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Free Gaza Song Contest

Welcome to the Free Gaza Song Contest. On August 2, 2008, I posted the Free Gaza Song(.wmv) on YouTube at http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=ATLNx8k8FU0 Viewers are invited to answer the clip with their own versions, new lyrics, different languages or genuinely new songs. There are prizes and first participants. Deadline is December 31, 2008.
Keep on rockin',
Anis (anis at anis-online.de)
  • FREE GAZA SONG mp3, lyrics
  • STAY WITH YOU mp3, lyrics
  • GAZA ON MY MIND mp3, lyrics
  • Press Release
  • Pressemitteilung
  • Copyright note: Songs, lyrics, videos and images are the copyright of their respective owners. As this is a public event fair use is appreciated. For commercial and media use please contact Anis

    01.01.2009 :: Thanks, and Now for the Free Gaza Art Festival ... ::
    2008 is over and this was the Free Gaza Song Contest. Thanks to everybody who contributed. Ofer Golany and Angelika Wagener win the Palestinian poster set "Before their Diaspora", because Ofer's version of the Free Gaza Song is very special, an easy, Carribean-like rhythm. You can hear it in the webcam version below, but I hope he will record his version with a good mike. I had the privilege to play the song together with Ofer and Angelika on stage in Frankfurt, Augsburg and Munich. Lars RO from Kopenhagen also receives the poster set for his original rock'n'roll version of the Free Gaza Song. These are the two original musical works created especially for this occasion. All other contributors will be contacted in the coming days and they receive a postcard collection of "Before their Diaspora".

    There are some prizes left and I received more interesting material. Therefore, the Free Gaza Art Festival opens its gates right now! It is an online exhibition of art work connected to Free Gaza in one way or another. You can still submit music, also paintings and what have you. This time there is no time limit and no competition pressure. L'art pour l'art. Apart from the prizes. And some special features. See you there!
    05.10.2008 :: A Small Song For Raghda ::
    In September 2004 Electronic Intifada had the story of the 10 year old Raghda al-Assar who was shot in Khan Yunis while sitting at her desk in school. It was the picture of the bloodstain on her new copybook and the details in the story that made Clara Legêne from the Netherlands write a protest lullaby for Raghda and for all the children killed in this endless and medieval Israeli occupation. Read the story at http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article3126.shtml and see the lyrics of A Small Song For Raghda by Clara Legêne. The song has no music yet, maybe a composer can be found over this announcement.

    Photo: Roger

    28.09.2008 :: "Gaza Don't Lose Hope", by Ofek ::
    From the Galilee comes the following contribution. The song is called "Gaza Don't Lose Hope" (mp3) and it is composed and performed by Ofek who translated the lyrics into English. The original lyrics in Hebrew for the song are by Symon Jester http://symon_jester.tripod.com His website is www.ofek.com. Here are the lyrics:

    gaza gaza don't lose hope / the occupation has to stop / every protest people cry / but nothing seems to signify // bombers return to your skies / in your streets tanks mobilize / your defenders die again / your children are in cold blood slain // the subjugator again comes in / again they beat, they shoot, they ruin / now and then we cry against it / and your blood just spills on dirt / beit laheeya dir el-balakh / el-shati bet khanun and rafakh / once again they're trampled by / the feet of those they must defy // stand up gaza on your feet / shake those bigots off your streets / wipe your tears off and sustain / the morning sun will shine again

    Note from Anis: The word "contest" in "The Free Gaza Song Contest" was not meant very seriously from the beginning. The more authentic original works I receive the more meaningless becomes this concept "contest".

    14.09.2008 :: Lyrics ::
    Several people have submitted song lyrics for the Free Gaza Song Contest. Some of them might become musicalized until the end of the year. I collect all lyrics on a page of its own. Content: A Nation is Dying (Mariko Sakurai, Japan) +++ The Living Voice Of The Dead ... (Maya Terro, Lebanon) +++ While We Were Sailing To Gaza (Deborah Maccoby, UK) +++ I Saw Two Ships Come Sailing In (Deborah Maccoby, UK) +++ They've Arrived! (Hilda Meers, Scotland) +++ Free Gaza Song (Add. verses) (Chris Edwards, UK)

    26.08.2008 :: Joe Fallisi ::
    The Italian tenor Joe Fallisi joined the show! VERRÀ (mp3) (parole di Joe Fallisi, sull'aria di Amazing Grace, musica di anonimo) Verrà, sì verrà la libertà / La terra che amiam ci rivedrà. / Non invan sofferto noi abbiam, / Oh madre a te torniam. // Oh Palestina che brilli nel cuor, / Oh stella che arde d'amor!... / Sionisti, oppressori, tiranni cadran. / Verrà la libertà. // Fratelli Ebrei, vivete con noi. / Un solo Paese sarà. / Giustizia, eguaglianza insieme avrà / La nuova umanità, / La nuova umanità. - English translation: WILL COME (words by Joe Fallisi, on the air of Amazing Grace, music by anonymous) Will come, yes freedom will come, / The land we love will see us again. / We didn't suffer in vain, / Oh mother we come back to you. // Oh Palestine in our heart you shine, / You, love burning star!... / Zionists, oppressors, tyrants will fall. / Freedom will come. // Oh brothers Jews do live with us. / Ours will be one country. / The new humanity will have / Justice, equality together. - Tenore (tenor): Joe Fallisi, Chitarra (guitar): Leo Di Giacomo, Basso (bass): Giancarlo Galli, Mandolino (mandolin): Massimo Gatti, Pianoforte (piano), organo (organ): Onofrio La Viola. - Also see: Two Fingerz ft Dargen & Joe Fallisi - "Oltre Il Mare" (for Save the Children) on YouTube and Joe's website at www.nelvento.net

    23.08.2008 :: We made it ! :: Image by Latuff

    20.08.2008 :: Press Release ::
    - The Free Gaza Song Contest - Music to Accompany a Courageous Boat Journey (For Immediate Release)
    - Der Free Gaza Song Contest - Musik zur Begleitung einer mutigen Bootsfahrt (Pressemitteilung)
    (Also see: "Some Reactions on the Free Gaza Song" about hate mails, updated August 26, 2008)

    17.08.2008 :: Prizes of the Contest ::

    Three sets of 12 "Before their Diaspora" pictures, double sheet size (DIN A3) + ten sets of "Before their Diaspora" postcards

    DVD "The Sons of Eilaboun" by Hisham Zreiq. The story of a small Palestinian village tells the tale of a nation.

    15.08.2008 :: Studio Versions of FREE GAZA SONG, STAY WITH YOU, and GAZA ON MY MIND ::
    I recorded the three songs in a studio today so that there is a version with a good microphone. You can download the songs right here: FREE GAZA SONG (mp3), STAY WITH YOU (mp3), and GAZA ON MY MIND (mp3) Tobias Paldauf from www.zentralstudio.de did a good job. - Oh yes, and another thing: I had a ring-tone request. So you can also submit a ring-tone if you know how to make one (I don't).

    12.08.2008 :: Noam Chomsky ::
    Professor Chomsky wrote about "Gaza On My Mind": "Very glad to see the song, and very pleased to be linked with Fisk, particularly in an endeavor as courageous and necessary as this one. Noam".
    The verse in question is: "You say it's all about a security risk / and you don't read no Chomsky, you don't read no Fisk / and I got Gaza on my mind and you tell me why."

    11.08.2008 :: Lars RO from Kopenhagen ::
    Lars RO recorded the Free Gaza Song with his guitar today at Hold Gore's Plastic in København, Denmark. He writes: "p.s. you and everyone you know are most welcome to come & drum with us for Peace here in København on Friday, 22 August - it will be our 2,500th day of protest next to the Danish Parliament, so we're praying 2,500 people plus will show up & drum for Peace! info: fredsvagt.dk". Lars is one of the organizers of 5 MILLION PEACE MARCH: www.myspace.com/5millionpeacemarch. Here is the mp3 of his rock'n'roll version of the Free Gaza Song that tends slightly to punk: mp3

    10.08.2008 (night) :: GAZA ON MY MIND ::
    Someone from the Free Gaza Movement wants a song that is called "Gaza on My Mind". OK, here you are. It is a band song, but I hope you get the idea (lyrics below): www.youtube.com/v/_TBMxTvicjY

    10.08.2008 (afternoon) :: STAY WITH YOU (FROM THE CYPRUS SHORE A BOAT) ::
    The feedback on The Free Gaza Song has been extraordinary. It made me write another song. It is called "Stay With You" or "From the Cyprus Shore a Boat". If you enjoyed singing the first one you probably will again this time. The lyrics and chords are below on this page. Try it out! Here is the URL to a demo recording, I'll do my best to record a proper version in a studio soon: www.youtube.com/v/XCAv6xgg4Iw

    10.08.2008 (morning) :: Ofer Golany and Angelika Wagener Play the Free Gaza Song ::
    Yesterday, Ofer Golany and Angelika Wagener played in the International Theater in Frankfurt and they invited me to play a song in the beginning. Then in the second set we played and sang the Free Gaza Song together on stage, with two guitars and a cello. It was a spontaneous decision and Ofer made a kind of Caribbean version, almost Reggae. The next morning the two recorded the song with my webcam, just to give a notion: www.youtube.com/v/-ZF-6HBsi2A (Sound and picture are not together, sorry again, I really am a musician, not a technician.) Ofer promised to prepare a Hebrew version when he is back home in Jerusalem.

    Ofer Golany is an Israeli songwriter and peace activist, active for the right of conscientious objection. His websites are www.ofermusic.com and www.guns2guitars.org. You can also find some music of Ofer's online. He is often on tour, in several countries.
    Angelika Wagener is a German cellist who lives in Belzig near Berlin. She tours with Ofer Golany as "Conspiracy of Love" and plays on other occasions.

    06.08.2008 :: Here is One for Your MP3 Player ::
    Some 600 people saw the YouTube video now and about 218 visitor were on this page here. For your convenience I transformed the YouTube video into an mp3. So you can download and listen to it with your mp3 player wherever you are: FreeGazaSong.mp3 (Thanks Charles). It is webcam sound, of course, because it is a sample.

    05.08.2008 :: I uploaded the song here on this website for download in case you cannot see it on YouTube. In this version audio and video are simoultaneous and the sound seems a little better: FreeGazaSong.wmv (50 MB). If you are participating in the contest you can provide an extra audio, I had a first radio request from Los Angeles. Also, I would like to give an extra prize for someone who can transform the song into a theme that can be used for docu films on the Free Gaza project.

    A reader's mail (tr. from German): "Hello Anis – the film comes totally bad - is it possible to synchronize this with the sound?! Love, S" - Dear S., Anis Online enthusiastically apologizes for the bad film. Reason is that light travels faster than sound. However, you will be completely satisfied when you read above that I uploaded the video on this website.

    04.08.2008 :: The Free Gaza Movement Sings the Song on YouTube ::
    Here is a first video response from the Free Gaza Movement, shortly before they set sail: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=2mjwuvWHHG4

    02.08.2008 :: The YouTube Clip ::

    03.08.2008 :: First Reactions & More Prizes ::
    Osama from Athens wrote in the comments on the YouTube page that he and his family will participate. Ahlan wa-sahlan! The comments also say that the Free Gaza Song was actually sung on one of the Free Gaza boats already! A friend called me today and said there is an Arabic and a Greek version on the way somewhere in the world. Wow! And what's more: there will be more prizes. Up to now I have six prizes to give away, among them two DVDs. Details will follow.

    :: Lyrics and Chords ::


    (Chords: D, A, G, F#)

    Free Gaza, Free Free Gaza, Free Gaza, sail your boat ashore
    Free Gaza, Free Free Gaza, Free Gaza, sail your boat ashore

    1) With a boat to break the siege people waiting on the beach,
    grab the first one in your reach and teach them the Gaza song:

    Free Gaza, Free Free Gaza, Free Gaza, sail your boat ashore

    2) Bishop Tutu has endorsed, he don't want no violent force
    "Through the barrel of a gun", he says, "peace can never be won".

    (F#) Tell me what you think of freedom, tell me what you think of love, love, love

    Tell your maza, Free Free Gaza, Free Gaza, sail your boat ashore

    3) Now you learned to sing the song, get on board and sing along,
    open up and in some time you can add a little rhyme

    Free Gaza, Free Free Gaza, Free Gaza, sail your boat ashore

    4) I want everybody to be free everybody every you and me
    Sing a song of solidarity, sing the Gaza song:

    Free Gaza, Free Free Gaza, Free Gaza, (G) sail your boat ashore
    Anis 02.08.2008

    - - D - - - - - -A - - - D - - - - - - - G - - -D - - - A
    1. From the Cyprus shore a boat is sailing to the sea
    It takes its way down to Palestine in solidarity
    it has on board a telephone and live stream TV, we
    stay with you pray with you we go all the way with you
    in the summertime, in the wintertime, always
    No one wants to live in a prison all alone, on their own

    2. Did you know that everyone has got the right to be?
    Who's talking 'bout security while Palestine's not free? See:
    we may not be here tomorrow, but we're side by side today
    and there's no army strong enough to make us lose our way, hey
    Remember all the things that happened in nineteen forty-eight
    This year will tell you all you need to understand this state

    3. From the Cyprus shore a boat is sailing to the sea
    It takes its way down to Palestine cause Palestine ain't free
    it has on board a telephone and live stream TV, we
    stay with you pray with you we go all the way with you
    in the summertime, in the wintertime, always

    Anis 10.08.2008

    1) You got your best shirt on and you're looking fine / D
    but there's something wrong for a long long time / e
    cause I got Gaza on my mind and you tell me why / A D (G A)

    2) You got some crazy friends and a speedy car
    and you like to be a superstar
    only I got Gaza on my mind and you tell me why

    Alright, everybody knows it / D G
    Hold tight, come on and show it / D G
    it's time that someone talks to me, talk to me, talk to me / D G

    3) You got a whole lotta walls all around your place
    I can't hear you move and I can't see your face
    but I got Gaza on my mind and you tell me why

    4) You say it's all about a security risk
    and you don't read no Chomsky, you don't read no Fisk
    and I got Gaza on my mind and you tell me why.

    Alright, everybody knows it
    Hold tight, come on and show it
    it's time that someone talks to me, talk to me, talk to me

    5) Everybody out there how can it be
    that a people is held in custody
    it means it could be you and it could be me, that's Gaza.

    6) Tell me how it is now, how will it be,
    why can't my brothers and sisters be free
    I got Gaza on my mind and you tell me why.

    Alright, everybody knows it
    Hold tight, come on and show it
    it's time that someone talks to me, talk to me, talk to me

    Anis 10.08.2008

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