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THE FLOOD - Feedback

"There were several tracks I really liked - 22 especially, as I love the harmonica. Such a diverse range of styles too. I can't imagine how long it must have taken you to produce the whole thing. Did you all work on it together? You're a very talented man, Anis. Your female vocalist, Miriam, has a great voice too. You all look like you're having a great time together, which is nice." M.C., England (29.08.2013)

"Lieber Anis, wieder ein beeindruckendes Werk, "The Flood". Schöne Live-Sounds, gute Themen und starke Melodien. Viel Glück damit auch bei den interaktiven Angeboten." R.Z., Hamburg (19.07.2013)

"Die letzte Zeit war turbulent, deshalb bin ich eigentlich erst jetzt dazugekommen, mich der Flut hinzuwenden, war einfach zu unruhig, um dieser sehr schönen Komposition etwas Zeit zu geben. Aber jetzt läuft's die ganze Zeit und ich bin begeistert. Du bist einfach unstoppable." W.B., England (19.05.2013)

"Die CD ist angekommen und ich habe sie schon ein paar Mal durchgehört. Da ist Dir echt wieder ein super Projekt gelungen! Ein paar Lieblingslieder habe ich auch schon :-) z.B. Nr. 8 und 9. Ich finde auch dass Deine Stimme total gut mit der Stimme der Sängerin harmoniert. Ich hoffe, dass Ihr mit der CD viel Erfolg habt und für viele Auftritte gebucht werdet." H.S., Köln (10.05.2013)

"It so happened that my eldest son was visiting me at the time. I immediately opened the envelope, got out the CD and put it on. My son, my wife and I listened to it to the end! All the three of us liked it." G.A., USA (10.05.2013)

"Gestern Abend war ich so traurig, dann habe ich mir ein paar mal Deine wunderbare Flood-CD angehört und wurde wieder glücklicher, vielen Dank, am besten haben mir die Songs gefallen, wo Du mit der Frau zusammen bist, aber die ganze CD ist toll, so schön beschwingt!!!!! Es muss Euch auch ziemlichen Spass gemacht haben - danach zu urteilen, wie wunderbar Ihr zusammenwirkt!!! Und habt Ihr tatsächlich auch ein Brettspiel dazu erfunden!???? Mit großer Bewunderung und lieben Grüßen," S.M., München (06.05.2013)

"I heard some of your stuff online as well. Really cool. Dad and I were talking about the theatrical nature of your work, with the story and the structure. Great!" R.B., Canada (01.05.2013)

"Very high quality! The whole project gives an impression of optimism and joy, light-heartedness and very good connection between the musicians and other members of the project. Well done!" O.U., Japan (30.04.2013)

"I am listening to your cd and have your voice around me! yesterday I sometimes listened to my favourite song "Maybe" and to the radio sometimes else ..." H.S., Palestine (28.04.2013)

"Aloha Anis, The Flood arrived sparkling with amazing creativity in every aspect: poetic lyrics, music, arrangements, colorful intricate happy art, planned game, promotional brochures, and invitations to creative engagement by anyone who discovers it. I listened to it during a 2 hour drive over this Island to Kailua-Lanikai then to Hawaii Kai-Kokohead and back day before yesterday. Remarkable combination of your Island story and Hawaii's spectacular nature." G.P., USA (28.04.2013)

"The CD came in the post on Friday and just in time for a semi-long road trip I had to do, which gave me the delightful opportunity to listen without interruptions to the whole thing! What a wonderful story and how beautifully told! Congratulations for such an amazing project! I'm sure I will enjoy it many more times!" J.E., Galiza (23.04.2013)

(Group mail): "This week our colleague Anis released his ambitious musical project CD, THE FLOOD in Mainz, Germany. I must be one of the first ones to have listened to the entire 72 minutes of delightful music, comprising a story of life's joys and sorrows told in 30 songs. Congrats, Anis! I am glad that I was able to sit down and listen to the whole CD in one go to get its full impact and a proper understanding of the story and its Nonkilling finale. The CD sounds like a ready made song book for a musical having eclectic music styles woven through it --rock, blues, ballads, country, folk, calypso and even a tango conveying different moods of the narrative. I am amazed at Anis' talent and skills to compose words and musical arrangements (plus the art work of the song book) transcending any negative partisanship and bitterness, using his gentle harmonies which seek to unite rather than jar a listener. Anis is supported on the disc by a group of talented musicians. While his voice reminds one of the troubadours such as the folk singer Pete Seger, Miriam Isa, the female singer on the CD, complements him with her pure and innocent sound enacting the role of Coco in the story. There is an interesting soundscape running through the narrative by haunting flute by Lorenzo Colocci and bassist Andreas Schermer with Anis on acoustic guitar and harmonica. It is a wonderful contribution from Anis to have developed this project as "partner of the Center of Global Nonkilling" shown on the jacket cover. I felt very good about such association. A CD of great potential for a peace musical in four acts. Though there are six free songs at www.anis-online.de/2/musik/the_flood including Nonkilling, I would however recommend all fond of music of nonkilling peace to get a copy and listen to the full CD in one go. You are a renaissance man, Anis. Nonkilling Kudos" B.B., Canada (21.04.2013)

"Die the flood cd ist wirklich toll gelungen. Ich höre sie sehr gern. Man hört die Leidenschaft die du / ihr in das Projekt gesteckt habt. Drücke dir die Daumen, dass der Verkauf gut anläuft." B.E., Mainz (20.04.2013)

"Die CD s sind gestern angekommen. Bin se grade am hören. Ist doch recht cool geworden. Gibt s n paar Songs die richtig rausfunkeln :) Toi toi toi mit der Scheibe!" T.G., Ingelheim (19.04.2013)