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bamboo 6
bamboo # 235 - anis 27 sep 04

i am ahmad the settler - i build settlements - around your heart - every morning - when you leave the house - you must pass them by - every evening - when you are longing to go to bed - you must pass - the settlements - that i created - with pure muscle power - and sweat in my face -- yesterday you dropped your handkerchief - in front of the street-door - while taking the latch-key out of your pocket - my spy saw it - above from the mountain - through the telescope -- it is a beautiful land - on which i have built my settlements - this is the right place for me - the soil red and brown - the trees full of fruit - and the sun on the hills - you had been alone for so long - and you could not talk to anybody - about all this beauty - and neither - about your pain - please do not be sad anymore - why don't you come to visit me? - i am your neighbor - i would prepare a meal for you - and tell you - about great times and remote planets - you will like it - i will also - introduce my friends to you -- sometimes you are standing at the window - then i long to call you - but you have no telephone - the authorities cut it off - this is a pity - there is a lot i would like to tell you - you see the barbed wire - but not the human - behind it - i need the barbed wire - because otherwise you would - expel me - and take my existence - there would be no one - to help me - i must help myself - that's just the way it is -- yesterday i built another settlement - i cannot stop - your heart is throbbing - it is warm - please do not be angry - it is only this desire - this human desire - you said sometimes it is - too close - i know - for me also - some things are too close - the war and the hatred - you got to be able - to understand this -- settlements i build - strategically around your heart - for my god wants it so - this land shall be fertile - there shall be love - around your heart - there is a lot of space here -- are you still so busy? - when i came to this land - i was the stranger - nobody wanted me - there i met you - and wished - to fall asleep at your side - but you did not want me either - so i built a home for myself - it was not difficult - to get the permission - from the authorities - now only you are missing - to make my joy complete - but you - do not stand at the window - in fear of the soldiers - like me once - it is - as if i see myself - if you only knew - how similar we are - to each other - you are standing there - in your rags - and have to hide from the world - yet you are loved so much - but not knowing it - and you also don't want - to talk about it - how can i be happy - when you are not -- your folks have put - a dead chicken in front of my door - this was not good - maybe you did not know about it - but they have - let the water out of my pool - before the soldiers came -- when i woke up this morning - i saw you coming down the road - on your way to work - you were beautiful - i almost spoke to you - but you did not even look my way
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