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bamboo 4
bamboo # 151 - anis 18.09.01

the people of schleswig-holstein - are the cleverest people - of all germans - says günther jauch - who in turn is - the most intelligent human - in the whole country - say the people of schleswig-holstein -- whenever something important happens in the world - it is mostly someone from the north - who understands the situation first - this is due to the clear air - and the good water -- of the most important virtues - of the northern germans - is next to the above-mentioned conspicious intelligence - that there is nothing that - could disturb their equanimity - even when they are having sex - they keep their calm - only when the catastrophe happened in america - even the people from kiel - had been occupied with it - for three or five days - but then they realized - that the trouble was decreasing - and they continued like before - this was also - because they did not really have anything to do - with the events - in the end - for there is no such thing known - in the own surroundings -- schleswig-holstein is known to be - the sole federal german state - that had been against adolf hitler then - for when all the others wanted the total war - the people from schleswig-holstein stood up - like one man - and said: - not with us! - if you need a harbor for your war ships - then you can forget about schleswig-holstein -- this is also why there is no injustice in the north - in kiel for example - nobody can remotely find a reason - for this terrorist attack to happen - because here the world - is still in order - if there was any injustice - surely one of the natives would have - heard of it -- whenever important events happen in the land - the newspaper makes a report about it - and it pays good attention - so that it doesn't miss anything - effectively there is only one newspaper here - but this is absolutely sufficient - because objectivity is more important - than chaos -- especially today it is essential - that we can rely on our northern german comrades - we want to confront - the matter of terrorism - unbiased - and unemotional - therefore the press here - belongs to the internationally most renowned - most independent - most progressive - and also to the most sagacious - media of our nation -- the majority of the northern germans is aryan - today of course this does not matter anymore - but it is a fact - and cannot be denied - you can see it for example in the aryan names - but this is all the same today - for if you are aryan - or half-aryan - or of non-aryan origin - it is all one for the people - they only see the human - who is behind it - and justice - there is no trace at all - of german mief -- about the terrorism in america - well - the northern germans have nothing to do with it - they are at a loss here - like all of us - and they ask themselves - why the poor countries - have to resort to such brutality - in order to point to their troubles - now this is very bad style! - it is no use at all - and it is impolite - where would that end - if we let the terrorists dictate us - how we are to behave - there is nothing that could be said against us - no no - there's gonna be some domestic measures - and this is it -- i really have to say - if it was not for the people from schleswig-holstein - we would surely be lost - here in the liberal west - and i have heard of no other german state - that would be so devoted - to balancing the issue - and thus to come to a moderate conclusion - and this is also why - we hardly need - an opposition here
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