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Datenbank zum Diskurs Palästina/Israel/Deutschland/Arabische Welt/Islam. Seit 2001 - Database on the discourse Palestine/Israel/Germany/Arab World/Islam. Since 2001
Meet the Press (4): Henryk M. Broder
An Online Reflection by Anis Hamadeh, June/July 2006
Deutsche Version
PDF download here: PDF "Meet the Press (4), 14 pp

Chapter 1: Introduction - What is the Guilt about? - Analyses - Habibi Block Warden
Chapter 2: Erhard Arendt - "Only a Break in the War against Israel" - Reactions - Anis Gets into Reading - Rupert Neudeck
Chapter 3: Faked Interview: Erwin Al-Tuffaahi - An Approximate Ending

- Introduction -

(June 24, 2006) Often I have been asked whether the rubric "Meet the Press/ Pressezeit" is successful, at all, and worth it. This amalgamation of serious journalistic work and satirical and personal elements. I admit that I had been sceptical in the beginning myself. Yet the course of time has shown that it is a remaining piece of work, indeed, one that won't be forgotten. Some of the Kieler Nachrichten journalists, for example, until today send me emails of friendship and joy. The whole editorial board was most content with my contribution and I am even a bit proud to have been instrumental to the press in difficult times by providing some constructive clues. The Sueddeutsche Zeitung, too, is following every innovation, that has appeared on Anis Online since our encounter, with attention, and is on its most open-minded behavior. Meet the Press 4 is not even completed, but the demand for the next edition already is so massive that I am positively compelled to antedate the subject and to write about Henryk M. Broder.

When you search "Henryk M. Broder" in the German google you will get the following result on top: "Henryk M. Broder's Homepage - What's New? The official Homepage of Henryk M. Broder ... Henryk M. Broder: The eternal anti-Semite - About sense and function of an enduring sentiment ... www.henryk-broder.de/ - 21k - In the Cache - Similar Pages Diary - Photo of the Day - Audio - Schmock of the Week More Results of www.henryk-broder.de " Basically, Mr Broder is a journalist and writes for example for His Majesty the SPIEGEL, but he is far more than that.

Herr Broder has an interesting behavior towards his critics. This is not a criticism, but an observation. When you sue people, just because they show you the mirror, my goodness, what kind of manners is that? As I said, this is not a criticism. I am just asking. There must be other ways. Common sense suggests that. When Erhard Arendt from the Palestine Portal (www.arendt-art.de/deutsch/palestina/index.html) wrote an email yesterday where he told his friends about a court hearing on Nov. 14, 2006, I was really astonished. What does Herr Broder want to convey to us here? I thought. He is such a sharp critic himself and has so many means to express himself. I will give you some nice examples later. He actually does not need this court stuff. There must be other reasons. So I tested him and wrote him the following:

"Hallo Herr Broder, I continue to observe your behavior towards critics and came to the conclusion that you are an individual who one cannot talk with. Pity. As soon as I will find the time for it I will have to look into your work. I think, it will start on November 14, 2006, at the lastest. I will then write a longer thing about you and publish it on my website in two or three languages. Of course I will make an effort so that it gets well and moves the people. It will be a satire. So long, Anis"

To my surprise he honored my words by placing them on the front page of his website, affirming to me in a quick email: "I can hardly wait. Can't it be earlier? b.", yearning like a dry Rose of Jericho. Oh yes, so he showed me, one can certainly talk with me. There I was. I had talked big again and, moreover, promised a good satire, as if I had reason for satires recently.

So much for the success of the rubric "Meet the Press/Pressezeit" and I am still overwhelmed by all this attention and gratefulness and really have to sit down now for a rest.

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