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musik literatur journalismus malerei

Anis 04/98, Song # 22

1. Don`t hold your desire, there's a place for everyone.
Sit right by the fire, hush, the story's just begun, about a
bunch of humble people who have gathered in the cold. They
changed what they once had and looked for what their daddy's sold.
They ride waves, ride waves.

2. Once upon a time there was a software engineer,
couldn't stand to face his old reflexion in the mirror.
He went: "Boy, it is the ninetees, I sure need a meditation.
Take me to a boat and let me find a new relation. Let me
ride waves, ride waves."
You'll do it, look what you're doin' right now. You'll travel away.

3. Once a sales accountant wouldn't take it anymore.
Every night was overtime, the boss would have it so.
She took her leave in early spring and left her ring for information,
kissed her man goodbye, it was an airport situation. She would
ride waves, ride waves.
Red, Rock, Rosie, everybody heard about them. They're traveling on.

4. Here they sit together, wash the structure off their skins.
Baldrick burnt the dictionary, look at how he grins, he says:
"I'm sorry, Dr. Johnson, we consider you a friend, but
now we have to go and write it all over again. We will
ride waves, ride waves."

5. Now they travel on with just a suitcase and a smile.
No one's got a map to travel for a little while, and they can
see what's going on a-marching in the light of day. They
won't give no more orders, but they surely will obey. They will
ride waves, ride waves.
Jack, Jill, Jenny, Matt, Bob, Frankie, Susie, they're traveling on.
..............................................................The circus commenced:

6. Come out of your, take care of your, let loose of your, hang on to your,
make sure of your, carry the cure of your, say thank you for everything and more.
Shake off your poor expanditure, say hi to your, because of your.
Be fast in your, cherish the past of your, get sight of your, turn on the light of your,
ride waves on your salvation tour.