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bamboo 6
bamboo # 236 - anis 03 oct 04

one day - when the times had gotten economically hard - the people of the little town decided - to separate from their unproductive citizens - and to expose them in the woods - as they were constantly complaining - living on other people's expenses - and not matching the beauty ideal - their property was distributed - and soon there was calm again - everybody was content and optimistic -- ten years later the police - in the vicinity of the rhine herne canal - found a degenerated - neglected - and awful smelling boy - whom they had never seen before - they brought him to the inn - where he was critically examined - his hair was dishevelled and shaggy - he was dirty and almost naked - he only wore some ferret-furs - his movements were similar to those - of wild animals - they asked him about his name - and his papers - but he did not speak - and did not seem to understand - there the people in the inn suggested to the policemen - to put the boy in jail - so that he would be away again - until one of them spotted - a shakin' stevens button - on one of the ferret-furs - "lotte hauser used to wear this back then" - he cried out in alarm - "we had exposed her in the woods - she got money from the welfare - and had a baby - named jobst" - at that the crowd started to whisper and murmur - they looked onto the poor frozen lad - and memory came back like a shock - now the whole town felt guilty - even the press - jobst was bathed - and put into fine garments - then they taught him to speak - and gave him a mercedes - a wife - and a job as a chartered accountant -- for years everything went well - until hauser one day - in the hall of the railway station - got involved in a fight - while playing cards - he shot a citizen several times in the head - there were many witnesses - the city council exchanged views about - what to do now - they could not put poor hauser into prison - after everything that had happened - nobody had an idea - until the day - when hauser strangled his wife while boozing - the whole town came to the funeral - people thought about how - to approach hauser - in order to relax the situation - but hauser was self-willed and had a mind of his own - they begged of him - to act a bit more cautious - but now hauser was insulted - and withdrew more and more - into his privacy - on the premises - he felt not understood - and sent the press - his old ferret-fur - for christmas - as a souvenir - there the press felt ashamed - and wrote a big special - about the outlaws from the woods - about humanity - and about shakin' stevens -- jobst hauser was touched - and found his gratitude again - didn't these people - wash the dirt off his legs - teach him how to read and write - and install a whirlpool in his bathroom? - so he ordered the servants - to prepare a party - for the chief editor - the mayor - the party chairpeople - and the notables - from then on there was no more dispute whatsoever - only from the neighbor town - came occasional news - about sudden - mysterious killings - obviously not all towns could set - such a good example - as this one
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