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bambus # 145 - anis 24.08.01

little miss daisy - was so lazy - sat in the chair - combing her hair - along came john - with a long shirt on - slipped stumbled fell - on a nut-shell - daisy thought that it was funny - what a cheerful little honey - johnny stood right up again - and he soon remembered when - daisy was in love with him - memory was fading dim - she was such a beauty - so it was his duty - as a gentleman - to go out and get her - first he wrote a letter - where he said he was a fan - of her charms - then he began - to embrace her with his arms -- little miss daisy - felt so hazy - when he touched her cheek - she got pale - and feared to fail - and her knees were weak - this is how - she made a vow - daisy fell for john - they bought a house - a cat and a mouse - and so they carried on - until she got so bored - she said to him: - oh lord - my johnny's such a drag - potatoe in a bag - before he seemed so cute - and juicy like a fruit - now finally i'm tired - regard yourself as fired -- and johnny cried - all through the night - how could this be? - we were so free - and she was so admired! - he came to see her the other day - but daisy she had gone away - to find her solitude - it would be best - to take a rest - and not to see the dude -- little miss daisy - was so lazy - sitting all alone - on her favorite stone - till she had enough - she was very tough - stayed for almost half a year - not with effort not with fear - she sold the house - the cat and the mouse - and had an ice-cold beer - and johnny wasn't there - and daisy didn't care -- until she got so bored again - and so she took another man - but he was not so good - he loved to fight - and cursed all night - as heavy as he could - miss daisy she was shocked - she pushed him out and locked - the door - say no more - just move it on - oh i miss my lovely john - want him back now, did him wrong - was so handsome, was so strong - what a bad mistake - for heaven sake - i was so wild - a naughty child - not knowing what's at stake - i must find him again - he was the very man -- at last she got him on the phone - and told him she was so alone - and truly lonesome to the bone - she needed him so much - his compliments and touch - if he could be so kind - to find - his way right back to her - and pack his things and get to her - and so he really did - he had to admit - that she hooked him again - and after all, he was just a man -- little miss daisy - was so lazy - sat in the chair - combing her hair - along came john - with a long shirt on - slipped stumbled fell - on a nut-shell - daisy had to grin - that was not a sin - only johnny he was desperate - now the curtain falls and that's it - what a fool i got to be - ending up in misery - first my baby said goodbye - then she called me back and cried - now i fell right on the ground - ridiculed to this amount - i could burst - this is the worst - love i've ever found -- little miss daisy - was so lazy - but she wasn't bad - in the end she turned to be - the best he ever had - she gave him more than sympathy - and made him very glad - (if not it would be sad) - but daisy was not crazy - she told him: now that you are back - i do not lack - a thing - i want to wear your ring - this time for sure - this is my cure - my life was once so tedious - and it was so insidious - i took another man - and later on i ran - now i am here with you - that's all i wanna do - i'm little miss daisy - naturally lazy - trying to be true - give it a chance - what a romance - only me and you! - and in the end daisy and john - went together on and on -- so the story got well - it's lying in a nut-shell - and if you slip and fall like john - it doesn't mean you're out and gone
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