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bamboo 1
bamboo # 26 - anis 06.10.99

there was someone - who made seven thousand mistakes - he went ways -to seven thousand locked doors - there was another one - he went two ways - he found a door - and entered without knocking -- why did the first one go so many ways ? - seven thousand doors - why did he not surrender? - he did surrender - he says: - seven thousand doors - define my area - they are firmly locked from outside - behind them there is darkness - i listened at the door - i had entrance - but i always only found myself - it became boring - between all these doors is a space - a wide space - when i lived there - i only found myself - it was tedious - there was the other one - he went two ways - he found a door - and entered without a knock - because it was on his way -- seven thousand mistakes - what was he looking for? - did he find it? - who? - the man with the seven thousand ways - i know him - he did the best he could - he is gone - what did he leave behind? - a space - in it grow daisies - where is he? - he is gone -- how can the people find salvation? - which people? - all people - which people? - isn't there salvation? - there is salvation - how can we get there? - ask questions and accept the answers - what is salvation? - salvation is the door to happiness - did he walk through this door? - nobody knows it -- what about the people? - the people exist - what shall they do? - what they want - what do you want? - nothing - what about god? - god exists - who says that? - god exists - how is this god? - existant - what does he do? - what he wants - what does he want? - what he wants -- the change changes things - through transformation things are transformed - say more about that - it was said more about that - who are you?- don't you see the change in things? - there is nothing but calm movement - proclaim the lore! - one cannot proclaim the lore - will you speak to the people? - which people? - will you speak? - i will speak - why did he make seven thousand mistakes? - seven thousand transformations - everything is transformation - there is nothing else -- what is the secret? - proper serving - what is proper serving? - the secret -what does proper serving cause? - self understanding - what does self understanding cause? - proper self destruction - what does proper self destruction cause? - salvation - what is the name of the lore? - there is no lore -- what is violence? - violence is forced pressure - what is forced pressure? - forced pressure is exertion of human power - so human power is evil then? - violence is not evil - what is evil? - evil is satisfaction of the self through violence - are the people evil? - they don't know what they do - are the people evil? - which people? - am i evil? - there is no i - the evil is in the situation, not in the i - what is the i? - it is an illusion - speak about suffering! - you can redeem yourself from suffering - are you redeemed from suffering? - there is no i - who are you? - i am what you make of me - what is important? - nothing - what can i learn? - learn! - what can i learn? - lern on! - for how long? - until you ask no more questions - the questions belong to your world - they are an illusion - find it out - do not listen to me - find it out - seven thousand transformations - find it yourself!
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