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bamboo # 223 - anis 14.12.02 for b.h.

oh my god it is so cold in here - helmuuuuut!! - oh man this is cold - and then this yelling! - helmut what is wrong with the heating (bibber)? - hold on for a sec - i didn't even wake up yet - and this on a sunday mornig - i'll go and have a look at it in the cellar - get on follow me! - cold like in stalingrad this is, man! - hey now watch it! - are you mad? - such comparisons are not ok - what, why? - oh c'mon heinz! - that i have to explain this to you is just superfluous - and what did i do?? - comparison with the nazi period! - this is why? - of course this is why - but all people make comparisons with the nazi period - is that so? - and who all? - well there is koch - and this saramago - and then mrs. daeubler-gmelin - even kohl - then moellemann and karsli of course - lafontaine - and now claus harmsen - so, now let's have a look at this damned heater - man it's so cold!! - and this although you're wearing them gloves and this silly cap - cold like rats is what i call this - well that is better - like back in stalingrad - where the germans got smashed by the russians! - idiot! - and why? - well you know exactly why! - it is politically incorrect - what nonsense! - do you have an idea about - how cold it really was in stalingrad?! - now let's stop this - i gotta concentrate here - hand me the spanner will you - what spanner? - it's alright - already got it - and tell me... - yes? - oh now this thing here is jammed like... - and what do you want me to tell you? - just shut up for a minute - now where does all this water come from? - how am i to know? - it was you who turned the wheel open - at least it is warm water - not like back in... - oh get off! - what i wanted to say: - who is this claus harmsen guy? - oh him! - he criticized the central council - you mean THE central council - yapp - the central council - ...now look-a there - this is quite some water that ran out of this machine - and did they fire him? - of course they fired him - well thank god - it is just unbearable - that they cannot leave the thingamybobs in peace - what thingamybobs? - yes you know - who i mean - people don't say this word - or they are immediately suspected - of being a whatsisname - you are talking in riddles - yeah great - well what happened to all these people - you mentioned? - they sent them into the desert - yeah there you are - at least it is warm there... - again! - you're doing it again - you glorify the nazis! - now come - stop this dribble - and warm up the hut - you know precisely - that nobody is to say anything about them - about whom now? - well the thingamybobs - yeah i know - because they get suspected of being a whatsisname - i got it - exactly! - it had just been too bad back then - you mean anti-semitism, right? - are you nuts?! - never say this word again ok? - and jew? - shhhh! - man stop this rubbish - it's no use at all - heinz - you must promise me - that you'll never say such a thing - when other people are around - but why? - because they up there are very sensitive, that's why - well alright - if you just make it warm again - yes yes i'm at it - i don't have to talk about jews and that - you know - yeah just stop it - why don't we talk about the human rights - if you like that better? - oh no beware! - let's rather talk about ally macbeal - the tv gal? - and so what? - nothing - nothing - she is together with harrison ford - as i heard - no kidding? - helmut watch this cable - now i would not have guessed that - helmut it is all full of water here now, man! - with this indiana jones guy? - oh what a day! - and so bloody cold! - yeah like back in stalingrad
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