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bamboo 6
bamboo # 231 - anis 05 dec 03

do you remember - how it was - when it was all over? - when the dream - of the clean state - was broken - and not only was it all over - it also had all been wrong - how was this possible - to happpen? - who were these people - who did all this - and let it be done - we have to resist and fight now! - they said - this is our land - and not the one of the others - do you remember? - we need more space - they said - to settle there - because we are one people - for thousands of years - and we have met injustice - almost all our neighbors are against us today - up up you tough pioneers - bring iron and slugs - as we are building armament - to be able to live in dignity - without the others - whose existance means an insult to us - and a threat - they have a strange language - not like ours - and a different religion - this is not good - the others - are making problems - they want to destroy us - they question our existance - and because they do this - we have to control them - we need a bureaucracy foro them - some we arrest - many have been fleeing the country - we also do other things with them - this is justice - it is not their land - it is our land - we made it to what it is today - yet the threat grows - day by day - as if the neighbors - could not understand - that we only want our calm - of course we also make mistakes - everybody makes mistakes - but the permanent aggression from within - and from without - must weld us together now - until one day - we will reach the end of the tunnel - as victors - the fulfillment of our wishes - for the good always wins in the end - this is our hope in this hardship - look a-there our soldiers - these bodies - these uniforms - if only the others were not there - what shall be done with them? - it cannot go on like this, can it? - everything could be so easy - we have gone into their homes - by day and by night - we have changed the law - and expropriated many of them - still the threat is growing - and growing - it comes from them - why do they bring so much pain over us? - they are not rational - and they are many - do you remember? - do you recall how the state told you: - patriotism - that is when we - bring the war to the enemy - when we root out evil - and when we don't care about - the community of the peoples - and their written and unwritten laws - for this state is allowed to kill! - it has the right - it has the right - to kill - that's the way it is - it may sound a bit unusual - as others do not have this right - and yet there is great wisdom - in this decision - (we know what we are doing) - without orders - we would all drown in chaos - but you have nothing to worry about - for we will win - never again will anybody treat us this way - back then we had been weak - move ahead now! - the enemy does not sleep - he watches everything - and is only waiting for the right moment - to destroy us - we do not want that - so we will have to be quicker - we can recognize the enemy - he is different from us - we would not be like this - not us - we like things when they are in order - we? - no - we had basically - nothing to do with the whole thing - at all - and we had no idea about - the extant it had reached at one point - do you remember?
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