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bamboo 4
bamboo # 216 - anis 15.04.02

hilee hilow my dear ladies and gentlemen - it's me again - your dissident - i am now a peace movement - it is quite a change for me - and i still have to find my way around - the market is quite packed you see - there are ridiculously many peace movements - did you know that at all? - you have to find a way - to carry your point with them - otherwise you win nothing - peace you see - is like a cake - everybody wants to have a piece - i went - for example - to see the socialists - but they told me - that i was not intellectual enough - and that i read the wrong books - and that they will positively not - have studied their marx and all that - in struggles which went over years - just in order to finally broach the issue - from a completely different angle - besides the posts - (for the time after) - are already distributed - and that is why a cooperation - would be pointless - i could understand that - and didn't want to obtrude, either - so i went to see the others - they were sitting in a small room - which was decorated - with political posters - and doves - they drank a lot of tea - and therefore had - to go to the toilet often - when i told them - that i am for peace - they liked that - and i liked them, too - and we remained so until today - but still: - things were stuck - i decided - to leave germany - and to make friends - elsewhere - this is how i entered - the international community - i said to them: - hello friends - i came - to make peace - and the international community was thrilled: - at last! - so they said - at last we have found you - how long have we - been waiting for you! - and i started to feel a bit uneasy - because of all the flattering - so i said: - okay - let's get down to work - and make this world - a better place - and the international community said: - but what do you want to do? - and i said: - we must rebuild jerusalem! - there the international community said: - okay - but this is a job - which is already carried out - by somebody - why don't you work for the sake - of somalia - and djibuti - or the west sahara? - but i did not want that - i wanted cooperation - what a selfish peace movement you are! - said the community - and we had already - set so many hopes on you - how could you - disappoint us in such a way? - do you think - you have a monopoly on peace? - we are here as well! - and we have been here so much longer! - before you popped up - everything was so tidy here - and so - my dear ladies and gentlemen - it happened - that i left this galaxy - on a monday morning - to find a place - where i could make peace - without hurting - the feelings of other people
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