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Internet Resources and Language Materials
Update March 2024
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50 Languages has 100 chapters with ca. 20 sentences each. Combine any two languages. Plus Audios and extras.

Easy Spanish Street interviews and more with integrated Spanish and English subtitles. 400+ vids

SpanishPod101.com 2000+ videos including readings, listening practise, grammar, words etc.

Hola Spanish with Brenda. One of my favorites. Mixed program for all levels. 490+ vids.

StoryLearningSpanish 500+ vids, different levels and hosts. Very useful.

Why Not Spanish? 400+ vids with all kinds of stuff

Butterfly Spanish 1 Mio+ subscribers, 140+ vids, grammar-focused

Español con Juan 400+ vids for all levels with varying content

Spanish after Hours 110+ vids, very creative

Linguriosa 260+ vids, "Canal para los pedantes del español"



Loyal Books, free audios with texts in Spanish

TED Talks in Spanish, with subs

Instituto Innova. AudioLibros Gratis en Español

Pulgas Los héroes de viñetas cómicas más pequeños de la historia

Digital Dialects, language games in Spanish

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