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bambus # 217 - anis 23.04.02

good evening - ladies and gentlemen - here are some immaterial - political remarks - i say immaterial - because it is politically incorrect - to talk too much about politics - now originally i wanted to say something about srebrenica - but i don't know how to spell it - so i rather write about jenin - although you can also spell it dschenin - or even jinin - or maybe i'll just mix up the two cities - i was impressed - when i saw - that a whole government resigns - only because some foreigners died - okay it was a massacre - but it was long ago - and far away - i mean come on - would you have believed - that they all resign - for something - that didn't even happen - in their own country? - yeah well responsibility responsibility - but it is not good for the country - and the economy - and then you see it on tv - while jenin is being destroyed - i mean this is just like - as if fischer would resign - in some time - because he said these things about jenin - now this is unthinkable - what should fischer have done - if the americans don't let him - and the europeans - and why did he enter politics? - but let us leave this subject - and talk about le pen - now here we have something - very odd - it is hard to believe - that in a democracy - like france - we could find somebody - who is saying such wild things - against other peoples - and who gets so much support - in the election - we will find no comparison - in the western world - ariel sharon for instance - is completely different - ariel sharon is only defending israel - against the evil clutches of hostile and uneducated surroundings - and he does not at all instrumentalize - the fight against minorities - in a populistic way - so that his people define themselves - as being something better - than the others - but le pen does that - he publically says - that there are the better ones - and the worse ones - and many people believe him - because he tells them - that they are the better ones - and the people like to be better - than the others - they all do - there were even other individuals in history - who fascinated the masses - with exactly this line of thought - like ah - mmh - i forget his name - doesn't matter - fact is - that france is shocked - how could this happen? - this is very strange - the political analysts are - at a loss here - of course if something was wrong - with our western democracy - then we could understand - like if we were living in an authoritarian society - but we're not - everything has been fine - apart from the exception - of the srebrenizcka thing - i mean - there should have been some sort of hints - for a political desaster like this - but there were none at all - israel for example - did nothing wrong - you cannot say that only because israel - does not care for the basic human rights - of some obnoxious foreigners - that this could lead - to a political chaos - in a way that - other western countries - must defend israel - and thus become the same - no no - don't give me this feeble argument - le pen has nothing to do with that - it has to do - with some internal misunderstandings - and it was a sort of warning - the french do not really want le pen - they only want to warn - about what could happen - but they don't actually want it - that's politics - you cannot always understand politics - it is a very complicated matter - and i am happy - that i am only a satirist - my world is really simple - bye bye
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