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bambus # 225 - anis 10 april 03

hi helmut - hello heinz - tell me what is wrong with your face? - what why? - well there is something with your face - no i don't know what you mean - really - now i've got it - it is this enormous grin - and what is it that you are enjoying so much? - baghdad has fallen - what? - oh yes, we made it! - we? - who do you mean? - you and the americans? - yes in a way... - i and the americans! - and the british of course - the courageous heros! - so you identified yourself again, did you? - well we have this culture struggle going on you know - it wasn't me who invented it - i am just happy - to stand on the right side - that's all - and which side would that be? - the west of course! - western civilization - with all its superiority and technology - enlightenment - progressiveness - bravery - helmut - what? - i think i got your point now - yes ok - besides it is nonsense - what is nonsense? - that baghdad has fallen - the regime broke down - that's all - that's got nothin' to do with baghdad - course it has! - baghdad... - cradle of civilization - now you are ours - at last - oriental gem - uh... heinz or is that the word for bacillus? - no that's germ - oh yeah - so jewels and gems - and caliphs - and islamists - and all the profusion of the east - 10.000 years of history - are looking down upon you! - i think we'll find you were watching cnn all night - is that so? - i owe this to the heros of baghdad you know - they have been tiring themselves so hard - they had to take so much criticism... - yeah and they killed so many people... - oh c'mon - you and your social criticism - you only want to spoil it that's all - man, baghdad is ours! - this is rubbish what you're sayin' there man! - is it really? - here! - take a look at what the newspaper headlined today on page one - well? - "baghdad has fallen" - there you are! - oh c'mon - everybody knows what kind of rubbish the paper writes - that's no news - no no listen - they are against the war, too - yes sure - obviously... - ha ha! - ha ha! - you are unbearable, helmut - it's hard to lose, ey? - ethno-heinz - human rights! - culture struggle, i say! - western superiority! - the coalition of the willing - of the killing - the willing - the complaisant - baghdad damascus jerusalem - ours again at last! - jerusalem, too? - well why not? - now that we are at it... - we can just as well show some generosity - east jerusalem i mean of course - the other one is ours, anyway - ours??? - uhm, yeah kind of... ours - you do have quite a wide scope here - don't you think? - well you see - i don't want to exclude anybody - except the vanquished of course - that's right - well that's what war is about - it is a matter of fact - that some people will have to die - it wasn't me who invented this - do you think i like that? - helmut? - whatsemadder? - could you please stop this shit now? - yes ok - you have behaved like a complete jerk! - man and what did i...? - you know all night they had been showing these... - man what is all this about? - zick-mei-yer! - man now stop this man! - i think i feel a bit oozy now - feelings of guilt! - man i only want peace - you are a barbarous fellow-traveller - man! - you sat in front of the tv and got yourself a brainwash - you don't exactly want to make it easy for me - do you? - yeah, ‚baghdad has fallen' you nut! - man now let me - it's enough - yeah, ‚oriental gem' you snorehead! - heinz! - jerusalem! - c'mon now let's be friends again... heinz - culture struggle! - oh yeah well - this damned culture struggle - oh let's leave this - mmh, get some fresh air? - yeah - well alright - then let's go
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