ "Veil" (FAZ p. 10, commentary by G.H.) in favor of a prohibition +++ also FR p.4 by dpa, short
- "War and peace" (FAZ p. 8, by Egon Bahr) Essay on German foreign policy: "America makes war, Europe secures peace"
- "'The Germans should keep out of Iraq', said Herr Steinbach" sub: "Iraq is threatened with civil war and the decomposition of the state. This would destabilize the whole region" (taz p. 12, discussion, interview with Prof. Udo Steinbach from the German Oriental Institute, by Andre Berthy)
- "Policewoman in Kabul: pioneer and shame" sub: "Afghani policewomen learn to shoot and to clear traces in Germany. At home, many things are different" (taz p. 6, by Cosima Schmitt)


- "OPEC fears Dollar weakness" (FAZ p.21, financial market, by Benedikt Fehr) Foreign exchange market report +++ "OPEC - oil trade in Euro possible" (WELT p.12, economy, by rtr, short)
- "Aserbeijan hopes for oil blessing" sub: "Black gold and poverty-sticken farmers" (NZZ p.19, economy, by pfi., Baku, long)
- "Iran: EU wants to lead talks on trade agreement" (FR p. 5, economy, by ap, short)


- "Like water flowing beneath the door" sub: "This Wednesday the Iranian Women's rights activist Shirin Ebadi receives Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo" (FAZ p. 2, by Christiane Hoffmann, long, with photo) +++ also NZZ p.35 by Faraj Sarkohi, transl. Sabine Kalinock, long, with photo, also ND p. 3, by Jan Keetman, Istanbul, long, with photo +++ jW, p.10-11, by Rainer Werning, with small photo +++ SZ p. 13, feuilleton, by Katajun Amirpur
- "An engaged reformer in the shark pool" sub: "The Syrian Riad Seif today receives the human rights award of the city of Weimar. He was sentenced to five years arrest" (taz p.12, by Karim el-Gawhary, with photo)
- "Gerhard Hoepp" (jW p.13, Obituaries, by Wolfgang G. Schwanitz) Middle East historian and scholar of Islamic Studies died at 61 in Berlin


Further articles: "Reconciliation summit in Marrakesh" sub: "Aznar visits Mohammed IV./ 'Begin of a new chapter'" (FAZ p.6, by wie.), also NZZ p.3, by Mr. +++ "'Scud missiles were meant for Libya'" (FAZ p. 6, by wie.) +++ "Diplomatic approach" (SZ p.7, by dpa, short) Iraq/Kuwait +++ "Alternative Nobel Prizes appointed" (SZ p.9, by ap/dpa) mentions Sekem company (Egypt) +++ "Neo-Nazis look for allies" (FR p.4, by epd, short) e.g. left-wing extremists and Islamists +++ "A murderer who wanted to purify himself" sub: "The Apocalypse and the Istanbul bombs - visiting the family of a suicide bomber" (SZ p.3, report by Christiane Schloetzer, long, with photo muffled up suspect +++ "In the Orient" sub: "Claus Kleber basically does everything in the ZDF (Channel 2): news and reports" (SZ p. 15, media, by Hans Hoff and Claudia Tieschky) review +++ "Saudi women as crash causers" (taz p. 20, "the truth", short), also FR p.1, short +++ Chechia: Antisemitism at the Moldau River" sub: "Many are afraid of making their Jewish faith public" (ND p.7, by Jaroslav Polivka, Prag) +++ "The Africans discover jogging" sub: "18.000 joggers compete at the 3. Great Ethopian Run in Addis Abeba" (NZZ p.40, sports, by Juerg Wirz, Addis Abeba, with photo) +++ "Dreamer of the absolute" sub: "Ex-terrorist Wagner is free - meanwhile, the new terror is blossoming" (SZ p.11, feuilleton, by Hans Leyendecker), in it a comparison with the RAF (Rote Armee Fraktion) time: "The network of the Islamist terrorists, on the other hand, which regretfully gets more and more knots because of the current US and Israel policy, therefore does not need any justification anymore." +++ "Radical lyrics, energetic dances" sub: "They know the boarder between up and down. Because of a song against the Israeli Palestine policy they were accused of antisemitism: 'Ska-P' are Spain's most radical Ska band." (taz p. 23, culture Hamburg, by Knut Henkel) +++ "Arabian Nights on audio-cassettes" (SZ p.14, review by Tobias Lehmkuhl) +++ Readers' Mails: "Israel's anger about UN resolution: 15 per cent" (ND p.8) Reader's mail critical of Israel +++

Articles Total: 90. (FAZ 12 - SZ 17 - FR 11 - taz 11 - WELT 8 - jW 7 - ND 11 - NZZ 9 - BILD 4)

- Thursday, 11. Dec. 2003 -


- "Pentagon: No deals for opponents of Iraq war" sub: "Excluded from rebuilding / Berlin: Not acceptable / Criticism also in America" (FAZ p.1-2, by rueb./Lt.) +++ also "USA excludes opponents of war" (SZ p.1, short) +++ also SZ p. 9, by Andrian Kreye, long with photo and WELT p.1 by eag./DW +++ "Cash only for warriors" sub: "Revenge of the Pentagon: Germans are not to make deals in Iraq" (SZ p.4, opinion, by Stefan Kornelius) critical of USA +++ "German government condemns the exclusion from rebuilding Iraq" (WELT p.6, by Boris Kalnoky) +++ "Insincere" (FAZ p.10, by K.F.,short) Commentary critical of USA concerning Iraq deals +++ "US revenge against war opponents" sub: "Pentagon excludes companies from countries unwilling of war from the rebuilding of Iraq. Decree by vice Foreign Secretary Paul Wolfowitz. Harsh criticism by the German government" (taz p.1, by Michael Streck)
- "Teheran: Germany not to pay ransom to kidnappers" (WELT p.32, by afp, short)+++ "On the tracks of the kidnappers" sub: "Iran works on identification" (FAZ p.9, by Her., short)
- " 'Khomeini of Cologne' expands his prohibited Islamist organisation" sub: "Federal criminal office has news on new meeting points of the Kaplan adherents - Recruiting of juvenile fighters and contacts to the terrorists of Istanbul" (WELT p.4, by Udo Ulfkotte)
- "Documentation: Germany's historical and present responsibility" sub: "Speech of Angela Merkel at the 5. European Israeli dialogue" (WELT p.9, forum, long, with big photo Merkel) Quote Merkel (leader of the Christian Democratic Party CDU): "Germany must make a policy which in case of doubt intercedes for the interests of Israel."
- "Goethe director: Against prohibition of veil" sub: "Director of the Goethe Institute Jutta Limbach warned against a prohibition of veils for teachers." (taz p.2, by epd) +++ "Cowls preferred" sub: "Bavaria wants to prohibit Muslim veils in schools. Cross and Kippa remain allowed" (taz p. 7, by Joerg Schallenberg)


- "Special tribunal for crimes under Saddam's rule" sub: "Transitional council appoints court / No foreign participation" (FAZ p.2, by Her.) +++ "Governmental council organizes special tribunal for war criminals" (WELT p.6, by oky) +++ "Focus Iraq: no deals for war opponents" (taz p.3): "War shall pay" sub: "The USA explains the exclusion of German and French companies with 'fundamental security interests'" by Michael Streck / "A tribunal for Saddam's willing executors. In Baghdad the juridicial work-up of the crimes of the regime begins. Members of the government council insist on death penalty" by Inga Rogg / "61.000 deads in Baghdad" by ap
- "Annan's man for Baghdad" sub: "Ross Mountain from New Zealand becomes Iraq deputy of the UN" (SZ p.10, by Stefan Ulrich)
- Commentary: "For Iraq it is not so important who builds the infrastructure" sub: "In the Pentagon the war-mongers pout" (taz p.11, Commentary by Bernd Pickert)
- "Iraqis raise against terrorism" (WELT p.6, by dpa, with big photo demonstrating women
- "National Mujahidin to leave Iraq" (SZ p.9, by dpa/afp/ap, short)


- Ebadi: USA violates human rights" sub: "'September 11 is taken as a pretext to disregard universal principles'" (SZ p.7, by Gerhard Fischer, with photo) +++ "Ms. Ebadi receives Nobel Prize" (FAZ p.1, by vL., short) +++ "'Encouragement for Muslim women'" sub: "Shirin Ebadi receives Nobel Peace Prize" (FAZ p.8, by vL., with photo) +++ "Nobel Prize presented to Ebadi. Iranian solicitor is the first Muslim woman to receive Nobel Peace Prize. Shirin Ebadi: September 11 is taken as a pretext for the violation of laws" (taz p.2, by dpa) +++ "Nobel Peace Prize bearer Ebadi criticizes USA" (WELT p.1, by DW, with big colored photo)
- "The Müzik collector" sub: "Hasan Saltik saves the diversity of the Anatolian music" (FAZ p.9, by Rainer Hermann, long with photo)
"Nathan the Wise in the empire of evil" sub: "Gerhard Schweizer fights against prejudices between Islam and Occident." (SZ p.18, literature, by Friedrich Niewoehner) Review of "Islam and Occident. History of a permanent conflict" Stuttgart 2003.


- "Palestinians: donor conference in Rome" sub: "A two-days Palestinians donor conference with representatives of a total of 14 states and international organizations has started in Rome yesterday. At the meeting the Palestinian Autonomy Authorities hope for financial pledges amounting to 1,2 billion dollars to cover the major part of their budget. (taz p.9, by dpa)
- "Mubarak meets foreign minister Shalom" (FAZ p.2, by dpa, short)
- "Sharon announces shift of Jewish settlements" (WELT p.6, by dpa/rtr, short)
- "We never knew them this way, Israel's army: 'Jossi & Jagger'" (WELT p.29, cinema, by Peter Zander) about the film 'Jossi & Jagger' by Eytan Fox, homosexuality in the Israeli army


"France's Muslims: struggle about the veil" sub: "Parisian politicians fear for the laicist state" (SZ p.10, by Gerd Kroencke, with photo) +++ "My room-mate, the Islamist" sub: "When your Arab room-mate disappeared shortly before September 11: Elmar Fischer's 'Alien friend'" (WELT p.29, cinema, by Matthias Heine +++ "The little oil can of the great magician Salih" sub: "From Amman to Damascus in the Hedjas train" (FAZ p.R5, travel, by Florian Harms) +++ "Berlin plans further Afghanistan conference" (SZ p.7, by gras, short), also WELT p.2, by dpa, short +++ "Afghanistan: once more children die at US air attack" (WELT p.6, by som, short) +++ "Berlin wants to support peace in Sudan" (FAZ p.8, by Lt., short) +++ "15 children killed in air attack" (FAZ p.8, by job., short) +++ "Majority pro EU joining of Turkey" (SZ p.8, by dpa, short) also WELT p.2, by afp, short +++ "40 people frozen to death in Teheran" (SZ p.14, by afp, short) also taz p.9 by afp, short +++ "People: Abdullah II" (SZ p.14, short), "King flies tourist class" (BILD p.1, short), also WELT p.32, short and taz p.2, by dpa +++ "Rachida: Yamina Bachir's director's debut, Algeria (FAZ p.41, cinema, very short) +++

Articles Total: 50. (FAZ 11 - SZ 13 - taz 11 - WELT 14 - BILD 1)

- Friday, 12 Dec. 2003 -


- "Islamists in Germany: Mzoudi dismissed from prison on remand, police takes action against Kaplan adherents" with three articles and three photos: "A fax bringing freedom" sub: "Mzoudi and his lawyers surprised by release / US co-plaintiff furious" by Ralf Wiegand, "Bad awakening of the bearded" sub: "Police raid against Caliphate State / Greatest police action in the history of the Federal Republic" by Annette Ramelsberger and Hans-Joerg Heims, "The absent witness" sub: "Bin al-Shibb's testimonies could also help the already sentenced Motassadeq" by Hans Leyendecker +++ "Mzoudi set at liberty. Witness denies complicity" sub: "Information of the Federal Criminal Bureau (BKA) in Hamburg terror trial / Court: extremely few information" (FAZ. p. 1 and 2, by Reinhard Mueller) +++ also WELT p.4 by Claus Hornung, with big colored photo and background info on the "Hamburg Cell" by Jan Ruebel +++ also SZ p.1, BILD p.8, short +++ also taz p.7 by dpa/rtr and "The fax that opened prison doors" (taz p.7, by Kai by Appen) +++ COMMENTARIES: "In doubt in favor for the accused" (FAZ p. 2, by Reinhard Mueller) +++ "Inscrutable" (FAZ p.10, by V.Z., short, doubts the sentence) +++ "The mysterious witness" (SZ p.4, by rtw) +++ "Praise to the constitutional state" (WELT p.1, by Guido Heinen, short) about the constitutional state and the challenge of Islamism
- "Large-scale police raid against the 'Kaplan state'" sub: "5.500 officers search for Islamists - accused in Hamburg terror trial surprisingly free" (WELT p.1, by DW) +++ "Examinations in 13 federal countries" sub: "Procedure against 'Caliphate State' / Schily: adherents newly organized" (FAZ p.2, by pca.) +++ also SZ p.1 +++ "Vigilance is the price of freedom" sub: "Police raid against the 'Caliphate State' foremost is a warning for potential perpetrators of violence" (SZ p.4, by Annette Ramelsberger) +++ "Magazine readers under suspicion" sub: "Police examined 1.000 apartments of subscribers of an Islamist magazine run by adherents of the prohibited ‚Caliphate State'. Federal attorney investigates against four men. Small-arms found. Metin Kaplan was inquired" (taz p.8, by Pascal Beucker) +++ "Police raid at the caliph's" (WELT p.10, magazine, by Udo Ulfkotte, long, with big colored photo) +++ "'The Caliphate State is only the tip of the iceberg'" sub: "The orientalist Hans-Peter Raddatz about the dangers that the German society is confronted with by Islamism - 'We support the wrong Muslims'" (WELT p.10, magazine, interview, by Guido Heinen +++ "Network of the caliph reaches up to the North" (WELT p.40, Northern Germany, by Andre Zand-Vakili) +++ "Large-scale police raid against preacher of terror" (BILD p.1, short)
- "Acquittal in Frankfurt Islamist trial" (FAZ p.1, by tk., short) the Algerian Krimou +++ also SZ p.7, by ddp, short)
- "All parties condemn Antisemitism" sub: "Federal Diet unanimously passes respective declaration - controversial CDU politician Hohmann was absent in the debate" (WELT p.2, by Lars-Broder Keil) +++ "The solidarity of the democrats" sub: "Unanimously the Federal Diet turns against the hatred of Jews and right-wing extremism" (SZ p.10, by Philip Grassmann) +++ "The inhibition threshold falls" sub: "According to a study antisemitism and xenophobia in Germany increase" (SZ p.10, by Bernd Doerries) +++ "Federal Diet condemns antisemitism" sub: "Resolution of all parties / Hohmann remains absent from the debate" (FAZ p.4, by pca.) +++ "Federal Diet against antisemitism" (taz p.2, by epd) Quote Thierse (SPD): "'unholy alliance' of radical Muslims and right-wing extremists." +++ "Federal Diet determined against antisemitism" (BILD p. 1, short)
- "Fear of losing the job, angry of foreigners" sub: "Study: Germans become more intolerant of foreigners. And are more concerned with the own existance" (taz p. 8, by Thilo Schmidt) Quote: "Yesterday a shared resolution of all four parties passed, in which the Parliament condemned every kind of hostility against Jews."
- "The veil at school: France shows the right way" Commentary: "German culture struggle is meaningless" (taz p.11, by Edith Kresta) +++ "Without the veil on the school bench" sub: "A French commission of experts recommends a law which prohibits the wearing of veils or kippas in schools and governmental offices. On the other hand, the integration of different confessions in the country shall be improved" (taz p.10, by Rudolf Balmer, Paris)


- "The rebuilding of Iraq: Washington tries to appease the annoyed allies", SZ p.9 (also 1: "USA postpones Iraq business offers"), with four articles: "Bush as a petitioner" sub: "America's president was surprised by the publication of the Pentagon instruction" (by Philip Grassmann and Marc Hujer, with colored photo Bush), "Not without my daughter" sub: "German companies in talks via US branches" (by Karl-Heinz Bueschemann), "Clammy Croesus" sub: "Iraq is more than 100 billion dollars in debt" (by Heiko Flottau), "Devoted solicitor of his president" (by Marc Hujer, about James Baker, with photo) +++ "Schroeder: American behavior is retrogressive" sub: "Criticism of limitations of participations to countries of the war alliance concerning rebuilding/ Bush: this is what our tax payers expect" (FAZ p.5, by Lt./rueb./ami.) +++ "Baker is to settle the conflict on Iraq deals" sub: "Bush sends special deputy to Europe - The Pentagon postpones the business offers after protests" (WELT p.6, by pan/jhe, with big photo of Iraqi police disciples thanking the British) +++ "Promises broken down" sub: "Schroeders offer to train Iraqi soldiers remains without consequences" (FAZ p.5, by ban.) +++ "How to go on in Iraq?" sub: "The United Nations see chances for a full engagement in summer" (FAZ p.10, by Friederike Bauer) +++ "The rebuilding of Iraq goes ahead" sub: "A lot is still to do - not only for the USA" (WELT p.6, by Jochen Muenker) +++ COMMENTARY: "America takes the cash, Iraq loses" (SZ p.4, by pm) critical of America +++ COMMENTARY: "Support instead of complaint" (BILD p.2, by Lothar Loewe) friendly of America +++ "Chancelor telephones with Bush about Iraq deals" (BILD p.2, short) +++ "Criticism of US distribution of business deals for Iraq" sub: "EU views peace process disturbed and considers calling the WTO. Pentagon: Business deals only when countries line in the coalition of the willing" (taz p.2 , by ap)
- taz focus page 3: "The military strategy of the USA in Iraq": "Pentagon is reported to plan ‚terror against terror' in Iraq" sub: "The US special force 121 is reported to go on 'head-hunt' for rebels with Israeli and Iraqi aid. Ex-US officers warn against a disaster à la Vietnam" (by Karim El-Gawhari) +++ "Civilian victims were avoidable" sub: "Strew bombs killed and injured more than 1.000 Iraqi civilians according to Human Rights Watch. Strikes against leadership also hit unconcerned people" (by Beate Seel) +++ "Struggle about registration of dead Iraqis" (by agency)
- "Iraq war: dilemma of the human rights activists" (taz p.1, Commentary by Bernd Pickert) about Human Rights Watch


- "Israelis arrest terrorist chief at raid in Rafah" sub: "Soldiers arrest local leader of 'Islamic Jihad' after fire combat / Five Palestinians killed" (SZ p.8, by Thorsten Schmitz, with photo crying Pal. child) +++ - "Now also war of gangs in Israel" sub: "Two killed at assault in Tel Aviv - army kills four Palestinians in combat in Rafah" (WELT p.7, by Norbert Jessen, with colored photo ambulance) +++ "Deads at combat in Rafah" sub: "Israeli army searches for militants in Gaza Strip and kills five Palestinians. Three dead at explosion in Tel Aviv" (taz p.2, by afp/dpa/ap)
- "'Israel will resist the terror'" sub: "Exclusively in BILD Israel's Premier Sharon explains why it is so difficult to find peace with the Palestinians. And why Jassir Arafat is personally responsible for the terror against innoscent Israelis" Part 1 (BILD p.2, by Kai Diekmann and Sven Goesmann, with big photo laughing Sharon) with box "Who is Ariel Sharon?" Quote: "Sharon's life resembles the pain and struggle of Israel"
-"'The Israelis do not want to sit in the ghetto', says Mister Sznaider" sub: "Peace because of demography? In Israel the right-wing Likud block slowly seems to face reality" (taz p.12, interview, Susanne Knaul) Quote Nathan Sznaider: "Here in Israel one feels the head-wind more and more. Of course one can raise the sometimes legitimate reproach of antisemitism against that." About the Geneva Initiative: "It lacks the recognition of Israel as a zionist project."
- "Scout on behalf of the truth" sub: "Hills are occupied, containers placed, fences drawn - an Israeli registers the capture of land of his fellowmen in Palestinian territory" (SZ p.3, by Thorsten Schmitz) "Dror Etkes rewrites the map of the Jewish settlements in the Westbank every day: 'They are building like never before'", long report with big photo Etkes
- "Three deads in Tel Aviv at explosion" sub: "'Criminal background'" (FAZ p.7, by AP, short) +++ also SZ p.12, short, BILD p.1, short, WELT p.9


Further Articles: "Syria is looking for ways of relaxation" sub: "In Damascus a change of foreign policy is indicated - president Asaad searches for better relations with Turkey" (WELT p.6, by Dietrich Alexander, long) +++ "Mubarak and Khatami in Geneva" sub: "First summit between Egypt and Iran since 1979" (FAZ p.6, by Her., long) +++ "Against religious symbols in schools" sub: "Legal advise of French experts /Is a laicism law necessary? (FAZ p.6, by gb., Paris) +++ "Moskow's police searches for the 'black Fatima'" sub: "Video of assault shows suspected terrorist" (WELT p. 7, by Manfred Quiring) about the assault in Moscow, context seen with al-Qaida +++ "Real estate bulletin: financings for Muslims" (FAZ p.41, real estate, by Hans-Ulrich Lautermann and Wolfgang Pasternak) +++ "Nuclear experts kidnapped in Pakistan?" (FAZ p.2, by job. short) +++ "Have you heard how sweet the sound of freedom is?" sub: "The embraces may be a bit long: an Iraqi and an American orchestra play together" (FAZ p.35, feuilleton, by Matthias Rueb) +++ "For the human rights" sub: "Awards to courageous journalists" (FAZ p.38, media, by smek) about the Moroccan Ali Lmrabet +++ "Poll pleases Ankara" sub: "'Two of three Germans in favor of Turkish EU membership'" (FAZ p.4, by wgl.) +++ "Malicious" (FAZ p.10, by wgl.) short commentary on the Yeni Shafak headline "Terror as a pretext, but the goal is Islam" +++ "Iraq: war photographer James Nachtwey apparently injured at explosion" (WELT p.6, by DW, short) +++ "Italy: Palestinian killed in car explosion in front of synagoge" (WELT p.6, by dpa, short) +++ "Five Palestinians killed in Gaza Strip" (FAZ p.6, by dpa, short) +++ "Afghanistan: Germany donates 8,6 million Euros for aid projects" (WELT p.2, by dpa, short) +++ "Dillenburg/Hessen: Muezzin allowed to call" (taz p.7, by epd, short) +++ "Iran: Belutshis deny kidnapping" (WELT p.32, by dpa, short), also "Kidnapping case in Iran: tribes not involved" (taz p.10, by dpa, short) +++ "Sultan steers Jumbo Jet himself" (BILD p.10, short), also SZ p.12, short, about Hassan al-Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunai +++ "Hunger strike in Tunesia ended" (taz p.10, by afp/taz, short) about Radia Nasaroui +++ Readers' mails: "Rebuilding of Iraq: Fischer's anger is unlogical" (WELT p.9, forum) three mails from readers +++ "Are dead Afghani children only collateral damages?" (WELT p.9, forum) reader's mail with answer of Alan Posener, who critically discusses the concept "collateral damage" +++ "Program for nuclear armament" (FAZ p.19, letters) criticizes Iran +++ "Replacing the old security concepts by new ones" (FAZ p.19, letters) critical of Israel, by Dr. Reuven Moskovitz, West-Jerusalem +++ "Women disappear …under veils" (taz p.12, two letters concerning veils) +++ "Magisterial states all over the world" (taz p.12) Quote: "The Israelis do not dare to end the suicide course of Ariel Sharon at the ballot-box. (...) Italians obey Berlusconi. (...)" +++

Articles Total: 86. (FAZ 20 - SZ 20 - taz 19 - WELT 19 - BILD 8)

- Saturday, 13. Dec. 2003 -


- "Struggle about rebuilding deals in Iraq: Berlin expects an agreement" sub: "'Wait for talks with US special deputy Baker'" (SZ p.8, by Reuters/dpa) +++ "Australia supports America" sub: "No sympathy for European enragement / Criticism of Halliburton (FAZ p.2, by rueb.) +++ "Bush answers Schroeder with a side-cut" sub: "President defends his attitude to only give out Iraq deals to participants of the war - Halliburton gets into criticism" (WELT p.5, by Torsten Krauel, with colored photo Bush and children, subtext: "US-president George W. Bush has a heart for his little friends. And has always a joke on his lips, even if they were naughty"
- "Learned a lesson from the Iraq crisis?" sub: "The shared European foreign and security policy" (FAZ p.6, by Horst Bacia, long)
- "Washington disappointed by temporary release of Mzoudi" sub: "Christian Democrats demand clarification of the 'proceedings' / Commission meeting proposed" (FAZ p.2, by rueb./loew.) +++ COMMENTARY: "An uproar of the judges against the USA" sub: "The case Mzoudi or: the principles of the criminal procedure are not depending on the condition of war" (SZ p.4, opinion, by Heribert Prantl) criticizing the US administration of the law +++ COMMENTARY: "The USA has no reason to complain about the Hamburg administration of the law. Release with US quality seal" (taz p.11, by Christian Rath) +++ "Confusion about suspected accomplice of the assault" sub: "Federal attorney complains about the release of Mzoudi. Decision on Motassadeq still pending" (taz p.7, by dpa/ap/taz ) +++ "Federal Court of Justice (BGH) to decide whether Mzoudi remains free" (SZ p.6, by ker.), also WELT p.2, by dpa, short +++ "Decision on release of El Motassadeq on Monday" (WELT p.2, by dpa, short) +++ "Criticism of release" (BILD p.2, short) about federal attorney Nehm +++ "Warrent for arrest against ex-members of caliphate state" (taz p.7, by dpa, short)
- "More general than secretary" sub: "The head of the United Nations sees the world organization strengthened after overcoming the Iraq crisis." (SZ p.9, by Stefan Ulrich, with big photo) Kofi Annan speaks in the university of Tuebingen about universal values +++ also taz p.9, by ap, short
- "Iran's Minister of Interior: kidnapping was unpolitical" (taz p.9, by dpa, short)


- Constitution for Afghanistan: freedom and equality in the sign of Islam" sub: "The constitution draft tries to do the splits between tradition and modernity" (SZ p.2, by Peter Muench, with big photo) +++ "Loya Jirga starts on Sunday" sub: "Delay for 'technical reasons' / Consultations about a new constitution for Afghanistan" (FAZ p.5, by hcr., with photo) +++ "Fundamentalists threaten the Loya Jirga" sub: "Afghanis postpone their great council assembly - Different wings struggle for influence in the background" (WELT p.7, by Sophie Muehlmann) +++ "Good chances for the Sharia" (taz p.6, by Sven Hansen) +++ "Election of delegates: Loya Jirga and draft of constitution" (taz p.6, by Sven Hansen, short)
- "Bombs as a message" sub: "The Taliban send a reply that they are back" (SZ p.2, by Peter Muench)
- "An oath to the 'Aryan brotherhood'" sub: "Not only since the action of the federal army at the Hindukush many Afghanis feel related to the Germans in a special way" (SZ p.2, by Peter Muench)
- "'These weapons were our pride'" sub: "After long negotiations Afghani Tadjiks deliver their arms" (WELT p.7, by Pamela Constable, Original in the Washington Post, with big photo armed Afghani)


- "Combat zone bonus" sub: "US combine had delivered overcharged fuel to Iraqi troops" (SZ p.1, by Marc Hujer) +++ "Iraq deals bring Halliburton into the twilight" sub: "The Pentagon accuses the combine of having calculated with overcharged gasoline prices" (FAZ p.20, firms, by lid.) +++ "US headquarters again under fire" sub: "Missile attack in the ‚green zone' of Baghdad. Trouble about overcharged bills for gasoline deliveries to Iraq" (taz p.9, by dpa /ap)
- "Return of the old cadres" sub: "The CIA reported to build a new secret service in Iraq - with the help of former Saddam spies" (SZ p.8, by Heiko Flottau, with colored photo para-militaries in Tikrit)
- "Missiles on US headquarters" (BILD p.2, short) +++ also WELT p.5, by dpa, short


- "Fights in Nablus" sub: "Seven Israelis fired at Joseph's tomb. Baradei assesses Israel's nuclear potencial as a danger for the Middle East" (taz p.2, by ap/dpa/rtr)
- "The Wall" sub: "Israel's 'security fence' against the Palestinian terrorists is counter-productive" (FAZ p.12, by Joerg Bremer) with caricature of the PLO reaching out its hand one finger of which is a gun
- "How can we Germans help Israel, Mister Sharon?" Exclusive interview with Israel's Prime Minister, Part 2 (BILD p.2, by Kai Diekmann, Sven Goesmann) Quote Sharon: "Europe must exert much more pressure on the Palestinians"
- "'Israel's nuclear arsenal is danger for Middle East'" (SZ p.8, by afp/ap, small) says Mohammed el-Baradei
- "'Geneva Initiative': plans for conference" (taz p.9, by dpa, short)


- "Tip-top at Mister and Mistress Negro" sub: "When a Daddy is afraid of black people, then a clever child urgently has to disaccustom him from that" (SZ p.40, political books, by Matthias Drobinski) Review of: Rafik Schami / Ole Koennecke (2003): How I took away Daddy's fear of foreigners"
- "The psychiatrist was never wrong..." sub: "Suicide bombers reported to be hysterical and seducable: illusion of manhood" (FAZ p.10, political books, by Wilfried by Bredow) Review of Wolfgang Schmidbauer (2003): "The human as a bomb", judged as too superficial
- "With German eyes" sub: "The image of the black African in the years 1871 until 1933" (FAZ p.10, political books, by Andreas Eckert) Review of Michael Schubert (2003): "The black alien"
- "Escape into the orient" sub: "A young woman rescues herself from the Nazis traveling through Europe" (SZ p.40, political book, by Andrea Bachstein) Review of Waldtraut Lewin (2003): "Moon over Marrakesh"


Further Articles: "Symbolic bomb" sub: "Veil I: the French public is deeply cleft" (SZ p.13, feuilleton, by Clemens Pornschlegel) and "The national experiment" sub: "Veil II: in Lille the first Muslim private secondary school of France was opened" (SZ p.13, feuilleton, by Alex Ruehle)+++ "Variation of Shakespeare" sub: "Europe hesitates, America takes action - as long as the actors insist on this distribution of roles, action on the world stage will falter" (SZ weekend special, by Wolf Lepenies, whole page) +++ "We are by no means lost in this race" sub: "Rather German or Turkish, or both? How the integrating radio programs for migrants find to their audiences" (FAZ p.42, media, by Gualtiero Zambonini) +++ "Derrick in Auschwitz" sub: "Why Hitler jokes are fashionable again in Polonia" (SZ p.14, feuilleton, by Thomas Urban) Germans and Poles at cross about war on Iraq, EU, and the center against expellations +++ "Dispute about Qur'an courses" sub: "Turkish government revises new regulations" (FAZ p.5, by Her.) +++ "Iran protects Ebadi" (SZ p.8, by ap, short), also FAZ p.1, by ap, short, and WELT p.5, by ap, short, and taz p.9, by ap +++ "Voices of the others" (FAZ p.2), Quotes from the Neue Presse and the Hamburger Morgenpost on Mzoudi, Le Figaro on the veil, Kieler Nachrichten about antisemitism +++ "James Nachtwey will be flown to Landstuhl" (FAZ p.11, by afp, short) injured war photographer +++ Readers' mails: "Who actually is a Jew?" sub: "Almost everybody has an opinion on the subject of Judaism. Not everybody knows what they are talking about" (WELT p.9, letter exchange, with answer of Ernst Cramer) +++ "How can Fischer guarantee security to Israel?" (WELT p.9, letters) critical of Fischer +++ "Hohmann and the consequences" (FAZ p.8, letters) against the exclusion of the politician Martin Hohmann +++

Articles Total: 55. (FAZ 14 - SZ 17 - taz 11 - WELT 10 - BILD 3)

- Weekly Papers -

DER SPIEGEL 50/2003 (Dec. 08, 2003)

- "Middle East: 'The occupation continues' sub: "Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, 65, about his no to the Geneva peace plan, the employment of suicide attacks, and the fight for Great Palestine" (p.144, foreign affairs, Interview Annette Grossbongardt)
- "Terrorism: Departure to the death zone" sub: "For years militant Islamists have went from Germany into the world to fight the Holy War. Their new target: Iraq" (p.76/78, by Dominik Cziesche and Georg Mascolo)
- "Turkey: Code-name Abu Nidal" sub: "Almost three weeks after the assaults in Istanbul the profiles of the perpetrators are getting clearer, yet the responsible people have escaped. Their trace leads to Syria and Northern Iraq" (p.140/142, foreign affairs, by Bernhard Zand)
- "Bosnia-Herzegowina: In holy mission" sub: "Arab intellectuals indoctrinate Bosnian Muslims. The small Balkan country is in danger to become the play-ground of fanatic warriors of faith" (p. 155/157, by Marion Kraske) for example Fahd Mosque
- "India: 'Touching everything'" sub: "The slum, the garbage, and an architect: Asia's largest slum is to be renovated" (p.153-154, by Ruediger Falksohn and Padma Rao)
- "Russia: Islamist terror" (p. 131, Panorama foreign affairs, short)
- "Afghanistan: Berlin's support for Babur" (p.132 Panorama foreign affairs, short) Restauration of cultural heritage
- "India: 'Clever step'" sub: "India's ex-ambassador to Pakistan, Jyotindra Nath Dixit, 67, on the recent peace efforts on the sub-continent" (p.133, Panorama foreign affairs, short interview)
- "A small support of the truth" (p.12, readers' mails, concerning No.48/2003, Palestine) Two short readers' mails critical of Israel

SPIEGEL: 9 articles

DIE ZEIT 51/2003 (Dec. 11, 2003)

- "Discount Ideals" sub: "China, Russia or Saudi-Arabia: in the German foreign policy principles too often disappear behind the business deals" (p. 3, politics, by Matthias Nass, whole page)
- "In the security of the veil" sub: "A visit in the sometimes strange world of German veiled teachers" (p. 6, politics, by Florian Klenk) with extra text: "The struggle about the veil: hard material"
- "Better not say it too loud" sub: "Islamic extremism in Europe is increasing. This also damages the Muslims" (p. 7, politics, by Richard Herzinger) On the study of the Berlin Center for Antisemitism Research. Quote: "The study makes clear that this Islamist hatred of the Jews is by no means only a reaction on the Israeli occupation in Palestine. It is founded in a thoroughly constructed antisemitic mentality as it is spread in Arab propaganda publications, in newspapers, on audio cassettes, and on the Internet over the whole of Europe." And: "Who is able to follow Arabic sermons listened to by many Muslims in Europe in mosques, who can understand the Arabic and Turkish books and papers which they read on a daily basis? Who can decipher the religiously coded metaphors which are instrumentalized by extremist groups?"
- "'History dos not lie'" sub: "In the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk Kurds, Arabs, and Turkmens are stuggling over power and land. The US army between the fronts" (p. 11, politics, by Michael Thumann) with color photo of US soldier in front of burning car
- "Hostile Normality" sub: "In Germany the readiness is increasing to despise fellow people - when they are different" (p. 19, politics, by Wilhelm Heitmeyer) Poll by Infratest (Munich), Syndrome of group-related hostility to people
- "The tailor of Wolfsburg" sub: "Volkswagen has a problem. Cars like Touran and Passat have the image to be boring. The star designer Murat Günak is to give a new face to the trademark" (p. 23, economy, by Dietmar H. Lamparter)
- "In the storms of Uruk" sub: "Margarete von Ess erforscht investigates Iraq's past. The present is constantly catching up on her" (p. 34, knowledge, by Rosemarie Noack) Portrait
- "Only second choice" sub: "How do foreigners study in Germany? A new study provides sobering conclusions" (p. 38, knowledge, by Hermann Horstkotte)
- "Old poison in the new Europe" sub: "According to a poll there is a European Antisemitism. Once again the Jews are made to be guilty of everything" (p. 43, feuilleton, by Leon de Winter, whole page, transl. from Dutch) with big color photo of terror against Israel, Quote: "Journalists only see what they want to see - Israel as a perpetrator", Israel is said to be "Europe's enemy number one of the state", and: "When Jews themselves are perpetrators, something from the exclusivity of the European responsibility for the Shoa is taken away" and: "Although the conflict in the occupied territories is about a relatively limited regional conflict, about neglectably small and unfertile portions of land, the European media report about it uncomparably much more then about other areas of crisis in the world" ("(...) far more deads came about in the hot summer of 2003 in French homes of the elderly alone." etc.
- "By train through the desert" sub: "The Baghdad Railway once had been the pride of the Osman Empire and a masterpiece of the German art of engineering. Now an exhibition shows its varying history" (p. 64, Travel, by Rosemarie Noack)
- "In the beginning of truth" sub: "With the Auschwitz trial in Frankfurt 40 years ago the organized murder of the Jews for the first time really reached into the German consciousness" (p. 82, by Richard Herzinger, whole page)
- "Letting off terrorists" (p. 20, readers' mails) three readers' mails critical of media and concepts in respect to Islamism/terrorism

ZEIT: 12 articles