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THE FLOOD - Lyrics
Siehe auch die Zusammenfassung / Also see synopsis


raging: toben; pouring out: ausgießen; load: Ladung; holding tight: festhalten; made it: schafften es; hold on fast: festhalten; last: andauern; out of touch: nicht mehr in Verbindung; regret: bedauern
1. The night was raging in the boat.
Clouds pouring out a heavy load.
And so long, so long was the rain.
2. Some over board, some holding tight.
Some of us made it through the night.
And so strong, so strong was the pain.
CHORUS: /: Hold on fast, hold on fast,
trouble come and won't last. :/
3. The night was raging in the sea.
This is my oldest memory.
I can't remember much, like I've been out of touch
since we last met, if we met, I don't know, I regret.

I woke up to the sound of silence, the sun was beating from above.
My naked body, it was shattered, I felt a feeling that was love.
I felt a feeling that was love.
Could I be the only one who made it from the ship into the day?
Where are the rest of us? Who am I, anyway?
Wasn't there a man or two around me right before I closed my eyes?
What has become of them? I had to realize I was alone,
fully on my own, far away from home, no supply, no phone.
Drifting on a raft, nothing else was left. Only me, the sea, and my destiny.
And I was free, alive and free.

shattered:zerschmettert; supply: Versorgung; drifting: treiben; raft: Floß; destiny: Bestimmung

(Spoken:) This is how I survived the shipwreck.
The rain that took our ship now saved my life,
becaused it rained every night, so I could drink.
For three days and three nights I was drifting,
lost in the mighty ocean.

survive: überleben; shipwreck: Schiffbruch; lullaby: Schlaflied

Now I sing you a lullaby, sleep my child, sleep tight.
Meet you when the dream is over in the morning light.

I spy with my little eye: Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst; butterfly: Schmetterling; join in: mitmachen; to spot: sehen, ausmachen; delicious: lecker; fried: gebraten; lobster: Hummer; belly: Bauch; excited: aufgeregt; marvelous: wunderbar; sight: Anblick; folks: Leute; favorite dish: Lieblingsessen; pot: Topf; steam: dampfen; village: Dorf

(5) I SPY
1. I spy with my little eye something that is blue and flying in the sky.
Do you know the name of the butterfly?
Join in the game, now you can try. (What have you spotted?)
2. I spy with my little eye something that is red and not in the sky.
Especially delicious when it's fried
But you can also cook it and it tastes just fine. (Now what is this?)
(Spoken: Hey man, there is a lobster running on the beach. Let's catch it.)
3. Oh my, my belly and I are getting all excited bout the marvelous sight.
Quick, folks, get it, before it can hide, it's my favorite dish and I feel alright.
4. Oh mama, bring me the pot, everybody knows that I like it a lot.
C'mon mama, make it steam,
what a wonderful morning of a wonderful dream.
(Spoken: Hello, there is a body on the beach, look!)
(Oh my, that's a stranger. Look at his hair! Is he dead?)
(No, we must take him to the village at once.)

(Spoken:) That's very slow. Come on, let's go!
Yeah, yeah, that's what I mean,
cause I am Coco, the dancing queen.
Everybody move your feet to the drums and to the beat.
All the islands, they are one when they hear the jungle drum
Oh, yes it does so good, but now we must end.
Who are they bringing in here? This guy can use a hand.
(Spoken:) Someone to attend to, bring him to the tent. Treat him like a friend.

island: Insel; does good: tut gut; a hand: Hilfe; attend to: sich kümmern um; tent: Zelt; treat: behandeln

profession: Beruf; desire: Verlangen; roam: wandern; knight: Ritter; holy quest: heilige Suche; apart: getrennt

1. Stranger, tell us your name.
What is your profession and your favorite game?
2. Stranger from over the sea
searching for your life and your identity.
Home, home, what a sweet desire.
Roam, roam, with your heart on fire - so hot that you can't stop.
3. Are you from the East, are you from the West?
Maybe you're a knight on a holy quest.
4. Stranger, share this meal.
Tell us what your dreams are, tell us how you feel.
Home, home, what a sweet desire - fire.
So long have you been apart from everyone who's in your heart.
5. Are you from the North, are you from the South?
Do you have an accent in your mouth?
6. Stranger from over the sea
searching for your life and your identity.

1. Maybe I was born a millionaire, maybe I don't even care.
Maybe, maybe I was made for you.
You may think it is funny, but I don't seem to miss a thing.
On this island it is sunny and everybody loves to sing.
I looked once, I looked twice, everything's swinging and everything's nice.
You may think it is funny, but I don't seem to miss a thing.
2. Maybe I was reaching for the moon, maybe I was to be in prison soon.
Maybe, maybe I will fall in love.
You girls look yummy and I don't want to miss a thing.
You who're dancing with your tummy, don't you want to wear my ring?
I may not know who I am, but I'm pretty sure I was born a man.
You girls do look yummy and I don't want to miss a thing.

twice: zwei Mal; swinging: locker; yummy: lecker; tummy: Bauch; wear: tragen

(Spoken:) Who danced with her tummy? Who says I am yummy?
Wear your ring? Ding-a-ling? You have no idea who you are dealing with!
Now you hear my call. Now you hear my call.
Now you hear my call. Now you hear my call.
1. If you want to be my man forever,
you will have to prove that you are clever.
Many a man came to my door.
Some of them rich and some of them poor.
Some of them young and some of them old,
some of them shy and some of them bold.
CHORUS: But if you wanna win Coco's heart
you gotta be smart and smarter than smart.
If you really wanna win Coco's heart
you gotta be smart. Bless your art.
2. Here I have a task for you, let me see what you can do.
The people of the mountain and the people of the wood
don't live together the way they should.
If only someone bring them peace!
Who can put my heart at ease?

call: Ansage; shy: schüchtern; bold: kühn; bless: segne; task: Aufgabe; wood: Wald; put at ease: beruhigen

1. What a wonderful girl, what a wonderful world that I choose
I wanna do anything to be with you, I will try to be of use.
2. Doo doo-be do-doo, doo doo-be do-doo do-be doo
Show me to the mountain and to the woods, will they listen to my blues?
3. Doo doo-be do-doo, doo doo-be do-doo do-be doo
I wanna do anything to be with you, can I have these hiking shoes?

choose: wählen; of use: nützlich; hiking shoes: Wanderschuhe


inconvenience: Unannehmlichkeit; fence: Zaun; lurking: lauern; tense: angespannt; congratulate: gratulieren; fulfill: erfüllen; fate: Schicksal; aspire to: anstreben

1. Press your face right on the wall, thank you, this is fine.
So you have no guns, at all, stand behind the line.
Sorry for the necessary inconvenience.
This is not the way we treat our family and friends.
There is an enemy behind the fence.
Lurking in the night, so we feel tense.
It's just a little hop and you're right on top:
Welcome on the mountain, welcome on the mountain.
Where the water is sweet, where good people meet:
Welcome on the mountain, welcome on the mountain.
2. (Instrumental)
3. So you say that you're in love, we congratulate.
And we ask the Lord above to fulfill your fate.
Peace with the forest people is what we aspire to,
only that the forest people don't share this desire.
Where the eagle flies high up in the skies:
Welcome on the mountain, welcome on the mountain.
Where the air is clear for the pioneer:
Welcome on the mountain, welcome on the mountain.

I stayed a week up on the peak, the situation was so new to me.
And I had no single doubt, when I heard the people out
that a peace could be achieved. We can be free.
It was time to say goodbye and move on to the others in the wood.
Now I was curious about the neighborhood.

peak: Gipfel; no single doubt: kein Zweifel; hear out: anhören; achieved: erreicht; curious: neugierig; neighborhood: Nachbarschaft

climb: klettern; sign of recognition: Zeichen des Wiedererkennens; cook: Koch; sign on: an Bord gehen; laid up in bed: ans Bett gefesselt; claim: behaupten; possess: besitzen; goods: Güter; sneak: schleichen; steal: stehlen; draw a gun: ein Gewehr hervorholen; guess: raten

1. Oh well, I went down to the river and John Henry is my name.
I met a man that I used to know before the storm, when it came.
2. He was climbing down the mountain, he had lost his memory.
When I called him Joe he did not show any sign of recognition to me.
3. He said: John Henry, tell me all about it! Give me what you got.
I said: You were the cook and you wrote a book,
And we lost the crew in the flood.
4. He said: John Henry, what was the book about?
And why and where did I sign on?
I said: The truth is you didn't talk much, at all, you said your life was gone.
5. (Instrumental)
6. Then he told me about a lady and I thought of my wife Polly Anne.
Once I was sick and was laid up in bed Polly did my job like a man.
7. Now the people of the mountain and the people of the woods,
they are not the same, cause the mountain people claim
to possess all the land and all the goods.
8. They would sneak down from the mountain,
they would kill and they would steal.
They can draw a gun and have some fun,
you can guess how the forest people feel.

1. Drip drop, the rain is falling right in my head
Here comes the flood curdling the blood
Was I sleeping, was I dead?
2. So many ships sank to the ground, the sea is deep.
Gone with the flood, breaking up.
There's a secret I must keep.
We could never talk alone, had no time on our own.
She was always listening, everything she heard.
When I smiled she took your eyes,
when I left she told you lies.
Nothing I could do.

curdling the blood: das Blut in den Adern gefrieren lassen; to keep a secret: ein Geheimnis bewahren

Moving on, moving on, all I ever had is lost and gone
Moving on, moving on, all I ever had is gone.

1. You two, can you bear me a little? Budge up or take me in the middle:
We hit the news on TV.
After all, they heard our call, we're fighting to be free.
We hit the news on TV, yeah.
All the years of occupation, we lost our patience with
media, NGOs and ministries.
We hit the news on TV, CNN and BBC.
2. Once a group of people came to this island, changed their names -
a new community.
Trouble started very soon on a sunny afternoon:
We split up, now we are three.
Some think they're above the law, you would know it if you saw
half of what I have seen.
We hit the news on TV, that's what's exciting me,
'cause many nights I was hoping so hard that justice will prevail.
If this world is really broken apart, how did we fail!
3. We hit the news on TV and now the whole world can see
the great calamity on a tiny island in the sea.
(Spoken: So, uh, John, and who's your friend here? Oh really?
Well, why don't both of you come back with me to the woods?
We're gonna celebrate at the mango tree.
C'mon John, you gotta be there. We owe you, you know.)
Da da da daa da da daa, da da da daa da da daa
Da da da daa da da daa, da da da daa da da daa:
We hit the news on TV!

bear: aushalten; budge up: rücken; hit the news: es in die Nachrichten geschafft haben; occupation: Besatzung; patience: Geduld; split up: sich trennen; prevail: obsiegen; fail: versagen; calamity: Misere; tiny: klein

1. Cooperation without domination is the root and the creed.
Cooperation without domination, do you know what you need?
It's a kind of tricky thing, so I try to make it ring while I sing and I bring
swinging thoughts of Dr. King, criticize the poison sting, take wing in spring.
Are you on a secret mission? Is your disposition your definition or only your ambition?
2. Cooperation without domination is the root and the creed.
Cooperation without domination, do you know what you need?
Domination in a game is no shame
when you can claim that your flame is tame.
It wouldn't be the same if your aim came
from another frame with another name.
Is your inhibition due to submission and in addition to lack of recognition?
Is the repetition of your tradition a sign of opposition to your true condition?
3. Cooperation without domination. Liberation without hesitation
Inspiration without resignation. Cooperation without domination

domination: Dominieren; root: Wurzel; creed: Credo; tricky: schwierig; ring: klingeln; poison sting: Giftstachel; take wing: aufbrechen; spring: Frühling; secret mission: geheime Mission; disposition: Gesinnung; ambition: Bestreben; shame: Schande; tame: zahm; aim: Ziel; frame: Rahmen; inhibition: Hemmung; submission: Unterwerfung; in addition: zusätzlich; lack of recognition: mangelnde Anerkennung;repetition: Wiederholen; condition: Verfassung; liberation: Befreiung; hesitation: Zögern

1. Send for the gang, oh, time for a tango under the mango tree.
Turn your nose and push your toes and bend your tango knee.
2. Celebration, exaltation under the mango tree.
Up and down and 'round and 'round, in pleasant company.
Now we are floating over the coating, inches above the ground.
So we ascend until, in the end, we gently get back down.
3. (Instrumental)
4. Send for the gang, oh, time for a tango under the mango tree.
Turn your nose and push your toes and bend your tango knee.

send for: hol; push: drück; toes: Zehen; bend: beuge; celebration: Feier; exaltation: Begeisterung; pleasant: freundlich; floating: schweben; coating: Beschichtung; inch: Zentimeter; ascend: aufsteigen; gently: sanft


1. Seven with impunity, seven. Seven with impunity, seven.
We put a flower on each grave.
2. Here's the mango tree where we used to be playing,
all day long, all day long.
Ruby, Tom and Jill, Rachel, Sue and Bill, Ray -
oh, why are you gone?
3. Seven with impunity, seven. Seven with impunity, seven.
What was the reason, what was the cause? Loss ...
4. Seven with impunity, seven. Seven with impunity, seven.

with impunity: ungestraft; grave: Grab; cause: Ursache; loss: Verlust

1. Coco, this is tough, it is more than enough,
May I ask you to respond to me?
Out here on the dune with the silvery moon as our comfort and our company.
How can we go on and sing our song after the atrocity?
2. Joe, you have a point, the time is out of joint,
what happened is outrageous.
And what makes it worse is the lingering curse, for this trouble is contagious.
So we need to be aware and dare to care, let's be courageous.
We are living, we are giving, on our way every day
We are feeling, we are healing, flowing and growing while we may.
3. (Coco:) I will never forget when we first met and you sang "Maybe".
(Joe:) Yes, right from the start we resorted to art to express our reality.
(Coco:) Like an artistic press release for peace
(Joe:) Ah, now I see.
4. (Joe:) So would you say that I am clever? (Coco:) Never say never.
(Joe:) And is there any hope? (Coco:) If you can cope.
(Joe:) Well, let's make the best of it, and bit for bit extend the scope.

tough: hart; respond: antworten; dune: Düne; silvery: silbrig; comfort: Trost; company: Gesellschaft; atrocity: Gräueltat; the times is out of joint: die Zeiten sind aus dem Ruder (Hamlet-Zitat); outrageous: skandalös; worse: schlimmer; lingering: bleibend; curse: Fluch; contagious: ansteckend; dare: trauen; courageous: mutig; healing: heilen; flowing: fließen; to resort: sich bedienen; art: Kunst; expess: ausdrücken; press release: Pressemitteilung; can cope: mit etwas umgehen können; bit for bit: Stück für Stück; extend the scope: den Radius ausweiten

great spirit of the isle: großer Geist der Insel; inspie: inspirieren; hideout: Versteck; case: Fall; irony: Ironie; flee: fliehen; they would say: pflegten sie zu sagen; stuck: feststecken; anew: von Neuem; the powerful: die Mächtigen; haunt: verfolgen; set things right: die Dinge in Ordnung bringen; recipe: Rezept; except: außer; escape: fliehen; misery: Elend

1. Great spirit of the isle, will you come and inspire me
in this hideout in the night?
Great spirit of the isle, what a case of irony
bringing me back, I just cannot flee. Aaaah
2. I traveled many miles, cause I needed to be free
after fighting for my right.
Great spirit of the isle, now there's no one above me,
no one below and no one next to me.
"How we love you", they would say. "We will always do.
Why be stuck in yesterday? We can start anew."
3. Great spirit of the isle, how the powerful haunt me,
how I failed to set things right!
They killed me with a smile and I had no recipe
except to escape from this misery.

1. Guess what, sweets in the pot, guess who's singing the blues,
I trapped a mountain dude in his Sunday suit.
Now he's sitting in the pit and goes: shoot.
2. I was digging, digging a hole, covered it up, and ooh, my soul,
I trapped a mountain dude who was on the loot.
Now the law of gravity keeps him in the cavity.
3. (Instrumental)
4. Pay back, gotta pay back, knick knack, paddy whack,
I trapped a mountain dude and it feels so good.
Now he cowers in the ditch, what's the pitch, dude?
(Spoken:) Now you tell me what we're gonna do with the guy.
They took seven, you know that.
John Henry, any thoughts?
They will not stop unless they are stopped.
Or what?
guess what: rate mal; sweets: Süßigkeiten; trap: in einer Falle fangen; dude: Typ; suit: Anzug; pit: Grube; goes: macht; shoot: Mist; digging: graben; hole: Loch; cover up: zudecken; ooh my soul: Donnerwetter!; on the loot: auf Raubzug; law of gravity: Gesetz der Schwerkraft; cavity: Einbuchtung; pay back: heimzahlen; knick knack paddy whack: Nursery rhyme aus einem Kinderlied; cower: hocken; ditch: Graben; what's the pitch: was läuft so?; gonna= going to; guy: Typ; any thoughts: Hast du eine Idee?; unless: außer

the oppressed: die Unterdrückten; seek advise: Rat suchen; capture: fangen, harm: Weh; calm: ruhig; heros: Helden; revenge. Rache; foolish: närrisch; the good guys: die Guten; heir: Erbe; think twice: lange nachdenken; turn to: werden zu; surprise: Überraschung; trench: Graben; violence: Gewalt: esteem: Achtung

(Choir:)Tell us, John Henry, tell us, John Henry
1. I won't tell the oppressed what's best for them,
but if you seek advise, I will be a friend.
(Choir:)Tell us, John Henry, tell us, John Henry
2. You captured one of those who do you harm,
it's easy to attack now and hard to stay calm, I know.
(Choir:)Tell us, John Henry, tell us, John Henry
CHORUS: On TV it looks so right, all the heros kill and fight, but:
This is not a Hollywood movie where revenge is so cool.
We don't have to be like that, do we? A foolish school.
(Choir:)Tell us, John Henry, tell us, John Henry
3. Yo, here come the good guys, heirs of paradise.
We don't have to think twice.
(Choir:)Tell us, John Henry
4. So the good guys turn to bad guys,
surprise, surprise (Choir:)Tell us, John Henry
CHORUS: Hello, soldier in the trench, justice does not mean revenge.
This is not a Hollywood movie, violence no sign of esteem.
We don't have to be like that, do we? A killing team.
(Choir:)Tell us, John Henry, tell us, John Henry
CHORUS (On TV ... )


1. We want to celebrate, we want to sing,
So let's get done with this terrible thing.
2. People of the woods and people of the beach,
It's congregation time, decision and speech.
3. People of the mountain, do you hear the call?
Join the congregation, we will hear them all.
4. Tomorrow afternoon at the amphitheater,
Join the congregation, I'll see you there.
5. /: We want to celebrate, we want to sing,
so let's get done with this terrible thing. :/ (3x)

get done with: fertig werden mit; beach: Strand; congregation: Versammlung; decision: Entscheidung; speech: Rede; join: teilnehmen

I woke up when the sun appeared
and through the window saw some fishermen.
They would take up their routine and I noticed I was keen
to get out for half a day and sail away.
Quickly I stepped up to them, they welcomed me and soon I was aboard.
We all were wondering about the island court.

keen: begierig; step up: sich nähern; aboard: an Bord; court: Gericht

1. Through the waves we pave our way, early early in the day.
catch the fish to our avail and follow the mermaids' glistening trail.
2. Ocean, ocean, great and deep, tell us where the mermaids sleep.
Sometimes when we sailed to sea we could hear their melody.
3. Mermaids' song so sweet and clear, may we hope or must we fear?
Have you departed secretly? How we miss your melody!
Enchanted sailor, don't fall apart! Mermaids can feel what's in your heart.
4. Comrades, it is time to turn, time to listen, time to learn.
Mermaids, mermaids in the sea, how we miss your melody!

waves: Wellen; pave the way: den Weg bahnen; avail: Nutzen; mermaid: Meerjungfrau; glistening: funkelnd; trail: Spur; depart: weggehen; enchanted sailor: verzauberter Seemann

Everybody, everybody
1. I saw your faces, I heard your songs.
Some warm embraces won't right the wrongs.
Mercy, mercy, what can I say? Dreamer, dream your dreams away.
Group soup on display.
2. Forbidden places, dangerous words,
some pending cases, daily alerts.
Do we match the self-portrait as a person, as a state?
Group soup on the plate.
Group soup, snoop troop

embrace: Umarmung; right: richten; wrongs: Übel; mercy: Gnade; on display: ausgestellt; pending cases: unerledigte Fälle; daily alerts: tägliche Warnungen; match: übereinstimmen mit; snoop troup: Schnüffeltrupp

1. Now is the time for my rhyme, oh, my mind was so blind, couldn't find
any sign of hope, 'though I was tryin', but now I'm fine, end of the line.
I hear a voice inside:
CHORUS: /: Home, Lenny come home, home :/
2. Up on the mountain we're told, oh, the enemy's cold, uncontrolled.
Then they got hold of me and let me go, just so, they showed a golden soul.
And I hear a voice inside:
3. (Instrumental)
4. So, my friends, it depends on us, we discuss the island fuss,
and there are so few from the mountain here today.
5. They say they pay the superpower in the midnight hour
for more guns, like the ones that took seven to heaven.
6. What a shame, not in my name. And in return we earn
from the superpower, they got a watch-tower and our loyalty, you see.
7. At the start it was hard, the mountain people had to flee
from a real enemy, that's history, now we're strong and so wrong.
8. Look into our eyes, we are traumatized, that's no excuse for abuse.
It'll take some time for the paradigm to change, let's arrange
'cause I hear a voice inside:

mind: Geist; voice inside: innere Stimme; get hold of: fangen; soul: Seele; depend: abhängen; fuss: Getue; superpower: Supermacht; heaven: Himmel; in return: dafür; earn: verdienen; watch-tower: Wachturm; loyalty: Loyalität; abuse: Misshandlung

sound and alert: gut und munter/aufpassend (Wortspiel); Dr. Johnson: schrieb das erste englische Lexikon; spread the word: sprich darüber!; care: Sorge, -Wesen (z.B. health care); count: zähl; tale: Geschichte; reduce: reduziert; act responsibly: verantwortungsvoll handeln; value: Wert; compare: vergleichen

Here's a new word, have you heard "nonkilling"?
Sound and alert, it's the word "nonkilling".
1. Dr. Johnson, get out your book, and write it down for me.
Spread the word in Bangor, Maine, and Memphis, Tennessee.
Nonkilling here, nonkilling there, nonkilling politics, nonkilling care.
2. There is a number, count the killings, count them well,
for every killing has a tale that we can tell.
Index high, my oh my, index low, here you go.
3. Reduce the killings, that's the first priority.
Respect for leaders who can act responsibly.
Values here, values there, take the microscope and compare.
Here's a new word, have you heard "nonkilling"?
Sound and alert, it's the word "nonkilling".

We hope you have enjoyed the show, regards from Coco and from Joe.
It's not the end, no my friend, a lot left to do for me and for you.
Hey hey, in the sand, give me a coconut, give me your hand.
Ho ho, Coco not slow, Coco will go, but only with Joe.
Hey hey, morning light, make you a fishing boat, make you my bride.
So Joe, one thing I know: I say goodbye and we say hello.

enjoy: genießen; regards: Grüße; coconut: Kokosnuss; bride: Braut