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The United Snakes of Israel
by By Tony Dillon, (March 08, 03)
Abstract / Zusammenfassung

"This is total war. We are fighting a variety of enemies. There are lots of them out there. All this talk about first we are going to do Afghanistan, then we will do Iraq... this is entirely the wrong way to go about it. If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war... our children will sing great songs about us years from now." Richard Perle (The Prince Of Darkness)

Though always a misnomer it used to be that “anti–Semitic” was a term used exclusively to describe someone that hated Jews, today it has become a term used by radical Jews to describe those they hate.

Before the rabid hounds of war flail themselves into another frenzy of invective with their barks of profanity and mealy-mouthed clichés of anti-Semitism, the only card left to play, it would behove them to consider the following reality. The sympathy by default which existed for the surviving Jews who forcibly colonised Palestine to forge Israel after the Nazi brutality of World War Two has evaporated as surely as the blood of Palestinian children ground under the treads of its US built war machine. In light of the savagery and criminal behavior of the IOF in Palestine, the fundemantalist fanaticism of modern day Israeli and American Zionists who justify slaughter and the expropriation of another race’s property because it is enshrined in the myth of their religious beliefs and sanctioned by fanatical dogmas inculcated into them after thousands of years wandering the face of the earth, it is nothing short of tragic that the only lesson gleaned from their bitter history appears to be how to behave as disgustingly towards others as the Nazis did towards them. Now as a so called democracy the bloated state of Israel with its rampaging bands of killers terrorising Palestine and the entire region living under the threat of their weapons of mass destruction it is no small wonder that they are reviled the world over.

In no other religion or region of the world is there so much hate and intolerance exhibited towards those of a different persuasion, be it Christian, Muslim or Gentile as that demonstrated by the radical Jews of modern serial-killing Israel. Under their laws and in the tenets of their extremist religion, in their practise of torture and by their use of murder on a daily basis they must surely rank as one of the most backward and murderous societies on the face of this brutalised planet. Governed by an indicted war criminal and financed by the war machine of its American paymaster they presume to lecture the rest of us on tolerance and human rights. The state structured systematic slaughter of their neighbors and the stealing of their lands bring to mind the Nazis and their equally pathological belief in their own supremacy as they perfected their Jew murder machine. Likewise these “democratic” barbarians justify the slow “gentler” annihilation of their neighbors and the sequestering of their property just as the Nazis did; it is their divine right based on racial supremacy and the will of God. The kind of wrathful God that they have conjured to justify and give credence to their sickness speaks tragic volumes about the warped view of humanity that they instill into their children and the lack of all hope for the coming generations.

“This is a rogue state which refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, despite the fact that - by Pentagon and CIA estimates - this state has 200-400 nuclear weapons deployed against its neighbors. This Third World state also has chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction in its arsenal, along with sophisticated systems for their delivery. But unlike Iraq, this state has never permitted the entry of UN or other international weapons inspectors.This state regularly defies international law and at present is in violation of far more United Nations Resolutions than any other country, 67 to be exact, making Iraq look quite tame in contrast. This state has been condemned repeatedly by the world community for its daily abuse of human rights, including the routine use of torture, the wanton killing of civilians and the suppression of minorities. Torture, the destruction of innocent civilians homes and property even the murder of children is legal in this rogue state! This state has routinely waged wars of aggression against its neighbors, seizing and occupying their lands ethnically cleansing entire villages at the whim of its brutal military.”

Yet America would have us believe that there is no contradiction, no double standard involved in its support and tolerance for this barbaric aggressor.America by arming and funding this cabal of “religious” thugs in Tel Aviv is in the main responsible for the absolute disasterous state of affairs that now rages in the Middle East. It is a tragedy of global proportions that a relatively pluralist, secular and democratic society like the US has been hijacked by an enemy from within, an enemy that owes its allegiance not to the United States per se but to Zionist Israel. Washington by its unbridled and myopic support of this rogue nation has now become hated and held in suspicion by freedom and peace loving nations throughout the world, testified to by the millions who marched for peace in recent worldwide demonstrations against US militarism. Where did America go wrong and how did it lose its sense of fair play and who pulled this Trojan Horse of vipers into the heart of what was once a leading example of western democracy? Who indeed. One does not have to look far, the likes of John Podhoretz for example writing his Israeli propaganda in that beacon of Zionism the New York Post, ( 01/29/03 ), about the victory of Sharon's rag bag regime in the recent Israeli election. "Israel has been forced by historical circumstances to lead the way for America, especially when it comes to militant Islamic terror and the kinds of hard choices a democracy has to make in combatting it." Thus murder and terror, the weapons of choice of the IOF and the Mossad can also be employed by our more squeamish American cousins. The Machiavelli pip squeak state now ordains its paymaster to use the same diabolic methods that Israel has always employed. The Israeli imprimatur has been bestowed upon Uncle Sam as if he needed it. You certainly have to admire the chutpah of these people!

When one listens to the unelected putsch regime in Washington one hears the same inquisition style cant, the railing of false prophets spewing the poison of a destructive God vowing revenge for His sinned against children. Picking at the holy scabs of “Ground Zero”, ( even skilfully sequestering and sanitizing the pain caused in Hiroshima and Nagasaki ) the regime threatens daily to lash out in retaliation for a crime that reeks more of Operation Northwoods or the Gulf Of Tonkin Incident than a long distance act of global terrorism organised by a CIA co-opted camel herder hiding out in the caves of Afghanistan. The self righteous and vengeful invocation of mass murder by Bush and junta and their incessant and depraved incitement to unleash war in sacred sanctioned exercise of their divinely ordained right to smite and obliterate all enemies speaks direly of dark times looming. Exhibiting a playful sense of glee at the coming holocaust these geriatric warriors will lie deep in their bunkers and lairs as their satanic will spawns its harvest of death and chaos around our world. This Bush - different from the last one with his red telephones - is now telling us he has a hotline to God in heaven.“Me thinks he doth protest too much.” And for someone who can hardly read or speak the English language I personally retain the right to remain sceptical about his communication skills with the supreme being on high!

It is as if both Tel Aviv in the Holy Land ( no sarcasm intended ) and Washington in the Homeland had predicated their foreign policy globalization strategy on the Old Testament and their prerogative to rain fire and brimstone on all and sundry in this violent, cathartic third act that all “religious” fanatics spout on about. Well, your Christian, Taliban, schitzojudaic God of hate and destruction, Messrs Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Cheney, Bush, Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams, Fleischer et al is certainly not mine, and I suspect neither is it that of the majority of decent Americans! But why in heaven can’t the people of the United States confront these facts and clean up this mess that their big bucks 2 party democracy has led them to?

Mr Kinsley provides the answer as quoted in Justin Raimondo’s wonderful Antiwar.com Feb 23rd. edition. “The lack of public discussion about the role of Israel in the thinking of 'President Bush' is easier to understand, but weird nevertheless. It is the proverbial elephant in the room: Everybody sees it, no one mentions it. The reason is obvious and admirable: Neither supporters nor opponents of a war against Iraq wish to evoke the classic anti-Semitic image of the king's Jewish advisers whispering poison into his ear and betraying the country to foreign interests. But the consequence of this massive 'Shhhhhhhhh!' is to make a perfectly valid American concern for a democratic ally in a region of nutty theocracies, rotting monarchies, and worse seem furtive and suspicious." So is it simply a case of that classic American reticence to call a spade a spade, the inability of grown adults to use the word “toilet” or “death” as if mention of such things was somehow dirty and demeaning? “Toilet” then in the curious American vernacular becomes “restroom” and “death” is invariably referred to as “passing away” or “passing on”. Hilarious to all other users of the English language but this inability of Americans to reasonably approach the Israeli/Jewish verbal minefield is no laughing matter. The myth that all criticism of a Jew or an Israeli or the Israeli war machine for example is downright anti-Semitism simply has to be debunked from the confused etymological store house of the American language, if US citizens are to wrest back control of their faltering democracy.

The following quote from Professor Michael Neumann’s essay titled “What is Antisemitism?” could certainly help in demining and levelling the playing field.“I am a German Jew, and have a good claim to second-generation, third-hand victimhood. Antisemitic incidents and a climate of rising antisemitism don't really bother me a hell of a lot. I'm much more scared of really dangerous situations, like driving.” He continues, “ In short, the real scandal today is not antisemitism but the importance it is given. Israel has committed war crimes. It has implicated Jews generally in these crimes, and Jews generally have hastened to implicate themselves. This has provoked hatred against Jews. Why not? Some of this hatred is racist, some isn't, but who cares? Why should we pay any attention to this issue at all? Is the fact that Israel's race war has provoked bitter anger of any importance besides the war itself? Is the remote possibility that somewhere, sometime, somehow, this hatred may in theory, possibly kill some Jews of any importance besides the brutal, actual, physical persecution of Palestinians, and the hundreds of thousands of votes for Arabs to be herded into transit camps? Oh, but I forgot. Drop everything. Someone spray-painted antisemitic slogans on a synagogue. Not even the ADL and B'nai B'rith include attacks on Israel in the tally; they speak of "The insidious way we have seen the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians used by anti-Semites". And like many other people, I don't count terrorist attacks by such as Al Quaeda as instances of antisemitism but rather of some misdirected quasi-military campaign against the US and Israel. Even if you count them in, it does not seem very dangerous to be a Jew outside Israel.” Michael Neumann is a professor of philosophy at Trent University in Ontario.

America with your hare-brained notions, half-baked leaders and your profligacy with the weapons of mass destruction at your disposal, you and not Iraq are without doubt the most pressing threat to peace on this earth. Justly or unjustly the rest of the world sees feisty little Israel as another US creation, one more militarised aberration in the long list of Frankensteins, Pinochets Marcos, Noriegas, Husseins and bin Ladens, produced by the half-wit professors in the CIA/Pentagon laboratory, monsters that sooner or later broke their chains and turned on their creators. According to the author William Blum "From 1945 to the end of the century, the United States attempted to overthrow more than 40 foreign governments, and to crush more than 30 populist movements fighting against insufferable regimes. In the process, the US bombed about 25 countries, caused the end of life for several million people, and condemned many millions more to a life of agony and despair."

America must compel Israel to live in peace and honor each and every one of those 67 UN resolutions. Israel must accept its place as a rather small and no more important land than any other, foregoing its megalomaniac pretensions of becoming a world or even regional military power. Israel must accept the mandate of the civilized world, and withdraw immediately, without delay, at once, now, to within its originally established borders, as defined by the civilized world at the UN. Israel must desist in its aggression and return the lands it annexed in its spate of wars against its neighbors. This traumatised land aborted out of the terror of Nazi Europe must shed its paranoia and fury, somehow learning to become a tolerant, respectful and equal partner with its neighbors in the region. For there to be lasting peace Israel must accept that it is neither in Europe nor America and participate willingly and with justice in the reality of the Middle East, its traditions and peoples. Unfortunately, for any of this to happen, people in the United States must bring their politicians to account, and staunch the unconditional flow of weapons to Israel. If America doesn’t purge this bellicose venom from its veins by ridding its house of these usurpers, the cost will be great for all of us.

Unfortunately it may already be too late as the mammonites bribe, seduce and defile the weakest nations of the earth with promises of more weapons of war, as in the latest case with Turkey. Strutting like a whore in the bazaar for a warmonger’s dowry of 24 billion dollars, she haggles like a fishwife for her bloody payment. She must simply open herself to the destructive machines of the beast to be unleashed on her neighbor Iraq’s children; for a price further betray these innocent victims of the Saddam and Bush regimes, ironically fellow Muslims. Thus Bush audaciously promises Muslim Turkey, now a US whore, will become a true European partner after she participates in this latest Pentagon war crime. Poland, Bulgaria and Romania have already sold themselves to the pimps of war and happily knife in the back “old” Europe that has seen all this before and finally gotten it right as its citizens at least try to stop the inevitable conflagration. America hang your head in shame for your lies and interventionist policies that have brought this planet to its knees; don’t dare to presume in your hypocricy that God is on your side! Like all great military empires your day has come and passed. You cannot stave off the inevitable, any more than the Romans or the Brits could. You look more and more like Reagan’s “evil empire” Russia of 20 years ago, all bark and bite and little intelligence, a military power on the verge of its demise trying in desperation to show the rest of the nations that you still are a contender. Your paper economy of Enrons and junk bonds feeds off the rest of the world and the only things you are still capable of producing are weapons of death and destruction. Under Bush and gang you have degenerated into a loud mouthed bully and we don’t like you.

Go peacefully into history, the world stage now needs other players. Do not in your spite destroy the planet because we no longer want your cola McDonald Hollywood trinkets. The rest of us certainly don’t need your militarised “global vision” of division and conflict. We reject your Al Capone protection racket foreign policy and the pretence that you are simply John Wayne looking out for the little guy. That garbage no longer fools the natives! You are long past being a shining example for even the most corrupted wastelands on this unfortunate earth. Instead go home, yankee and police your own cities and streets; disarm the bands of drugged out hoodlums that are overrunning your ghettos and terrorising your marginalised minorites in your crumbling inner cities. It may be a little less grand in the great scheme of things but certainly should be easier to accomplish for your spiteful and swaggering “old” geriatric warriors that are so obviously out of touch with modern reality. Your society has gone to seed; decadence, murder, drugs, crime and corruption, unelected leaders caught repeatedly red handed is your actual lot. Scandals about your leaders and their double dealings as with the Bush family background and their Nazi money laundering past, as with George senior’s lobbying for the Carlyle Group, George junior with bin Laden’s Harken Oil; Haliburton and Cheney etc. etc. etc; how long more can you pile all that shit under the carpet and hope that no one notices? All that is vile and unjust at home should be your enemy and your goal; look at your own problems and confront the stench of your greed and subterfuge that permeates around the globe. Put your own house in order if you still can. Let your blood lusting avenging God of hate guide your raging hand to stab the cancer in your own body politic and excise the disease from your own troubled heart and soul before your infectious sickness of violence contaminates and destroys the rest of the earth.

And yet there are collaborators and liars that defile the memory of those innocent Jews of the past, those earlier victims of the same policies now being perpetrated by the United States of Israel; propagandists that dare call all dissention from Ariel Bush’s war anti-Semitic, terrorist. By so doing they think they can eternally hide the truth and justify their base treachery. In reality they are merely exposing themselves to the ridicule and contempt of an ever more conscious world.

To be insulted and attacked by their ilk in defence of the rights of the children of Palestine and Iraq is simply a badge of honor to be worn with pride.

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