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bamboo 4
bamboo # 183 - anis 26.10.01

on the occasion of the upcoming action week - "vow against right-wing violence - and right-wing extremist right-extremism" - i was called by my broadcasting station - to speak some introductory words about this issue - as long as the pulpit is vacant - in order to prepare the population - for this event -- we are of course talking about - a schleswig-holstein-wide performance - which is organized - by the left-wingers - otherwise they would have called it - "vow against left-wing violence - and left-wing extremist left-extremism" - and not: - "vow against right-wing violence - and right-wing extremist right-extremism" -- the numerous conductors and supporters - were selected in a complicated process - and thoroughly tested - the applicants - had to confront themselves - with uncomfortable questions - in a long procedure - about their childhoods - and contingent incidences with pets - those applicants who did not learn - at least - the biographies of mahatma gandhi - and martin luther king - by heart - plus bamboo # 18 - was not even taken into consideration -- in the framework of the action week there will - certainly be - many confessions - information - and infestations - so we will find the initiative - "cooking with two left-wing cultures" - a course for beginners - where you can choose to wear a cooking-veil or a gloriole - planned are also diverse mass demonstrations - and discussions in schools - about the concentration camps - given that - the kids are not naughty - but soon there is german nikolaus anyway -- creatively it goes ahead - in the elementary school seminar - "flyers and caricatures - against oblivion" - if the technical problems can be solved - for the managing director forgot - to provide sufficient sheets of paper - as well as crayons - the pupils however - are prepared now -- in the youth cafe lady-teachers will have discussions - with foreign participants - about the meaning of life -- after depositing the garlands - there starts a rural photo exhibition - on the subject: - "the were also farmers - that were nazis - but together - we will make it through" -- in the concert against right-wing right-extremism - plays the flute choir of the albert schweitzer high school -- i was just wondering - what that is, anyway: - right-wing violence? - well first of all - we are talking - about a phenomenon - that does not occur - in the left-wingers - now this is elementary - for otherwise the organizers would have to deal with - the reproach of bias - or of double standard -- if we wanted to approach a provisory definition - we could say: - right-wing violence is something like - when a bald beer-drinking hooligan - who has got a swastika - tattooed on the back of his head - enters a bus - saluting hitler - singing the horst wessel song - massively armed - with 78 fellow partisans - taking a poor and caughing - yet smart-looking - turkish family dad - who has always - paid his taxes - who hardly ever visits a mosque anyway - and whose reputation is without any blame - and when they drive him into the ground -- at the end of this action week - which is sponsored by a leading petroleum company - by the facluty of the humanities from the local university - and a known warehouse chain - each of the one hundred and fifty thousand contributors - and of the three millions in the audience - will know - or at least get a notion - about that the nazis - if we just look at the facts - were completely wrong
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