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The Smallest Cartoon Heroes Ever

by Anis
The story of the fleas is this: One Saturday (May 4, 2013) I wanted to lure Sabine into drawing a cartoon. I thought a little, and in order to show her how simple it is I created the first flea cartoon. I liked it, and until the evening I had created four pieces and posted them on facebook. The next Thursday the book was finished, in two languages, and I manufactured some copies with printer, papercutter, drill and sewing thread. Six days for a book, that's a record ... The flea book is 4 x 6 cm big and consists of 53 cartoons. Available in the Shop. During the last weekend of January 2014 the second book was finished and the weekend after that the third one. There are German and English copies.

At the moment, I fabricate each book copy manually:
copying, cutting, sewing, that takes 15 minutes per book.

More languages are planned.
The fleas have this idea in their heads that they want to conquer the world. Well, have fun!
(February 11, 2014) The fleas support the initiative http://egyptsolidarityinitiative.org that was launched today, exactly three years after the fall of Mubarak. The founding statement starts like this: "‘Where is democracy?’ Egyptians have struggled courageously for their freedoms – now they ask if gains of the 2011 revolution are to be dismissed with a new wave of repression. Egypt Solidarity calls urgently for support of those under assault from a regime hostile to human rights and social justice." - (February 12, 2014) Egypt Solidarity Initiative replied via email: "Thanks very much, and please pass on our appreciation to the fleas!"
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