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Datenbank zum Diskurs Palästina/Israel/Deutschland/Arabische Welt/Islam. Seit 2001 - Database on the discourse Palestine/Israel/Germany/Arab World/Islam. Since 2001
Meet the Press: The Sueddeutsche Zeitung
A Simultaneous Online Review by Anis Hamadeh, September 2004
Chapter 3

Deutsche Version

Chapter 3: 9/20/2004: Dream Sequence - 9/21/2004: Epilogue

- 9/20/2004: Dream Sequence -

And where shall the journey go then? Tobbi asked the robot next to him in the cockpit. We have a mission to accomplish. Click, said the sympathetically rattling voice. Tobbi looked down from out of the window. Tree tops were slipping away underneath them. The sky was clear. I want to listen to some music, said the boy. OK. The robot took one hand from the steering and plugged it into another place. A CD slot opened. Tobbi put in Bob Dylan's CD "Desire". Sounds of violins ended the monotony of the roaring rotating wings. The boy rocked his head rhythmically to the right and to the left. You do it also! he said. It is not difficult. Have a try. It is like mathematics, but better. OK. Right, left, right, left. Click. Our first task is... Look-a there, a waterfall! ...to find the correct questions. But this is easy! Where to with the evil? You gotta branch off here.

They were approaching the polar circle. Floes of ice were shifting in the water, becoming more and more. There a big ship was pulled with a rope. Is this the Titanic? No. Look over there, the little tug-boat. Steer over to him. We must talk to him. He is waving his arms. We need cod-liver oil. The fuel will be off soon. They circled around the tug-boat. On a tongue of land they met. "You are completely wrong here", the bearded seaman with the pipe in his mouth laughed. You have started too hastily. You were to go to Africa, and to America." The two received some cod-liver oil to continue the journey. And where to with the... At this the seaman transformed into a coyote and he kept joking and laughing all the time. Come, Robbi, we are leaving.

They flew over a meadow which was full of corpses. Oh, what happened here? The humans did that. Click. They are so many. I had not thought death had undone so many. There were body parts all over the place, heads, arms, legs. This must be millions. Click. Over there next to the cinema there is a take-away diner, let's ask there. "They are dozens of millions", said the keeper, "the blue ones did that. They will pay for that." A blue head appeared from under the chaos and said the striped ones did it. "We will get them. We will fight until hell is freezing in." All terrorists. Click.

A professor stepped in. Maybe we can separate it, segregate it. We must do something with it. Quick. Robbi and Tobbi looked at each other. Go where everything has started. Kenia? Few words in the cinema. Robbi and Tobbi watched the whole film. We must return to Africa. Yes, we will take the way via Egypt. It is so dark. Wait, I switch on the spotlight. Is this Africa? Yes. They were flying tightly over the ground. The day began. They listened to saxophone music by John Coltrane.

There sat a child. "The killing is becoming harder to do", it said. Who are you? "I am the child of the world. I am Om." The child made a bow. Click. Where to with the evil? asked Tobbi. The child said: "The freedom of the living expresses itself in action only." Yes, and? "They were hundreds of millions. Explanation monopolies, justification strategies, consciousness blockages." Yes and where to with the evil? The child took the two by the hand and guided them to the village. "look into the faces", said the child of the world, "look into all the faces." Will we know it then? "Yes, then you will know it."

- 9/21/2004: Epilogue -

Lawrence of Arabia I took from the wall and put it into the archive. The mission was accomplished. I opened the window. "Oh really?" asked the blackbird. "Now that it is beginning to get a structure." A routine, I said, it is getting routine. I took off the mask and hung the cape into the cupboard. Job finished. From the fridge I got myself a malt beer. "Hel-lo!" said the voice in the mirror, "you cannot be serious." Yes, sure. "You said: a couple of months." I said: change. I said: company for a while. "Oh man, now that it is getting so beautiful!" Yapp. I took a long swallow from the bottle. "And what if they get into this camp thinking again?" They gotta know by themselves. I am not a nanny. "And how was the paper today?" Super. "Really?" Yapp. "Say at least what the article of the day was." Hey, do you know how tired I am? "Only the article of the day." Well ok. It is called: 'Resurrected from ruins. How depression becomes a feeling of optimism: catastrophes and therapeutic communities', it is a book review, by Olaf B. Rader. "And apart from that?" UNO. Cohen. Self-criticism. "And what about Herr Schmitz?" Herr Schmitz also wants peace. All want peace. "But there are still so many questions open." Yeah. A lot of questions.