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bamboo # 215 - anis 02.04.02

you know i find it rather exhausting - to go traveling again so soon - might be - but since the americans... - oh man - can't you stop talking about them americans? - yeah but since they were asking us - you know - yeah and how the heck could we two be of any aid here? - well they put some trust in our abilities - i cannot really say - that i'm comfortable with all this - it's twelve now - the contact guy will be showing any moment now - given that this is indeed the damascus gate - it is - well if he is coming from the old city - then we cannot possibly miss him - from up here you have a good overview - these soldiers can really make you nervous - now look at this! - whatya mean? - over there! - oh shit - what do they think that they're doing there? - goodness - now he kicked him - the palestinian wanted to cross over there - but this is closed there ain't it? - yeah but the guy wanted to pass - there! - now he laid one on the soldier - now that'll mean trouble with a big tee - but the soldier started it off - why when the road is closed - then it's closed - yeah but he didn't have to kick him - did he? - hey look-a there! - now it's four of 'em fighting - now this is completely unacceptible - why don't you get involved - and get your pal out of there - this guy ain't my pal - i don't even know him - do you think - i didn't notice - that you are pro-palestinian?- and what has this to do with pro-palestinian, he? - you're being stupid that's all - didn't you say - that the palestinian was right? - so what? - well there you are - pro-palestinian - man this guy came along there - and the other guy stopped and provoked him - see you're defending him again - did you ever hear anything about suicide assaults? - and you? - did you ever hear anything about human rights - you nut? - juice-head! - well one will probably see things from a different angle - once that one has erased somebody himself - why what do you mean by... - oah! - you miserable creature - take this! - auaaa! - there you are - it's your own fault - aaaargh! - i will give you "it's your own fault" - buddy i beat you to... - aaaa! - hi hi - hey what are you doin' there? - put this stone away at once! - i will blow you away - you missed me you missed me - there are even more stones here - ouch! - let me... - now you just wait and see - watch out mind the stairway - aaah - you wait - you'll get that back - ah really? - auu! - so! - auaah! - so! - now stop throwing these vegetables at me - when the road is closed - then it is closed - yeah well you are closed, too - better than to be a fundamentalist! - well why don't you enter a kibbuz then! - aah! - aau! - terrorist! - and who is the terrorist - you violent rat! - man i hit you in the... - you better watch it... urgh - so! - aah - was it painful? - hey my moshammer coat is torn! - what do i care? - hey my moshammer coat! - yeah well i shit on your moshammer coat - it's too hot for this weather anyway - i love this coat... - helmut stop strangling me - i'm gonna do you in man - kchrgh - that's right - aaah my... - yeah this is what you deserve! - oh my nuts! - yeah - kchch - see? - and i am bleeding everywhere - you arab! - you zionist! - and how do you like: this here? - 161D3Caah - you wait you pig - aaaargh - damn arabs! - damn zionists! - aah - aah - ooh - ooh - heinz? - what? - i think they stopped - no kidding? - yeah they're all looking over here - oh
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