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bamboo 3
bamboo # 202 - anis 01/12/02

welcome to another series of: - "doctor bock's surgery-hour" - i am doctor bock - children's psychiatrist - in the astrid lindgren hospital - for the hard to educate - the ill behaving - and mad children and juveniles - our most interesting newcomer for months now - is marlene - she really got us all - sister hertha for example - who usually cannot be shaken by anything - she almost quit her job - she said: - the forecourt of hell was... - oh i don't remember the words - hold on for a sec - sister hertha! - sister hertha do come 'round - for a moment will you? - what was that that you were saying? - the forecourt... - "i said: - i'd rather scrub the forecourt of hell - before i set foot - in marlene's cell again!" - oh yeah right - scrub it was - now listen sister - we did agree - that we won't call them ‚cells' anymore - didn't we? - they are rooms - okay? - tell me now sister: - who actually cares for marlene - since you don't set foot - and all that? - what you have no idea? - and for how long is it now - that you haven't set foot? - what? - this... - now listen here: - you'll go immediately - to the cell nonsense to marlene - no back talk! - i said: immediately - and take a mug of water with you - and some knaeckebrot - what do you say? - we don't have any more knaeckebrot? - well what do we have then? - alright then take them old ritz crackers - now get on with it! - well - ladys - ah - and gentleman - now this came a bit surprising... - i really could have checked that - before the show - well - anyway - who cares! - now about this extraordinary case: - marlene is xenophil! - for central europe this is a very rare illness - the last occurrence - that i can remember at all - was in my college years in paderborn - the case had a tragic ending - nobody would ever have supected - that a case like that - could happen again - that is until marlene hit the scene - she is seven years old - her father brought her here - and said - that his child - was attracted to the strange - the unusual - and the occult - beyond all limits - whereas she would detest - all normal things - she had suspicious playmates - and all in all too few aversions - she loved spinach for instance - but on the next day - she would want to eat - something different again - you never knew - what she was about - her parents even had to resort to exorcism - when marlene threw an egg-sandwich - on the ground - in anger one day - then when she came to our place - she was instantly attracted to all them mad children - who live here - and she turned her cell - ah - living-cell - no - room! - her room she turned into something like a head office - sister hertha said - that marlene - performed some sort of - some sort of voodoo... - ah sister hertha - there you are again - what's the matter? - you look so pale - are there any problems? - no? - well alright then - marlene just sat there smiling? - well this is good - isn't it? - what do you say: for two weeks? - without any water? - hm - marlene really is - sort of strange - i can tell you that for sure - spooky thing this - and what about the rest of the - mad children and juveniles? - they are alright well there you are - this was why we isolated marlene to begin with - wasn't it? - i mean that was the purpose - of the whole thing - but no sister - i wouldn't call that a satanic cult - no i don't think so - that's a bit far-fetched - although ... - well i mean - you never know
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