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Rosita Eckl, Mainz (May 14, 2019):

Charles and I met in 2008 through the English Round Table in Mainz, which I founded in 1995.

He immediately impressed me with his friendly and charming nature. At some point we realized that we had a lot of similarities. We took photos with passion, listened enthusiastically to classical and contemporary music, loved the same films, enjoyed dancing, shared many views and had a similar sense of humor. Our insider joke was "are we soulmates or twins"?

Our understanding was often blind, we enjoyed our friendship and mutual deep trust. When Charles was forced to return to the UK due to adverse circumstances, it was terrible for both of us.

Despite the distance, skype sessions, emails, phone calls and 3 visits to Liverpool helped to maintain our close friendship.

Charles was homesick for Germany, especially for Mainz and his German friends. Not finding a new job, financial hard times and the worry about his ill sister often made him despair and caused depressive phases.

Despite these difficult times, Charles was always there for his friends. He had an open ear, was interested in our lives and took a lively share. Unfortunately, he forgot too often to take care of his own well-being.

After 2 life-threatening situations, there was finally hope that he was slowly emerging from the valley of tears. He accepted professional help, made plans and actively tackled them and found a way to defeat his depressions in a healthy way.

Then unexpected fate struck and took our dear friend Charles - while he was sleeping - on his last, eternal journey.

R.I.P. - you will live on in our hearts!

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