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Email from August 6, 2014, to the Center for Global Nonkilling

Subject: Cutting Ties and Monitoring CGNK

Hello Glenn, Bill, Joám, and CGNK affiliates,

this is to let you know that I, translator of "Nonkilling Global Political Science" into German and participant of the first Global Nonkilling Leadership Academy in Hawaii in 2007, am cutting ties with you over Gaza. Moreover, I will monitor your website www.nonkilling.org and take action, if necessary. If you have questions, listen to the eight minutes of talk by Irish Senator David Norris at http://youtu.be/keS-LDl_ewA on the Gaza massacre and read my new piece "Alice Miller in Gaza" at http://dissidentvoice.org/?p=55216.

You have euphemized the Zionist genocidal act in an intolerable way, in Glenn's collective email from August 4, where he gave a platform to Zionists (again) and wrote things like "Israel needs to satisfy hypersensitive need for security" and the "killing of children on both sides" as well as the "expressions of hopelessness on both sides".

As a matter of fact, the Center for Global Nonkilling promotes Zionists who clearly oppose the aims of the Center. See the quote by Zionist Piki Ish-Shalom below this mail where he justifies the killing of Libyan civilians in the same way that Israel justifies the carnage in Gaza. It was published by the Center for Global Nonkilling itself only last year (ed. Joám Evans Pim) and went undisputed (maybe because it is full of flattering words for Glenn Paige).

Also involved in the Center's "peace work" is Professor Ada Aharoni from Haifa who received the Shimon Peres Award 2012 "for promoting peace initiatives between Jews and Arabs" - a contradiction in terms. Peres is one of the most prominent Israeli war criminals, father of the Israeli atomic bomb, responsible for the shelling of the UN shelter in Qana, killing 102 civilians, mainly women, children and the elderly in 1996. Peres supports the siege of Gaza, extra-judicial killings, occupation, exploitation, settlements, and and and.

Aharoni in 2012 wrote: "Let us hope that by then Hamas will stop bombing Israel and Israel would stop defending itself by retaliations, and we will have Peace Treaty between Israel and the Palestinians." (www.iflac.com) Here she transports the lie that Israel defends itself and that Hamas is the aggressor, completely ignoring the historical and geo-political context (Gaza siege/occupation). In the same year she published a paper where she denies the inalienable right of return of the Palestinians as "morally wrong" and clearly justifies the occupation, see quote below. One of her main working fields is the expulsion of Jews by Arab countries. She never mentions the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, neither as a fact nor as a reason for Arab reactions.

I had a valid point when I told you all this months ago, and that one cannot work with everybody, like Nazis, Zionists, Mafia etc. As I said to Bill before: Nonviolence without resistance is nothing but cowardice. Instead, you have denied even talking about the problem with me! Your reaction was that I have to learn and that I don't know what peace work is.

Finally I came to understand what "nonkilling" means to you, namely being nice to everybody and appealing to everybody's good will. This is how you lost me and, actually, made me quite angry. It is counter-productive and most naive. If you come back to your own principles I will be back, too.

This mail is my understanding of nonviolent resistance, can you feel it?

PS: I am especially watching Joŕm whose silence has been like an open book for me.

Quote Piki Ish-Shalom: "We should, of course, work to eradicate war. But in today’s world we face situations requiring armed response, either to defend against international aggression, or as humanitarian intervention under the parameters of Responsibility to Protect. We can try to develop as many nonlethal weapons as possible but there will always be situations during war time when we must resort to killing. We should constantly bear this in mind and treat the capacity to kill as a last resort resource, and only in the context of a necessary and just war. Think, for example, of the atrocities now being perpetrated in Libya by the Libyan authorities (sic!). Just War Theory provides a normative framework that permits exactly this: killing under restrictive conditions and as a last resort (sic!) ... We can think of problematic and regrettable situations in which the international community’s armed forces will have to endanger some Libyan noncombatants (for example if Gaddafi decides to use civilians as human shields) in order to save thousands of other uninvolved Libyans. In such regrettable circumstances Double Effect Doctrine provides a theoretical apparatus that allows military operations while restricting them through the aforementioned criteria: unintentionality, legitimate objective, last resort, and proportionality." Source: Piki Ish-Shalom (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Nonkilling Society as a Lighthouse Narrative, From: Evans Pim, Joám: Nonkilling Security & The State (2013) pp 76-77, www.nonkilling.org/pdf/nksecurity.pdf

Quote Ada Aharoni: "The 'right of return' is a convenient slogan used by Palestinian politicians who wish to destroy the particular character of Israel and turn into a second Palestinian State. This objective is morally wrong and practically unattainable." And: "Israel cannot end the occupation of Palestine without an agreement concerning its own security because Palestine has the capability of threatening it." (2012) www.iflac.com/ada/Israeli-Palestinian%20Conflict%20Resolution.pdf