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bamboo 3
bamboo # 28 - anis 28.11.99

"who is scared of the black man? - no one - and when he comes? - then we will ruuun!" - and there he comes - in his black cowl - it's gettin' uncomfortable - alright, now - as we have learnt it: - step aside - be inconspicious - and cross savely to the other side -- the black man - is he evil or something - that you hide fromhim? -- he looks so different - look a-there! - he's got something hanging down there - ha ha - and them hands - when he moves - so what do you think about him? -- he is black - there is something animalic about it - whoops! - of course, he is also handsome - o'course - no one denied that, did they? - it is just different - the place where he comes from - well, everything is different there - out in the woods - life is much more - indigenous - they can endure - they are sort of authentic - not so corrupted yet -- watch out, there he comes again - achtung! - did you see that? - he is always grinning - what the hell does he think he is grinning at? - maybe he thinks - just because he is a black - he can do anything - doesn't he? - can he speak at all? --when martin luther king - had a dream - he certainly did not - refer to this vegetable - say - is he dancin' up there? - or what? - oh, get off! - he makes these movements - with his head - look! - barbara was staring at this - and now she's smilling - as if i didn't have enough trouble - yesterday him in the jungle phoning with bananas - and today doing the big shot! - that by far exceeds the limits - he turns on all of our chickens - with this shit -- letim dance! - but he's doing the chickens -- letim dance! - the black has an overpressure - it is the pigments, ya know - it's nature - but one thing is straight and clear - if one of us danced like that - he'd be hospitalized - on the following cocktail party anyway - nobody would talk with him - someone - who does things like that! --- when he grins into the microphone - doing the crane - then at times you think - he's making an idiot out of himself - and at times - that he's cool - you never know - where you are at - his face is white - but he sings - like a black - sure's a macho - yet his movements - like those of a woman - and this hair-cut! - what is his name? - aha! - to top it, ey? - and for how long has he been doing that? -- now, didn't you notice - 'bout the chicks - when the black comes in - they really let themselves go -so what? - oh, come on, they would never dare to mess with him - hey, our chicks - and a guy like that - that would never work out - so what? - oh, come on, they will have to go somewhere - about the overpressure - an' so they come to us - i see - of course! -- well, as far as i am concerned - let him do what he wants to do - i don't mind - and why does he do it, anyway? -- maybe he was born with it - or raised on it - some people go strange ways - bunch o' psychos - if you ask me - there is something spooky about him - lonely rider sort of - now, look at this! - see that? - he's completely acting - the way he just looked -- oh, get on - let's play something different now - it's gettin' boring - at the labour exchange - they now offer game courses - for the unemployed - so they can use their time productively - today we'd rather play - journey to jerusalem - at least it is not racist - is it? - if at all, then only slightly -- now leave this black tart - and come back to normality - we don't have that here - stop it now! -- have you got - one more of those megaperls? - they tasted good
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