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The Palestine Express
Cabaret Program
by and with Anis Hamadeh
Deutsche Version


:: Appearance in Cologne, September 28, 2014 ::
On the occasion of the bestowal of the Cologne Karl's Award for Engaged Literature and Journalism to Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, given by the Neue Rheinische Zeitung, I played some songs from the Express and read the palestimericks.
:: Show in Bochum, September 16, 2012 ::
When? Sunday, September 16, 2012 - 4 p.m. Where? Bahnhof Langendreer - Wallbaumweg 108 - 44894 Bochum. Admission: 7,-/5,- euros. Flyer; Photos from the show
:: Interview on DieFreiheitsliebe.de, September 8, 2011 ::
Peace, War and Cabaret: The Palestine Express – an Interview with Anis Hamadeh Translation of an interview in German for www.diefreiheitsliebe.de
:: June 12, 2011: Appearance on the Federal Garden Show in Koblenz, Germany ::
With Givat Haviva, Efrat Alony, and Candy's Galactic Lounge. Anis' program: live songs, "Die Dichter" (The Poets), "Der Palästina-Express" Program Flyer (pdf), German Press Info, Link to photos from the event, Link to final report (in German)
:: February 20, 2011: Gaza Benefit in Bonn ::
HOFFNUNGSVÖGEL für Gaza. (Birds of Hope for Gaza): an evening for information and benefit organized by FrauenWegeNahOst. - Part of the program: artist and journalist Anis Hamadeh performed excerpts from his upcoming cabaret solo program "The Palestine Express", with satire and song. Flyer (PDF), photos and (German) texts from the show at www.arbeiterfotografie.com/galerie/reportage-2011/index-2011-02-20-bonn-hoffnungsvoegel-fuer-gaza.html
:: The Palestine Express ::
Why are Palestine and Israel so rarely a subject of political cabaret and what seems to be the matter in the Middle East? Anis Hamadeh tackles these issues in his satirical solo stage show "The Palestine Express". 90 minutes, with song and guitar.
:: Palestimericks :: (From the cabaret program "The Palestine Express")

Will there be two states or one state? This isn't a matter of fate.
Most people say: two. This surely is true,
but I think it's rather too late.

The talks between Mahmoud Abbas and members of Gaza's Hamas
in Cairo succeeded, because this was needed,
yet many say it was a farce.

Is Gaza an occupied land? It seems the flotilla is banned
from Gazan waters. Hello reporters,
explain what we don't understand.

No weapons may pass Gaza's gates! Cause this is what Israel hates.
Except for the ones that come by the tons
each year from the United States.

(Feb 2015): I know a young man from Ni'lin. On Facebook he posts what he's seen.
When editors fail to tell the whole tale
they're part of the vicious machine.
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