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City Views: Postcards, Posters, Originals
The city view drawings by the artist Anis Hamadeh have a unique style. They are offered as representative sets of postcards in a transparent cellophane cover and as A3 posters. All motifs are displayed on the cover sheet. So far the series Liverpool, Palestine, Mainz, and Wiesbaden are released. Anis Hamadeh uses shining Copic felt pens and he draws and paints his city views in A3 format (30 × 42 cm) on the basis of photos. "This turned out to be successful. People like the style and often tell me that they have not seen anything like that before. This encouraged me to continue and to start selling." The high-quality postcards are produced in cooperation with professional print shops. Also see the list with all postcard motifs and the Flyer (PDF; 1,7 MB)

Cologne - Wiesbaden - Mainz - Liverpool - Palestine - Vienna - Hawaii - Istanbul
Cologne: You can see the series with 12 Cologne motifs on the page www.anis-online.de/2/artclub/koeln.htm. Available as A3 posters
Wiesbaden: The series of postcards with 12 Wiesbaden motifs can be ordered on this website. On the page www.anis-online.de/2/artclub/wiesbadenpostkarten.htm all pictures are exhibited.
Mainz: Series of postcards with 12 Mainz motifs, see Shop. On the page www.anis-online.de/2/artclub/mainzpostkarten.htm all pictures are exhibited.

More Information, trade prices, samples:
Anis Hamadeh, anis (at) anis-online.de
Colorful Art Postcards

On demand, Anis Hamadeh also creates pictures of other cities. An interesting marketing idea not only for tourist offices and souvenir shops, but also for institutions and companies who want to connect their name to a specific city, or those who have enough photo motifs themselves.

The production of a 12-part series takes about three months. If they are not provided, the artists at first takes the photographs. The motifs are chosen together with the customer, followed by the production of the images and then the postcards.

The offer is such that the customer gets the initial cost reimbursed as soon as some sets of postcards are sold. Customers can have their logo printed on the flip-sides of the cards and on front of the cover card. When the 2000 sets are used up, they can order further editions on advantageous and exclusive terms. An exhibition of the originals, if wanted, is included in the offer. More possible services:

- Production of posters, calendars, mouse-pads, mugs, jig-saws etc.
- Customer can purchase the originals for a special price.
- A postcard with explaining texts to the 12 pictures can be attached to every set.
- The artist offers cooperation for marketing events and contests, e.g. a weekend seminar, where Anis Hamadeh shows how his technique can easily be used by everyone.
- Support of press work and communications
- Motifs other than city views are possible, e.g. public transport, regions (no portraits)
- The number of pictures can differ from 12.
Liverpool: In autumn 2009, the series "Liverpool, European Capital of Culture 2008" was published, a collection of 14 images, available as a set of postcards and as posters, see www.anis-online.de/2/artclub/liverpool2008.htm.

Palestine: The series "Before their Diaspora" at www.anis-online.de/2/artclub/beforetheirdiaspora.htm shows 12 pictures of Palestine before 1948.

You can do that, too!
It is not really difficult ... All you need is a photo of which you make a copy (color or black & white laser-copy), a piece of paper, four paper-clips, some pens, a light table (see Google pictures) and some patience. You can even improvise the light table, if you do not have one handy. For example with a laundry basket in which you place a lamp and on it a glass plate. You can even use a window pane: stick the photo on it and above it the empty paper. You see, it costs almost nothing. Then you draw the lines, that you see shining through, with a thin pen (recommended is a diameter of 0,05 mm) and now paint with your own colors. Look at the photos on the Liverpool page, there I show how it works. OK, finished? Now go to a copy shop, get your picture scanned and send the result to anis at anis-online.de. If it went quite well it will be displayed here on this website and you can even win up to three sets of Anis' postcards. Wow! Well, what are you waiting for ...

The Vienna photos were taken in December 2010. Three pictures are finished so far.


The 12 motifs for the upcoming Hawaii series are already chosen. The photos were taken in October 2009 and can be viewed at www.anis-online.de/1/ton/62.htm. Three pictures are finished so far.


Two pictures are finished.

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