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Datenbank zum Diskurs Palästina/Israel/Deutschland/Arabische Welt/Islam. Seit 2001 - Database on the discourse Palestine/Israel/Germany/Arab World/Islam. Since 2001
Meet the Press: The Sueddeutsche Zeitung
A Simultaneous Online Review by Anis Hamadeh, September 2004
PDF download here: PDF "Meet the Press SZ, 25 pp
Deutsche Version

Chapter 1: Frontal and Free Public - 9/2/2004: Terror Analysis? - 9/6/2004: Debate free from Rulers - Self-Analysis - 9/7/2004: Relativity of Terror? - 9/8/2004: We and the Others - 9/9/2004

Chapter 2: - 9/10/2004: Terror as a Field for Projections - 9/11-12/2004: Leviathan - 9/13/2004: "Eyes Shut, Eyes Open" - 9/14/2004: The German Angst - 9/15/2004: God and Gods - 9/16/2004: Da da Didacticism - 9/17/2004: Isolated Community - 9/18-19/2004: Be the Change you Want

Chapter 3: 9/20/2004: Dream Sequence - 9/21/2004: Epilogue

- Introduction -

There are things more pleasant than to analyze the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Like to listen to Chuck Berry records, for example. Or to stroll over a market-place in a foreign country. Or to go out on a sled in winter. But this here is about the Sueddeutsche Zeitung from Munich. The task is to accompany and to observe this newspaper for a while. In former times it had hardly been possible to have a discussion with a newspaper on eye level. Where should one have done that? Of course, you could stand on a box in the park, yet this would presumably impress the press only limitedly. There also is the possibility of expressing your opinion in another media, only that first you have to enter this media. Remember that until recently we had lived in an almost pure frontal public. This means that everybody, who wanted to say or do something publically, (with some exceptions) needed somebody else's permission for this, this somebody belonging to those people who decide who may enter the public to begin with, and as what? For example the editor of a newspaper decides that. Or the sponsor of a performance. Or the politician who supports that an individual or an opinion is heard. The publisher who accepts or refuses a book. Or the boss of a record company who provides a contract and a retail system for a band. The organizer of a public event. Or the professor who favors a certain individual or opinion. In other countries, partly also in Germany, there are clerics who give their blessings for an individual or an opinion to be heard so that it appears in the public. This is how it used to be ...

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