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musik literatur journalismus malerei
Heinz and Helmut are "The Boys". In the satirical 5-minute audio sitcom they get into the most unlikely situations. Written by Anis Hamadeh, not yet published.

CD Description

The boys, that's Heinz and Helmut. For ages they have been friends and flat-mates in Kiel/Germany. In the first episode, Helmut by accident runs over the elderly Mrs. Zickmeier and her bicycle, when his car comes around the curve. This leads to some complications. Meanwhile, Heinz, on his way to enlightenment, approaches alternative religions. In "Laying Tiles" the boys want to tile the bathroom together, with white and black tiles, which inspires Heinz to play the board-game go. It ends in chaos. When Helmut takes on a mysterious activity as a foreign agent, even Fiona worries. She is Heinz' girlfriend and tells everything to her best friend Fanni. Heinz receives a "Letter from Mainz" with a job offer, and Helmut is completely dumbfounded. He still joins Heinz and they move house. "In the Garage" there is an incident because, as usual, Helmut cannot shut up. In the meantime the girls Fanni and Fiona have some fun at a party with a coma patient. In the last episode of the CD Heinz and Helmut survive an unexpected bath in the River Rhine.

(1) Collaterally, (2) Religious Frenzy, (3) Humbleness, (4) Laying Tiles, (5) Mrs. Zickmeier, (6) Agent Helmut (7), The Girls: Fanni and Fiona, (8) Talking Things Out, (9) Letter from Mainz, (10) In the Garage, (11) The Girls: Alphabetically, (12) Through the Rhine

Update March 2014
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