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bamboo # 226 - anis 12 april 03

ah so you're back again - hey have you seen this car - in front of the latch-door? - yes that's my car - your car?? - i don't believe you a word - no kidding - hey man - and what is all this here - oh my god! - what a mess! - yeah well that's - my new equipment - are you saying that - while i was with fiona last night - you brought all this stuff in here? - well they helped me with the transportation - who is they? - oh attention! - man mind the cables on the floor! - and what is this here? - what that? - survival-kit for tundra and tanga - tanga? - you mean taiga? - yeah or taiga - whatever - and there - a wireless installation - eh where does all this stuff come from? - helmut i sincerely hope you didn't... - cool down man - this is all straight and official - well? - well yes goodness - i have started working for a bigger american information service - y-o-u-a-r-e-k-i-d-d-i-n-g! - nope - you know i did have - these contacts before - yeah well and now - i have proven my credibility - credibility - don't make me laugh... - eh the whole apartment is crammed with these things - even here in the doorway - those are my identity boxes - i can't believe that all this happens - like here for example: - complete outfit for a diplomat - and this over there? - tourist identity with fishing kit - camouflage and all - and of all people - they selected you - and gave you all these items? - yeah! - you didn't expect that did you? - look at this laptop - it was developed by nasa itself - by nasa - what rubbish! - yeah by nasa - attention there! - don't sit on those papers - helmut? - what? - and what are you supposed to do - with all this trash? - nothin' special - i just keep an eye on things - hee! where is my john lennon poster? - in-the-gar-bage - oh no this is unbelievable! - now he's got this... - no way! - this picture will not remain on the wall! - this is the leopard two tank in kingsize - ha! - what a tank! - is it from the army magazine 'killing for everybody'? - no this was in the newspaper supplement today... - hey! - this will stay there on the wall! - helmut i really don't like the direction - that things are taking here - could you please take off these sunglasses for a minute - god this is simply unbelievable! - ye-heah - there is a new wind blowing here now - you will see! - by the way - you could be part of it - salary's not bad - and they need all kinds of people now - because of the american friendship and all that - no thanks - hey - do you never feel that you wanna be a winner for a change? - winner? - ridiculous! - ...i still wonder - why they gave you an army jeep - absolutely surreal - they didn't give it to me - i organized it myself - it's a used one - i got it for a reasonable price - from the british - and who exactly do you refer to - when you talk about 'the british'? - circles - oh circles! - helmut - tell me that all this is only a bad dream - this heinz is... - yes? - this is most serious - and there couldn't be anything more serious - it is the truth - reality - everything sound - and absolutely irreversible - oh helmut! - this is so terrible! - we have a new security situation - yes one could call it so - and therefore you should rather be happy - that we now have all these weapons - weapons?!? - yes of course - and what did you think? - but why? - i didn't see any weapons - yes because have not been in the basement yet - the basement! - yeah now wait a minute! - easy don't hurry! - man be careful down there - some of this stuff is explosive - heinz!
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