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bamboo 1
bamboo # 14 - anis 21.05.99 - for kristi

yes sure - they exist - don't you believe it? - well, but you must remember berlin - and der himmel über berlin -or do you think that after all - it was all apharce ?- of course not - it was inspired - it really does work something like this - you cannot see us - or hear us - but we can see you - well, and hear you - and we are very curious, too - us angels - and actually, i am not allowed to talk at all - so much - but this guy - who planted the bamboo - nobody believes him anyway - so it doesn't matter -- we angels are never cold or hot - we are always the same - we like every kind of light - and move regularly -- it never keeps us in the cities for too long - the radio waves disturb our line of flight -- below in the tube station - in the calm down there - once at night time - there stood - the undressed woman -whose long black hair - covered her breasts - the humans when they passed her - they put their hands on her shoulder - thank you - she belongs to those - who stand close to us - because she is as natural - as god created her - and she is grateful - most of the humans - on the platform - they stand - with broken eyes - waiting - then when the train comes in -from the right side to the left side - they move - automatically - to the left - and when the train comes in - from the left to the right - then they turn - automatically - to the right - and when the train stops - they stop, too - and then they enter -- in the park - at the gold fish pond - i like it more there- the colors of purling and murmuring water - in the park - the humans are quite different - their thoughts unstretch - unstrap - they break loose - we angels of course can witness all that - closely - well i mean this is cause we're angels - but don't worry - we do grant you your little pleasures - except the violent bits of course --and by the way - we actually have -nothing to do with all that - or what did you think? - that we write a notification and send it to heaven ? -- if you humans just were not - so much afraid of - that the other will punish you - and the other has got the same fear - you paralyze each other - thus - it's got nothing to do with us - or our department -- we like to go to the jolly people best anyway - and the happy - sure - cause they're happy - it's more fun -- all the folks there - who think - that their masochistic deeds - in their dark little rooms - will attract our attention - or our sympathy - well i don't know really - how i should feel about it -- from inside the thousand heads - i perpetually hear this one question:- but what shall i do ? - but what shall i do? - and then i think, well - maybe you could start - to respect yourself - as a human being - to closely watch what you do - and to obey yourself - instead of giving orders to yourself - to obey your heart -- one of us - wingèd friends - once upon a time - held a speech - incognito certainly - because he wished to do so - they grinned at him - and then threw a copy - of nietzsche's zarathustra - at his head - in order to demonstrate - that all that was nothing new - nothing new - good times charlie's got the blues -- lately i've been to the city of kiel - there lives a californian painter - who has got a lot of life energy - he is rather conspicuous - also in this city - is a street - which is named after clausewitz - who said - that war is politics - with different means -- with the humans there is always the good and the bad together - at once - in both they compete - their clocks are normed - and this leads to tension - quite interesting, them humans
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