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bamboo 6
bamboo # 237 - anis 12 oct 04

one day – in times of horror – and of organized crime – accidentally a little boy - came to earth from the planet crypton – at his host-parents’ he learned how to fly – and how to look through walls – the power of his body was uncomparable – and he also had the looks – for a long time he lived happily in metropolis – in a two-room-apartment with room-service – he sat at the desk – and played solitaire – until he saw the red light from the lamp in front of him – there he put on the costume in no-time – and flew through the window – right to the spot where things were going on – it was on a tuesday morning in fall – when superman surprisingly was called into the town-hall – two seconds later he appeared in front of the mayor’s office – as agreed – but the door was locked – superman saw through the door – how the mayor put on his tie – and changed his trousers - five minutes later – some seriously looking public officials – came up the corridor – they wore crescent glasses and had files under their arms – they said hello to superman – and the mayor opened the office door from within – „there seems to be a problem“ – said the town councillor – when everybody had sat down at the huge mahogany table – a long pause followed - superman looked at her – but could not see her thoughts – he only saw – that she had tickets for the opera – in a pocket inside the suit – „the thing is“ – said the man from the health department – „that the population – gets feelings of inferiority – because of your super power“ – „yeah“ – completed the senator for culture – „this power – this elegance – and speed – you are superior to everybody else – this is hardly bearable“ – „exactly“ – continued the mayor – „a lot of people were annoyed – about your participation in the olympic games – the media, too – is fed up with heroic tales – they have turned to calling it a dubious cult by now“ – superman was shocked – neither did he know about that nor did he want it - „well“ – it was lois lane’s voice from the other side of the table – „to say the truth i also find this costume – a bit like the one of a show-off – and infantile – you know – actually i don’t need all this superman stuff at all – and you don’t have to prove anything to me neither“ – she lit a cigarette – at that superman apologized for a moment – and flew to his castle – in the eternal ice – he strolled through the museum with the trophies – and gazed at the exposed items – sometimes he smiled lost in thoughts – when he returned – his ex-girlfriend was just exstinguishing the cigarette in the ashtray – „and how shall things go on now?“ – asked superman – „just be normal again“ – they all said together in a choir - „like us“ – but superman did not want that – he had had a longtime training and now did not agree – „don’t you think – that this is a bit egotistic of you?“ – asked lois – „is this what you want – that we all are in pain because of you?“ – now superman was confused – he returned to his apartment – and pondered and pondered – maybe these people were right – he broke the red lamp off the desk - played solitaire – and everybody lived happily ever after
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