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bamboo # 221 - anis 20.06.02

so how was it? - how was what? - well with your parents i mean - yadda yadda who cares - you made it to stay there for almost a week - ah why don't you just shut up - hey what's wrong with you? - just leave me alone man! - so bad? - shut up your face i say - why do you have to be so aggressive? - aggressive? - and who is aggressive here - you nut! - man i only asked... - yeah yeah you only asked - you can really spare this out - you know exactly that... - now what is this here? - what do you mean? - this poster over there - oh that - is that bahaa-ullah or what? - no john lennon - and the george bush poster that hung there before? - it's over there - where? - ah - in the kitchen - in the kitchen? - i gotta see this - ah well... - no it doesn't hang here - do you wanna fool me or what? - ah well - it is here you see - ah here - in the garbage! - you have... - it was somewhat out you see... - it was somewhat out? - it was my private property - man why always against me? - come on don't make a fuss about it - you wanted to throw it in the garbage yourself - that is a completely different thing! - cause it is mine - but you have destroyed my right - you have questioned my reputation! - hello wake up man - you're back home - why what...? - now why don't you first get your stuff out of the car - and relax - and i'll fix ourselves a coffee - alright? - i bought strawberries for us - i hate strawberries - you hate strawberries?? - helmut - everybody loves strawberries - you never... - how about if you got the stuff out of the car - and i sit here and relax in the meantime? - and how about if i called you a macho pasha? - man why always against me? - first all this trouble - then the long journey - the air-conditioner didn't work, either - then one is happy - to finally be back home... - oh yeah? - well you didn't give the impression - that you're happy - yeah well not anymore - you messed it up - ah, so i messed it up - did i? - and what did i do? - yeah well i won't be analyzing that now - if you don't know it by yourself - helmut? - what's up? - and what happened at your parents'? - nothing man - what could have happened? - nothing at all - it was just like every time - everything alright - well if you don't want to talk about it - what do you mean: - if i don't want to talk about it? - who said that, anyway? - you really are a complex personality helmut - oh i see, now i'm the madman again, right? - now don't be so aggressive man! - oh i see, now i'm aggressive again, right? - if you just listened to what you're saying - then you would notice - that it is always against me - you are unfree helmut - oh i see now i'm unfree - well i have to fix myself a coffee now - yeah: yourself, see? - yourself you're fixing a coffee - yeah for you too, of course, you idiot - look! see what you're saying to me - idiot - and nut - and shut up your face... - nut and shut up your face is what you said to me actually - once more against me! - you turn all things around - so that they are against me - you know what helmut? - what? - i'll really start to be against you - if you go on getting on my nerves - see i knew it from the beginning - you've been latently against me the whole time - and where did you pick up that one? - which one? - about the latently - read it somewhere - what do i know - why - do you think i'm uneducated - only because i didn't study? - oh god you're getting on my nervs helmut - oh why is it always against me? - man i just wanted - that they're content with me - but they just never are content - i ... - now do wake up helmut - you're back home man!
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