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The Smallest Cartoon Heroes Ever

by Anis

The fleas came into being on May 4, 2013, when I wanted to demonstrate to my flat-mate Sabine how easy it is to draw a cartoon. I simply made two dots and a speech bubble on a piece of paper and called it "flea cartoon". It pleased me, and until the evening I had collected four cartoons and posted them on Facebook. Shortly afterwards, the book was finished in two languages, and I manufactured the first copies with printer, paper cutter, drill and sewing thread. The size of the flea book is 4 x 6 cm, it contains 53 cartoons. This number is explained by the fact that the original is drawn on three sheets of paper with 18 cartoons each, thus a total of 54 including the cover image. Book 2 was created in January 2014, book 3 in February 2014, book 4 in December 2017 and book 5 in January 2018. The handmade copies as well as the ornamental box are available in the Shop.

At the moment, I fabricate each book copy manually:
printing, cutting, drilling, sewing, that takes almost 15 minutes per book.

More languages are planned.
After a longer break I resumed the flea subject in December 2017. It is well fit as an inspiration meter, as a matter of fact. When I have a good day I can create ten and more cartoons. The challenge is to put things in a nutshell, or, as we say in German, to bring things to the point ("auf den Punkt"), while finding out how richt the subject is. Yet, the fact that between December 2017 and January 2018 two new books were accomplished surpassed my boldest expectations and remains a mystery to me.

The ornamental box displayed on top of this page, is made of hard paper and includes all five books, handmade and signed.

No. 172: "This is a composite sketch of the suspect. Please inform the local police if you have any clues."

No. 177: "OK, which one of us is the ball?"

No. 207: "Oh, tanning bed without an appointment is a bit difficult. Just a moment, I think there is a vacancy now over there."

No 213: "The therapist said we should leave our comfort zone." - "But I am so shy."

No. 247: "Particulate pollution? I beg your pardon? Don't talk about my children like that, you rude person!"
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