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bambus # 218 - anis 29.04.02

this is not english - these are words - for both - this is the green language - it is for the friend - and the enemy - alike - the friend and the enemy - are settled inside the words - they are the one and the other - both are the same - so you can talk to them - alike - both say: - i am the friend - and the other is the enemy - when they have a thought - they think about the other - they are alert - ready to defend - ready to retaliate - ready to be stronger - both eat and sleep - both need the other - to be ready - ready to defend - and ready to retaliate - both are thinking about violence - and call it counter-violence - both don't listen - and have a fixed picture of the other - but were there no war crimes? - they asked - and the green voice said: - yes there were and are crimes - and what about them? - they asked - can there be peace without justice? - and the green voice said: - no - there cannot be peace without justice - and there will be justice - and both parties liked that - but they had different opinions - about justice - and believed - that the difference was so big - that they could never bring it together - they were both wrong - the crimes are written - in a book - no matter what you do - no matter what you say - they are written down anyway - and every new crime - will be added - no matter what you do - no matter what you say - they are all there in the box - do you see the box in which all the crimes are? - yes this is the box - it has two colors - the box stinks - of rotten bones and pain - the whole world is upset about it - hang it in the tree! - for the sake of my nose - do something with this box - it is there - open in the street - and all the kids can see it - they get so angry - put it away! - do not be troubled about justice - hang it in the tree! - but it was too heavy - then get some people together - and put the box away! - but they hesitated - it is dangerous it is dangerous - but they didn't understand - we will care for that later - nothing will be forgotten - nothing will remain concealed - is this what you want? - and they said: - yes - this is what we want - but this is not - what we believe - we must cool down - but it is so difficult - with this box - in the street - and it smells so bad - then from the edges - came two men - one was white - and one was black - they carried guns - they called the green voice a treasoner - and they looked very frightening - are you on their side - or are you on our side? - they asked - follow me in the street - said the green voice - can you see this box over there - do you smell it? - look at that child - it is playing round the box - cannot smell it - cannot differentiate - look its eyes have changed - whose child is this? - do you want to have it in your house? - it stinks - don't be edge people no more - edge people are veteranes - they have suffered the biggest pain - of all - they need - our help - they want - our help - they are not - what they appear to be - they are made - they are caged in their positions - on the edge - they are not happy - let them see their people - living in peace - let them see their land - blossom - they will not stand - in the way - they respect us - because we respect them - they know how children are - and they speak - with soft voices - when you speak - the green language - the language for both - so your words - sink deeply - without danger - until they settle - on the ground - like a spring leaf
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